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Sonic Core Scope XITE-1

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Jan 14, 2014 6:24:16 AM
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Sonic Core Scope XITE-1
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SCOPE is a powerful and versatile DSP audio platform consisting of the hardware XITE-1 and the software version 5.1 for Windows 7. This largest DSP-based audio interface from Sonic Core combines 18 high performance audio processors with a high-end audio interface. Using SHARC signal processors, performance has been increased by a factor of 10 in comparison to the previous 14DSP SCOPE board. The external 1U 19" rack can be connected via PCI-Express to a PC or notebook.

Using SCOPE software, you just load the required plug-ins and wire everything up however you want. You can set up your personal virtual studio, which can be taken anywhere thanks to the optional ExpressCard interface for your notebook.

The resulting low latency technique allows for a “quasi-analog” workflow. The flexible production environment contains a well-known variety of plug-ins: mixers, effects, samplers and synthesizers of uncompromising sound quality. In addition, third party plug-ins are available. XITE-1 does all the high resolution processing for the plug-ins you have loaded, and handles the incoming audio signals, as well as the routing of all external or software devices.

XITE-1 by Sonic Core represents the next generation of the SCOPE Fusion Platform, which has reached cult status world-wide, not only because of its well-known excellent sound quality and flexibility, but also because of a great community of creative and professional users and 3rd party developers from all over.

With SCOPE XITE-1 you have a complete Studio in one device. The sophisticated soft- and hardware architecture allows arbitrary system configurations. It's your choice how to use your XITE-1:

Live-Setup with instruments and effects

Studio for recording, mix & mastering

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