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The 15 Best Bass Amps of 2021 - Rich and Mighty Sound

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
bass amp

Any modern bass player can safely assure you that bass amplifier solutions are indispensable for creating rich, fat, solid sound. To find the best bass amp, a product of decent quality, it is worth deciding on the purposes of its use, as well as the requirements that you will put forward it. Primitive beginner bass amp devices feature strictly necessary functions. In turn, professionals will definitely want to give preference to more functional solutions with additional options such as an equalizer, compressor, crossover, cascade amplifiers, etc. Earlier, we spoke about the best bass distortion pedals and now offer you one more excellent rating. Look through it and find the best beginner bass amp or professional bass equipment as well. 


1. Ampeg BA-115v2 150-watt Bass Combo Amplifier

 Welcome this stylish and severe Ampeg bass amp. It is ready to provide you with a rich, classic sound. This is a worthy appliance for live playing or studio music recording. The bass cabinet features a strict black exterior, laconic and attractive at the same time. Such Ampeg amps will become excellent assistants in organizing concert events and studio rehearsals. The device is characterized by 150-watt power. This Ampeg combo bass amp offers a separate switch responsible for Bass Scramble overdrive. There is also an option to suppress the signal when interacting with especially powerful sound removers and preamps. The Ampeg tube bass amp features a jack mono ¼’’ input for a musical instrument, XLR line-out, headphone jack, stereo inputs (1/4'', 1/8'') for any gadgets connecting (smartphones, tablets). The suggested Ampeg BA 115 bass amp has a backlit instrument panel, convenient if you use the amplifier in poorly lit rooms. The presented Ampeg bass amps have a control block located on their front side. The corners and chassis of the amplifier are made of high-quality metal (guarantee of the device's long-term and pleasant operation). The amplifier's specific design allows it to be installed vertically or, if necessary, at a 60 degrees angle. The device is durable due to its high-quality components (electronics and case materials). Note that our web-site may offer you to sell or purchase the used Ampeg bass amp

 Ampeg BA-115v2 150-watt Bass Combo Amplifier 

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2. Fender Rumble 15 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

The presented amplifier from the legendary Fender brand has 15 watts power. The built-in 8’’ speaker guarantees a clear, powerful, and at the same time, brutal sound. The represented Fender bass amp combines portability, compactness, and powerful sound in a fantastic way. Ideal for musicians who have to regularly move around with their equipment (concerts, performances, repetitions, other musical events). We can safely assume that this is one of the best budget bass amp offering incredible vintage vibes - bold and impressive. This is an improved Fender Rumble bass amp model with improved options. This solid-state Fender Rumble 15 bass amp offers a special Magnetic Rumble Head-Attachment safety system, incredibly comfortable footswitches, 4 controllers (Volume, Tremble, Bass, Mid). The stylish black and silver body makes a solid impression without looking bulky. The device has one input (1/4’') for a musical instrument. There are also two stereo inputs (for headphones and additional equipment): ¼’’, 1/8’’. The red LED light signals the device's status. The amplifier's convenient handle makes it easy and safe to carry the device from place to place (made of a solid injection-molded plastic strap with durable nickel-plated corners). The outside of the amp is covered with structured vinyl and decorated with a silver textile lattice. The original speaker from Fender, comfortable, soft radio handles, modest weight, and the ability to remove the front lattice are the striking advantages of the presented small bass amp

 Fender Rumble 15 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier


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3. Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

