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John K

Wampler Tom Quayle Signature Dual Fusion Overdrive

John K
Jan 20, 2014 11:15:42 PM
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John K
Wampler Tom Quayle Signature Dual Fusion Overdrive
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The Dual Fusion pedal from Wampler Pedals is the first overdrive pedal specifically voiced to the new breed of fusion guitarists.

Fusion in its current form is a fairly new concept, with roots not only in theoretical jazz but rock; not classic blues based rock, but the more technically advanced ÒshreddersÓ that first became popular in the mid to late 80Õs.

The new fusion players have spent years honing their craft. With the advent of internet guitar lessons, people all over the world are looking towards fusion as the new style of musical expression, the modern era of soloists that are taking the instrument another stage further.

One of the forerunners of this genre is Tom Quayle. Tom is the UKÕs finest and most in demand exponent of modern fusion. With a rich theoretical knowledge, a student base that contains not only ÒregularÓ players but also some absolute stellar names in the industry, and a pair of ears that are completely unforgiving he has never been able to locate a pedal he can use that allows him to be the guitarist he truly is.

When Wampler first met Tom in early 2012, he was already using their Euphoria and Paisley Drive stacked together to give him the tones he required. But something wasnÕt quite right; those pedals are voiced for other genres of music altogether so they set about honing the tones to match his style of playing. He needed more transparency, a tighter and controlled response on the bass end and when stacked up they needed to sound and feel like an amp running at high levels and give each string complete clarity and response.

Over a year later, Wampler developed the Dual Fusion. With two independent circuits that are based, but are completely modified, on the Euphoria and Paisley Drive, Tom finally has a tone that can be used when he is in full flow as a musician.

The Wampler Pedals Dual Fusion, the first pedal to be specifically voiced for the fastest growing breed of musicians around. With the most versatile stacking/signal path options available on an analog pedal, it is the foundation of modern Fusion... Add into the the versatility you expect from Wampler Pedals, the Dual Fusion will appeal to guitarists from all genreÕs at all levels.

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