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John K

Sonor ProLite Studio 1 Drum Kit Nussbaum Red 10/12/14/20

John K
Jan 20, 2014 10:34:49 PM
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John K
Sonor ProLite Studio 1 Drum Kit Nussbaum Red 10/12/14/20
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ProLite Construction

Cross Laminated Tension Free Process (CLTF) –

Sonor cross-laminates shells for superior stability, sonically enhanced resonance and spectacular tone. The CLTF process is a result of years of research by sonor craftsmen. Sonor selects only the finest wood from environmental friendly sources. The prolite maple woods are handpicked only from leading suppliers worldwide. All shells are measured and precisely cut to perfection.

Redesigned total acoustic resonance (TAR) mounting system-

Vibration free mounting results in pure tone and warm sustain. Enhanced by total acoustic resonance and an advanced projection system, your drum enjoys sonic freedom and stays mechanically stable, resulting in beautiful tone and unmatched projection.

Tunesafe – right in tune, 100% of the time!

All sonor lugs are equipped with the patented tune safe, which prevents the tension rods from loosening. Tune safe supports maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments. The patented advanced Projection System (APS) prevents direct contact between wood and metal, and supports the powerful sonor sustain.

Inside the Shell

45 degree bearing edge-

sonor drums feature a 45 degree bearing edge, designed and introduced by sonor in 1975, which is an important component of the signature sonor sound.

Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM)-

Sonor implements a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimiZed head contact. This is a sonor specialty, resulting in excellent tone, better sustain and controlled decay. The core of the ProLite series is the soundspectrum provided by the extremely thin vintage maple shells with reinforcement rings. These provide an unmistakably open sound and an enormously wide tuning range for practically all styles of music. Sonor’s vintage maple shell is characterized by a soft, warm tone that highlights the lower pitches and provides balance in the mid-range and treble, without sacrificing projection and power.

This particular kit is in the Studio 1 configuration, consisting of sizes 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, and 20x17.5, in the matte Nussbaum (red) finish.

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