If you search for the best bass amp brands with world-wide popularity, they are ready to offer you their products. This amplifier from Fender has an improved speaker, responsible for clear and bright sound transmission. You will get the most spacious sound with accurate, deep reproduction of low frequencies at the output. The suggested Fender rumble 25 bass amp is semiconductor equipment. The amplifier body features black and silver colors. A convenient plastic handle with nickel-plated caps will make carrying the amplifier even more comfortable and secure. One channel is available, allowing the overdrive and contour selection. There is also one input (1/4'') available for the guitar. Use the stereo input for the earphone connection. An additional AUX 1/8'' stereo input is also available. To control power, depth, and other actual sound options, use the following controllers: Overdrive (On/Off), Contour (On/Off), Volume, Treble, Bass, Mid. The device offers simple and straightforward control levers (for example, the generated tone control is performed via buttons). The device’s resistance is 8 ohms. The power of the amp is 25 watts. The reviewed crate bass amp from the popular Fender brand is incredibly lightweight and is easy to transport. The primary device configuration includes a convenient and easy-to-use foot switch overdrive. This best combo bass amp is compact and multifunctional equipment ready to make your bass guitar playing brighter, more expressive, and memorable. 

 Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

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4. Fender Rumble 40 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

This amp from Fender's popular Rumble series strikes with its sound richness and brightness. The compact vinyl body with a silver fabric outer lattice has a solid and imposing look. The observing Fender bass amps possess 40-watt power (8 ohms resistance). The device's voltage is 120 V. The user has access to one main ¼’’ and one additional 1/8’’ inputs. Use stereo 1/8'' input for headphones. Among the controllers available are the following: Bright, Overdrive, Vintage, Bass, Tremble, High-Mid, Low-Mid, Master Volume, Drive, Level, Gain, Contour. Considering the audio system, it is important to note the one but original Fender speaker (10’’). It was designed specially by Fender engineers. The powerful Eminence loudspeaker guarantees clear and powerful bass. An overdrive footswitch is a convenient accessory for tuning and controlling the sound character. Considering the device's functionality and sufficient power, the Fender Rumble 40 bass amp is lightweight (20.8 pounds only). The amp’s cabinet exterior is added with metal corners – these small details extend the device’s service life and add style to its appearance. Competent bass guitarists claim that this is the best bass combo amp for concert activities and regular stage music events. The Fender Rumble 40 v3 bass combo amplifier is capable of impressive vintage vibes producing and allows you to enhance your bass guitar (makes it more voluminous, fat, massive). This amplifier combines the renowned Fender brand authority and advanced digital technologies. 

 Fender Rumble 40 V3


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5. Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

The Fender bass amp Rumble 100 is another representative of the well-known Rumble series from the world-respected Fender leader. The main difference between this model and the ones we reviewed earlier is the increased size of its body. It surprisingly combines several features - mobility, as well as excellent sound performance. This amplifier can be classified as class D. The body is designed in a classic combination of black and gray (metallic) colors. The corners of the device are securely protected with durable metal clips. The voltage level is 120 V. The device's power is 100 watts with a 80 ohms resistance. The user has access to the primary 1.4'' input for the instrument and additional stereo for equipment (1/8''). There is also one 1/8'' output for headphones. One XLR line output is also available. The offered Fender Rumble 100 bass amp features a single Eminence type speaker (12’’), guaranteeing massive sound. Modern musicians admit that this is the best bass amp under 300 watts, offering powerful sounding and a mass of attractive effects. Also, the presented Fender combo bass amp features a four-band equalizer. Use one channel to adjust the brightness, contour, and control the overdrive. Stylish and powerful Fender bass amp Rumble will become your stage partner and make your guitar sounding more massive and rich.  

Fender Rumble 100 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier 

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6. Orange Crush Bass 100W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

Look at this professional Orange bass amp in a durable vinyl case. This equipment is powerful enough to create the fullest and fattest sound possible. Suitable for use in recording studios, in concert, and rehearsal halls. This bass guitar amplifier allows to create a powerful tone thanks to the strong preamp. The manufacturer simplified the block responsible for the timbre; however, this did not affect its quality in any way. Such Orange bass amps supplemented by overdrive controls allow mixing effects with a clean signal (a footswitch controls the latter). The instrument provides input for additional external equipment, an instrument input, a central line output, and a headphone output (CABSIM). Users will also be able to enjoy a first-class sound effects loop and chromatic tuner. The observed Orange bass amp combo delights with 100-watt sound output. The result is a fairly dense, detailed sound. The presented bass amp model features a powerful parametric equalizer. The middle range is located in its center. As a result, you can tune the sound and play with different frequencies. It is noteworthy that thanks to the fine-tuning this device is suitable for any musical style. Using the Gain and Blend controls, you can get the most lively sound with beats and tonal clarity. The amp features a 15’’ speaker allowing you to create the lowest frequencies at a high sound. And, of course, take into account its bright extraordinary black and orange exterior design. It is so stylish and eye-catching.

