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The 12 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars of 2021 - Impressive Design and Rich Deep Sounding

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
acoustic bass guitar

The acoustic bass guitar is a relatively young plucked string instrument. This instrument is used mainly as an accompaniment to a musical composition. However, some players love its single sounding. An acoustic instrument can be considered a precious finding for those who desire to enjoy its rich sound with the help of the best bass distortion pedals or other gadgets (for example, best bass amps). Consider the following 12 best acoustic basses according to our editorial team.


1. Fender FA-450CE Acoustic Bass Guitar

Every detail of this Fender acoustic bass instrument is absolutely perfect - stylish exterior, characteristic Fender sound, and tuning subtlety. This is a 4-string bass with 20 frets. The available controls are Tremble, Bass, and Volume. The pleasant and luxurious 3-Color Sunburst neck grabs attention and makes a lasting impression. The instrument is produced of qualitative and durable mahogany wood. The whole guitar is laminated, so its surface is mirror-smooth and shiny. Thanks to the possibility of fine-tuning, this Fender acoustic bass guitar perfectly adapts to any musical style. This product is perfect for beginners in guitar playing. Through the presented Fender acoustic electric bass you will provide yourself with a fantastic musical start and learn to love the guitar playing truly. Built-in high-quality electronics from Fishman will delight with compactness and crystal clean and powerful sound transmission. 













Fender FA-450CE Acoustic Bass Guitar


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2. Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar

This 4-strings acoustic bass device from the well-known Ibanez brand is produced from mahogany wood (durable, wonderfully beautiful material) astonishes with lightweight (7 pounds only) adorable playability. The upper part of the acoustic bass Ibanez is made of spruce wood. The observing Ibanez acoustic bass features a powerful amplification system AEQ SP2. It allows creating an amazingly natural and warm sound. The presented Ibanez acoustic bass guitar is characterized by a unique breathable finishing, thanks to which the output sound pleases with the formation and richness. The device features original Ibanez pickups. The manufacturer tries to pay attention to the details - it is enough to appreciate the chrome pegs and the pleasant-to-touch satin-finished guitar surface. The number of available frets is 20. The Ibanez acoustic electric bass's neck is convenient, pleasant to hold in your hands, extracting a rich, lively sound from the guitar.












Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar


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3. Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Signature Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


This stylish, luxurious electric bass guitar from Fretless Bass brand attracts attention with its brutal appearance and the included case. The acoustic Fretless bass body is mostly made of maple wood. The fretboard is made of ebony. The Fretless acoustic bass features 4 nickel steel strings and is right hand orientated. Enjoy the wide range of frets available (24). Use the device as accompaniment or solo play. The manufacturer assures that Fretless acoustic bass guitar is a perfect choice for a studio recording. Guaranteed clean, warm, natural-sounding. Fretless acoustic bass guitars owe their rich sound to the Fishman Presys II preamplifier. The included Gig Bag allows keeping the guitar and other musical accessories in safely (7 convenient pockets are available). Original cut-out patterns on the front of the body add the guitar sophistication and appeal. 















Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Signature Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


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4. Best Choice Products Acoustic 4 strings Electric Bass Guitar

The offered acoustic electric bass from Best Choice Products has an EQ-7545R guitar preamp, 4 strings, incredibly stylish glossy black exterior. The sturdy wooden cabinet is combined with powerful electronics to create a rich, melodic sound. The built-in equalizer features 4-band construction. It offers several controllers: Tremble, Bass, MiddleSuch. There is also a convenient volume control option. In general, the device is elementary to tune and use immediately after purchase. According to the manufacturer's assurances and customer comments, these acoustic electric bass guitars are perfect for both beginners and somewhat experienced bass players. Though this is a cheap acoustic bass, it promises rather powerful and natural sounding. It is lightweight (5.5 pounds only), so it will not cause trouble during transportation. The fretboard of the guitar is made of rosewood, neck – from mahogany. 













Best Choice Products Acoustic 4 strings Electric Bass Guitar


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5. Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

The presented Dean acoustic bass is a full-size device that guarantees deep, rich sound. The democratic price is an additional bonus. The observed Dean acoustic-electric bass is produced from quality spruce (top) combined with mahogany (back, fretboard and sides), rosewood (fingerboards). The chrome-plated tuners (die-cast construction) are an elegant addition to the guitar. The offered Dean EAB acoustic-electric bass pleasantly surprises with small but meaningful details (multi-layer edging and a soundhole pearl inlay). The DMT G03 preamplifier, equipped with a set of the most important settings, is responsible for high-quality, strong, and warm sound. It should also be noted the excellent functionality and convenience of the built-in tuner. The presented bass solution offers 24 frets. Scale length is 34 ''. The Bridge pickup type is piezo. The guitar surface is pleasant to the touch (natural matte finish).












Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


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6. Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass Guitar With Bag


  This is a custom 4-string guitar from the famous Fender brand. Its uniqueness lies in the tuners' arrangement (this is the first model with the tuners located in one row at the top. The fretboard of the presented Fender Kingman acoustic bass has an extraordinary convenient slim shape and stylish outlook. The 4 strings made of alloy steel complement the instrument. The fretboard offers the musician 20 frets. Fishman presents the preamplifier system, so there is no doubt about its high, first-class quality. This guitar model belongs to the California series and is made from glossy mahogany (back), walnut (fretboard). A comfortable fabric cover is offered in addition (features stylish, austere, classic design). The guitar hardware features durability thanks to the nickel-plated finish. The guitar fits comfortably in hands (right-handed orientation), sounds soft and melodic, impresses with its stylish appearance.













Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass Guitar With Bag


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7. Black Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

The offered stylish acoustic solution has an AEQ-202T amplifier system, promising clean and warm sounds. It also possesses a 2-band equalizer. The Ibanez AEB5E acoustic-electric bass appears to be one of the most beneficial instruments (optimal value for money) for home playing, studio recording, or live performance. The large but comfortable guitar body is made of spruce (the surface is laminated). The guitar sides are made of maple. Natural solid wood is responsible for the pure, rich sound of any musical style. The Ibanez Under Saddle pickup, preamp, and tone control create a luxurious, amazing sound. The presented Ibanez AEB5E acoustic-electric bass black guitar offers 22 frets, die-cast pegs, 32’’ scale. Choose the Ibanez AEB5E acoustic electric bass black solution and be sure in its perfect stage sounding and appealing design.















 Black Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


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8.  Michael Kelly 4 String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Meet this defiantly stylish and daring guitar from Michael Kelly. It is made from maple wood, a reliable and robust material. As you know, strictly a guitar made from natural, solid wood is capable of a vibrant and warm sound-producing. This Michael Kelly acoustic bass will conquer your listeners with perfect sounding compositions in any musical style. In addition to its stylish, attractive design (appealing dragon skin imitation on the front side of the product), it is appreciated for durable nickel strings (4 available) and convenient piezo pickup system as well. The suggested guitar model from the Michael Kelly brand weighs 11 pounds. The musical instrument features a Hardtail bridge system. Manufacturer reminds that this solution guarantees perfect sound with or even without an amplifier. Factory settings are fine; nevertheless, one may easily tune it individually if needed. 













Michael Kelly 4 String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


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9.  Martin Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar BC-16E with Gig Bag

The offered 4-string guitar model features a fashionable, nice-looking appearance (light brown body with dark decorating element and sides). This instrument possesses 23 frets. It is lightweight (8 pounds only). The offered scale is equal to 34’’. Be delighted with its classic acoustic bass shape – convenient to play and pleasurable to hold in your hands. The product's front side is made of Sitka spruce, neck – from mahogany, general body - from Indian rosewood, fretboard – from ebony. It is a perfect solution for right-handed players. Enjoy the qualitative sounding (superior Fishman built-in electronics). A convenient, reliable bag for carrying and storing the product will serve as a bonus to the guitar purchasing. It provides support for the neck and protects the device reliably during transport. This guitar is ideal for stage performances and getting the highest quality, professional sound. The Martin Guitar brand is producing guitars for already more than 10 years and promises premium instrument quality!










Martin Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar BC-16E with Gig Bag


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10. Ovation Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

Check out this stylish, luxurious acoustic bass guitar. Its elegant design (circular hole patterns) harmoniously complements its matt black surface. The offered Ovation acoustic bass is a 4-strings solution with 34’’ scale. The ultimate in sound quality comes from the convenient X-shaped gear mount. The classic body of the instrument provides excellent low frequencies. The fretboard is made of maple and tinted rosewood fretboard. The strings are properly tensioned so that sounds can be produced in the correct intonation. The built-in Ovation OP Pro preamp gives the player the ability to fine-tune each note and masterfully manipulate the melody. The surface of the guitar is finished in luxurious black satin. The instrument owns 20 frets.
















