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Vibesware GR-1 Guitar Resonator Setup

Mar 26, 2014 2:21:33 PM
Vibesware GR-1 Guitar Resonator Setup
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Used only some days for demo on music fair, full warranty, only minor scatches. Normal microphone stand required (not included).

Guitar Resonators - The new way of Guitar Feedback Playing

Guitar Resonators are magnetic string drivers (Sustainers). Mounted on a stand it sustain the tone and generate feedback harmonics whenever you want them. Up to three strings simultanously! This new playing technique provides total feedback control: start, end, volume AND harmonics! Simply by changing the position of the string driver along the guitar neck ... or by foot switching from basic tone to harmonics.


Feedback is possible at any sound volume, even if playing with headphones.

This also works fine with crunch or even clean sounds. It would take extrem amplifier gain to get the same feedback tones with sound wave feedback.

The transition from normal tones into feedback can be controlled precisely and always reproducible. You don't need any time wasting experiments with amplifier gain and loudspeaker distance.

With the strong magnetic field, you can generate extreme feedback harmonics that cannot be generated with normal amplifier speaker feedback.

But this is just the beginning of your GR journey. Exploring further, you will find new ways of playing guitar.

Differences to the eBow and Guitar Build in Sustainers:

You can use both hands for normal playing. Feedback is created by positioning the guitar neck to the Resonator. This is similar to the speaker positioning for regular guitar to amplifier feedback techniques. However, the onset of feedback and harmonics can be controlled much better by the Resonator positioning. This feature alone is one of the main differences to that of built in Sustainers. Plus, unlike the EBow you can get feedback with more than one string!

Electric guitars can be used without modification. You do not need a special guitar nor any additions to your beloved guitar. Guitar Resonators are just added to the equipment you are familiar with.

All Guitar Resonators have an external power supply, whereby the magnetic field is much stronger than battery powered devices. This gives you the ability to get feedback with very high or low strings too.

Built in Sustainers are connected to the bridge pickup, whereas the Resonator is driven by the selected pickup(s). Feedback playing with different pickups offers many different feedback sounds. This feature is similar to real amplifier/speaker feedback.

See details on: Vibesware Homepage

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