 Orange Crush Bass 100W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

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7. Peavey Electronics Max Series 03608210 Max 115 Bass Combo Amplifier

This combo bass amplifier is perfect for both beginners and more experienced musicians. The compact and portable design of the device makes it convenient and practical. The presented Peavey bass amp has a stylish black exterior. There is nothing extra in the device's minimalistic design - it is laconic and provides access to the most necessary settings. The control panel is located at the top of the sound amp equipment. The Peavey bass amps feature 2 inputs (passive and active), one output for the earphones, one AUX-in, and one direct output. 5 basic relays allow tuning the sound vibrations (Gain, Bass, Middle, Tremble, Volume). The offered Peavey max 115 bass amp is a 300 watts solution, relatively powerful and robust. The Peavey 115 bass amp, with its powerful, massive sounding, offers perfect speaker protection (DDT). This Peavey micro bass amp version delivers incredibly rich and bright low bass, despite its relatively compact size. The unique HyperVent technology allows to disclose the sound richness and empower it with strength and brutality. Also, the built-in TransTube System permits you to get three completely different sound wave options. The Peavey combo 115 bass amp offers a three-band equalizer as well as a post-equalizer sound effects loop. Enjoy the Peavey bass amp combo portability, sound magnificence, and functionality!

Peavey Electronics Max Series 03608210 Max 115 Bass Combo Amplifier 

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8. Hartke HD25 Bass Combo

Welcome this stylish and brutal Hartke bass amp endowed with a genuinely professional options and capabilities range. It is incredibly easy to use while still being suitable for both experienced and novice bass guitarists. There are controls for bass, volume, treble, and bass in the device's upper part. Such a control panel placement makes the appliance as easy to exploit as possible. Among the available connectors 1/4’’ input intended for bass guitars (both passive and active), ¼’’ for headphones, additional stereo 1/8’’ for keyboards, etc. are available. Also, the presented Hartke amplifiers possess a built-in volume limiter. Its purpose is the safe operation of the amplifier, preventing the mechanisms from damaging. The Hartke combo bass amp features a reliable, durable body with a stylish external perforated lattice. The convenient and strong handle makes the Hartke bass amps transportation easy and safe. Enjoy the high-quality built-in HyDrive speaker. It is of the conical type and is made of aluminum and paper. This materials combination creates a rich, powerful sound that will surely captivate any listener. The presented amplifier is ready to solve a mass of difficult sound tasks thanks to the reliable and qualitative components. This amp device may become a perfect choice for playing in small clubs, rehearsal rooms, at home musical improvisations. Its strongest feature can be considered the rich sounding of the lower end tones. The power of the 8-inch device is 25 watts.

Hartke HD25 Bass Combo 

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9. Ashdown Studio 12 1x12" 100-watt Bass Combo Amp

This solid-state amplifier is an excellent tool for creating amazing effects when playing bass guitar. The offered Ashdown bass amp has a built-in 1x12’’ speaker. This 100-watt power amplifier suggests the 5-band equalizer. It features active and passive bass guitar inputs, mini-jack headphone output, FX effects loop. Also, the presented bass amp combo from the Ashdown brand possesses one DI Out (XLR). This 100 watt bass amp looks solid and stylish. The black body is added with the external grey lattice. There is a control panel and a convenient handle at the top of the device. This is a suitable portable amplifier for regular moving musicians (concerts, repetitions, etc.). Strong metal corners prolong the device’s usage. These Ashdown bass amps are compact, but this fact does not affect their sound quality and power. You will be pleasantly surprised with the built-in speaker’s might. Apply the overdrive and other effects to change your bass sound to meet different musical styles and individual composition requirements. The DI output allows easy and quick connection to any speaker system. Lightweight, powerful, and loud enough, it will be your faithful companion at any musical event. The device is rather lightweight (0.363 ounces), but in fact, amazes with its performance and extensive musical functionality.