Ovation Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar


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11. Oscar Schmidt OB100B-A-U 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass with Gig Bag

This four-string guitar will definitely impress even competent bass players. It features a luxurious black lacquered body made from qualitative mahogany, ebony, and maple, strong and durable strings from alloy steel, wonderfully rich sounding. The instrument is right-handed. Despite its rich sound and fine-tuning, the guitar is light enough (it weighs 6 pounds only). The Oscar Schmidt brand promises perfect sounding added with warm low frequencies. The instrument may operate from 1 lithium battery (included in the package). It also includes a convenient black bag that can serve as a storage space for equipment or a safe carrying case as well. The guitar is ideal for medium-scaled bass. The device is capable of reproducing the sound of exceptional beauty, regardless of such, whether the amplifier is on or off. Choose this device for your live concerts.













Oscar Schmidt OB100B-A-U 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass with Gig Bag


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12. Washburn AB5K Cutaway Bass Guitar

The Washburn's presented guitar has a round soundhole (classic design), light brown body, and 4 alloy metal strings. The suggested Washburn acoustic bass pleasantly strikes with a rich sound and ease of adjustment. The built-in electronics is easy to cope with and convenient even for the beginner. The guitar's top is made of spruce, the back, neck, and sides – from mahogany. There are 22 frets available. Natural brown coloring creates a pleasurable warm impression. The guitar is right hand orientated. Ideal for studio sound recording or stage playing. Easy tuning, pleasurable exploitation, and, of course, the best acoustic bass sounding. As you know, high-quality sound can be obtained from a guitar made from solid wood only. Pay attention to this musical specimen that gives birth to a warm, deep and rich sound!













Washburn AB5K Cutaway Bass Guitar


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What is the best acoustic bass guitar?

We've tested plenty of acoustic bass guitars to demonstrate you the best, really worth buying and using. In our opinion, the reviewed earlier in our rating Fender FA-450CE Acoustic Bass Guitar by right deserves the title of the best acoustic bass. It unites a striking, eye-catching design, premium sound quality, luxurious mahogany wood. It appears to be a perfect instrument almost for all the music styles. Also, this solution may become a suitable device for beginners or experienced musicians.


How to play an acoustic bass guitar?

Playing bass acoustic guitar is not so tricky, especially if you are fluent in ordinary, classic acoustics. The only difference is that the acoustic bass instrument is tuned one octave lower. For beginners, it is better to start mastering playing such a guitar while sitting. To play in a standing position, first fix the strap (the guitar should be at your hips level). When playing seated, your forearm should rest on the widest point of the guitar body. Before playing directly, it is essential to correctly tune the instrument (seek help and advice from experienced musicians). By rotating the pegs on the neck, you can adjust the tension on the strings. The tighter the string is pulled, the higher the sound produced will be. Note that index and middle fingers are recommended to use while pluming the acoustic electric bass guitar strings.


How to tune an acoustic bass guitar?


Tuning any musical instrument, including acoustic bass, is an important step that should not be underestimated. As we have noted earlier, tuning a guitar begins with adjusting the tension of its strings. The tighter you pull them, the higher the sound you get, and vice versa. You can use an electronic tuner - this small assistant will help you check the correct tuning of each of the device’s strings. It is worth remembering that a specific tuning is required for a certain number of strings (4, 5 or 6). For example, for a four-string guitar, the standard E tuning is most often used (while the notes follow in this order - E, A, D, G).


What does an acoustic bass guitar sound like?


If you compare acoustic bass VS electric bass, note that the sound difference lies in their design difference (bass guitar has a solid body, and an acoustic instrument is endowed with a hollow body with great resonance). So, there is an obvious difference in these instruments' sound due to the different body designs.

In comparison with classical acoustic guitar, the acoustic bass sounds one octave lower. Its sound is characterized by depth and is suitable mainly for playing in small premises. The strings of such an instrument are different from ordinary strings installed on classical acoustics. In this case, the strings are thick enough, due to which it is possible to obtain a rich, resonant sound of the lower register. Also, such a guitar's powerful bass sound can be obtained thanks to a more massive body (sound waves provide long-lasting resonance). Still doubt if the acoustic bass is worth it? Look through such instrument owners' comments on the web.


Used acoustic bass guitars for sale


To become the owner of a decent model of the best acoustic bass guitar, one has no need to spend much money. Apply our web-site opportunities and detect worthy acoustic bass guitars for sale. These are mostly used acoustic bass guitar variants, though in good condition and efficient. The basic advantage of the used acoustic bass purchasing lies in its low price (in comparison with new brand products). Our web-platform will allow you to act as a musical equipment buyer or seller. Therefore, if you have workable musical equipment at your disposal (for instance, used acoustic bass guitars), sell it quickly through an ad on our web-site.


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