 Ashdown Studio 12 1x12" 100-watt Bass Combo Amp

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10. VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

The presented 10-watt combo amplifier from VOX amazes with a stylish body design. A convenient handle makes its carrying easy and comfy. The VOX bass amp features two 5’’ built-in speakers (VOX Bulldog). This is one of the best bass amp under 200 watts according to multiple musicians opinion. It has ¼’’ jack allowing to connect the earphones or filtered line output obtaining. This qualitative and cheap bass amp from VOOX features 12.32 pounds weight only. Apply the available Bass (low frequencies), Volume, Bright, Drive (or Gain), Tremble (high frequencies) controllers for sound tuning and correcting. The mentioned Bright button allows focusing on the predominantly high frequencies range. This equipment can delight listeners with warm, rich, deep bass in the classic British style. The device's original appearance pleases the eye (stylish braided pattern, vinyl covering in appearance imitating leather, rhomboidal lattice). Consider the fact that such VOX bass amps are designed primarily for repetitions and home improvisations. The power of this device may not be enough for a full stage performance. However, it is good for aspiring musicians willing to save funds. The manufacturer reminds us that the headphone jack can also be used as a filtered line-out. This nuance is very convenient, especially when recording your amplifier's sound (there is no need to spend time on additional microphone settings).

 VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

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11. Markbass Micromark 801 60W 1x8 Bass Combo Amp

We present to your attention another small but impressive-sounding amplifier from the famous Italian Markbass manufacturer. The built-in 8’’ yellow speaker is its main distinctive feature. The mentioned Mark bass amp is ideal for home rehearsals. It has almost everything you need - beautiful, clear sound, additional sound effects, compact size, stylish looking body. The reviewed Markbass combo features an analog power supply. There is one line-out that allows you to record the music you are playing on a personal computer. Another output allows connecting to an external cabinet. Also, the bass amp device offers input for the MP3 player and the earphone output. Such Markbass amps operate in the 60 Hz-8 kHz frequency range. It weighs 15.55 lbs. only and is reasonably called the best home amplifier. The amplifier's square design is convenient and practical. The plastic case with gray lattice and the yellow speaker looks quite stylish and presentable. The upper part of the device body is complemented by a handle made of dense plastic. Use it to transport the instrument safely. Enjoy these Mark bass amps sounding and be ready to make a mini home studio.

Markbass Micromark 801 60W 1x8 Bass Combo Amp 

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12. Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1x12" Digital Combo Amp

This combo amplifier from Marshall is a digital programmable device that combines rich functionality, stylish appearance, powerful sound dynamics. The observing Marshall bass amp model features 50-watt power. It is complemented with a single 12’’ Custom speaker guaranteeing clean, professional sound. The presented guitar and bass amp includes cabinets, amps, and preamps designed by competent engineers with software specialists' support. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the strong and high quality Softube sound fully. The Marshall bass combo amp really amazes with a clean and rich sounding. One may use the 14 available amplifiers type. Note that 5 of them may be applied simultaneously. Use the Bluetooth connection in order to transfer sound directly from a mobile device (use the Gateway application). To transfer recorded files to a computer, just use a USB connection. One may connect the earphones, MP3 player, or other external gadgets while operating the Marshall bass amps. The device features a concise black exterior. A noble gold shade control panel is located at the top of the amp. There is a plastic handle nearby - an indispensable detail for device carrying. The presented amp model allows connection to the footswitch. Enjoy the available sequential loop of sound effects.

 Marshall Code 50-50-watt 1x12" Digital Combo Amp

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13. Trace Elliot ELF 1x10" 200-watt Bass Combo Amp

These Trace Elliott bass amps are incredibly small and powerful at the same time. These 200-watt devices from the Trace Elliot brand weigh 18 pounds only. This makes them amazingly easy to transport. Take Trace Elliot bass amp with you to repetitions and concerts, pleasantly surprising the audience with a mighty, powerful sound. The amplifier case looks stylish and rather strict. The solid black plastic features durability and high quality. Use a sturdy handle to move the amp from one place to another. The reviewed Trace Elliott bass amps can be connected to additional equipment (for example, external cabinets 1x10'' or 2x8''). This will give you an opportunity to increase the power and strength of the output sound. The observing Trace Elliot bass amplification device will really surprise you with tiny dimensions and fine-sounding. It is easy to carry in one hand. While being used in combination with the more powerful amplifier equipment, it may help to create a truly magnificent and powerful sound. Extra quiet DI gives you maximum possibilities for high-quality recording.

Trace Elliot ELF 1x10" 200-watt Bass Combo Amp 

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14. Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 200W 1x12 Combo Bass Amp

The presented G K bass amp also delights with compact dimensions and mighty, rich sounding. This is a high-quality though small amplifier from the world-famous Gallien-Krueger brand. One may exploit it as a single piece of equipment or connect it to the external cabinet. It weighs 30 pounds and has a single built-in speaker (1x12’’). It is extra sensitive to any sound changes. The GK bass amp suggests four bands active equalizer, juicy sounding emulation, Contour (On/Off), among the basic sound options. This digital equipment features one main Direct XLR and additional earphones out. It has a special controller allowing to boost and saturate low harmonics for the maximum detailed low end. The GK bass amps have an AUX input allowing to cooperate with the MP3 player. Optimize the sound frequencies activity while applying the 4 band equalizer. The channels are connected, giving rise to a pleasant, natural, and clear sound. The Gallien Krueger bass amp features an earphone and additional cabinet outputs. Also, there are 4 equalizer controllers and a Contour regulator. The offered Gallien Krueger bass cabinet is a perfect solution for new powerful sound creation and recording as well.

 Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 200W 1x12 Combo Bass Amp

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15. SUNYIN 10-Watt Portable Bass Guitar Amplifier

This compact and powerful amplifier for enhanced bass sound will surely delight any user. The presented battery powered bass amp from the SUNYIN brand will perfectly suit the bass guitar beginner. It has a built-in ВС 9М adapter. Also, the device may operate from 6 AA batteries. The energy-saving switcher is one more pleasant option. This is very convenient and makes this lightweight bass amp one of the best portable amp equipment. The reviewed SUNYIN pocket bass amp offers a 10-Watt speaker, guarantee clean, mighty, and pleasant bass guitar sounding. Manufacturer reminds that this portable bass amp is perfect for indoor exploitation – use it at home and get an excellent, rich sound. It is lightweight (4 pounds only) and is easy to be moved from one room to another. Use a comfy strap for carrying the device. The observed micro bass amp has a stylish, attractive appearance. A white plastic case is added with black mesh (there is a single speaker under it). Note an AUX-in jack and 3.mm output presence. The player may connect it to the earphones or even the mobile phone. Considering all the amp’s advantages (low weight, pleasant clear sound, democratic price), this is really the best small bass amp. The amp equipment features several programming options allowing to adjust sound, reduce buzz or noise, apply other sound functions.

 SUNYIN 10-Watt Portable Bass Guitar Amplifier

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What is the best bass amp combo?


Choosing your best bass guitar amp, pay attention to some especially relevant nuances. Evaluate its sound power, general dimensions, options and sounds available, price tag. To our team’s opinion, this is the Ampeg BA-115v2 150-watt Bass Combo Amplifier. It combines magnificent sound, multiple tuning options, stylish appearance. Though your best bass amp under 500 may be its complete opposite. And this is quite understandable. Every musician, while purchasing such a bass practice amp, takes into consideration several essential parameters. Undoubtedly, the potential owner’s experience and his financial capabilities also play a decisive role. Only сonsidering the entire range of factors, one can really choose the best tube bass amp, undoubtedly worthy music appliance. Some purchasers hunt for the best cheap bass amp, while others are searching for the mini bass amp, compact and convenient. In short, while choosing such equipment, an individual approach is important. However, this is far from a secret, but rather an obvious fact.


What is the best bass amp for beginners?


Our team offers you to take a closer look at the reviewed earlier SUNYIN 10-Watt Portable Bass Guitar Amplifier. Believe, this little assistant will make your amateur guitar playing as clean and powerful as possible. Choose this baby-amp if you consider yourself a beginner in bass guitar. It is incredibly stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. The white body made of durable, high-quality plastic is harmoniously complemented by a black mesh, under which the speaker is hidden. Perhaps the given bass combo amp can rightfully be considered the best indoor equipment. This is a 10-watt amplificatory from a little-known but reliable enough SUNYIN manufacturer. Purchasers' comments confirm that this is one of the best bass amps - budget solution for beginners. The offered bass practice amplifier is perfect for indoor exploitation. Practice bass amp from SUNYIN and get ready to be amazed by soft, rich sounding. Besides, it features several basic sound settings. It may operate via an adapter (included) or 6 AA batteries (should be bought additionally).


How to use the bass amp?


Are you competent enough with playing guitar through bass amp? Whatever the answer is, choose the correct place for your tube bass amp. it is important to select its most suitable location. Please, note that low frequencies tend to be omnidirectional. Therefore, by installing the bass tube amp in an inappropriate place, you risk lowering the frequencies. If you are a beginner, avoid installing the amp in the center of the room. It is better to prefer placing it near the wall. Also, before operating the bass guitar amp combo, it is worth testing each of its bands. As you test each range, start from the lowest and rotate the controller gently in order to listen for sound changes. So, having studied each of the ranges, you can start directly using the device.

Now it is high time to adjust the output and gain. These options allow you to enhance the attack of the tube bass amp combo. Experts recommend avoiding exact copying of other musicians' settings and playing manners as well. Applying a different bass amp for guitar, you won't get the same sound anyway. Better to study the nuances of your best bass practice amp adjusting and try to create a unique sound. Be sure this and that bass amp brands and even different models of one brand sound differently. You may study the bass amp history and make sure of this.


Can you use a guitar amp for a bass?


Feeling doubts if you can use a guitar amp for a bass, listen to our experts. Our team and multiple experienced musicians are ready to answer the given question in the affirmative. Of course, you can connect the bass to your guitar amp. Handling the bass is not the main purpose of the guitar amps, but this trick will work. Still doubting, can you plug a bass into a guitar amp? Yes, but be aware that too loud bass can damage your guitar amplifier. Therefore, try not to overdo it and refuse too high volume of the bass on guitar amp


Used bass amps for sale 


Bass guitar amplifiers are considered to be in high demand among both beginner players and experienced, competent musicians. With their help, it is possible to achieve an incredibly rich, deep, and at the same time pure sounding of compositions of different musical styles. High quality branded bass guitar amps are often quite expensive. To save money, you can purchase quality, well-operating, though used bass cabinets. Our project will allow you to find suitable advertisements with worthy used bass amps for sale. We also give you the opportunity to sell your own musical equipment. Our project offers various bass amps for sale at affordable prices, allowing some to sell unnecessary tools while others - to acquire the necessary equipment for the game. Our vast ads database allows you to find different types for the vintage bass amp models and resolve the issue of finding equipment (or selling it). Purchase the already used bass combo amps and save your funds for other tasks solving.



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