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The 15 Best Bass Distortion Pedals of 2021 - Top Rated & Reviewed

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
bass distortion pedal

The bass pedal is an accessory needed to diversify the sound palette. Our newest review will help you to find the best bass distortion pedal for the perfect game! Some novice players believe that such devices are useful for getting good, clean sound only. Nevertheless, you can get quite a decent sound even without such a pedal applying. You will need such a device if you want to diversify your game, pleasantly surprise your listeners, and, in general, variegate the sound palette. With the help of the bass guitar distortion pedal, you can forget about boring and monotone timbres - it will give a rich, fat sound. This unit is often used in combination with a bass guitar; however, it can be applied with a regular guitar also. Good bass distortion pedals give the player radically new gaming possibilities, bring new, fresh notes into the game, and guarantee a powerful sound. It is worth paying attention to the following nuance: the device does not have the goal of the sound quality improving: it just adds new effects and sound variations. Follow our review and look through the best pedals for bass – we have tested mass of these devices in order to present you most reliable and worthy items.


1. Aftershock Bass Distortion

This is an improved Aftershock bass distortion pedal from the reliable and authoritative producer. It may function through Android and Windows platforms, guaranteeing perfect and rich sound. With its compact size (10 x 6 x 3 inches) and modest weight (1.1 pounds), the Source audio Aftershock bass distortion features 3 engines responsible for powerful sound. The specific design of the tube allows to reach clean and, at the same time, fat sound. The device has a control panel suggesting basic sound instruments – Drive, Level, Clean, Tone. Also, there is a small regulator for Tube, Heavy, or Fuzz tuning. This Aftershock bass pedal possesses 2 outputs. This is the best bass distortion pedal for metal in the middle price segment.









 aftershock bass distortion


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2. Rowin Distortion Pedal 

The pedal from Rowin is made of durable, strong material – zinc alloy. So, it will serve you for many years. The control panel of the presented Rowin distortion pedal features 3 knobs for tuning the device sounding (Tone, Gain, Volume). One of the device’s advantages is its compact size (3.74 x 1.77 x 1.89 inches). The pedal has a LED indicator showing the operating state. It has no cord, so be ready to buy an additional adapter. The product offers 2 operating modes in the face of Bright and Normal ones. The first helps to reproduce rock in a classic performance, and the second - allows you to adjust the sound volume, tonality, timbre. Switch between these two modes and choose the type of sound you want. Expert players confirm that this is the best cheap bass distortion pedal.


















 best pedals for bass


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 Big Muff Bass Distortion Pedal

This Electro Harmonix pedal for bass and standard guitars may operate from an adapter or single battery (9 volts). Note that the adapter is not included in the pedal’s basic configuration. Use its 3 controls for regulating Volume, Tone, and Sustain. The Electro Harmonix bass big muff pi distortion effects pedal can make bass players' dreams come true and deliver an incredibly powerful sound distortion. It is popular with its “dry” setting that permits to combine the clean sound and distorted one, producing a wonderful bass effect. The Electro Harmonix deluxe bass big muff pi distortion effects pedal offers a big variety of options combinations. Choose the preferred option (Dry, Normal, or Bass) and combine it with the desired volume level and sustain. This big muff bass distortion pedal offers wide options variety, and delights with a beneficial price. The device produces wonderfully deep distortion effects for classic or blues-rock. Though there are more expensive products, one should purchase the Electro Harmonix bass big muff distortion pedal and estimate its wide functions raw and high quality! Expert guitar players confirm that it is applicable to any music type. 

 bass guitar distortion pedal



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4. Boss DS 2 Distortion Pedal 

This Boss DS 2 distortion pedal will surprise you with wide functions set. It features 2 Turbo modes. The first permits to create warm, slight distortion effect, the second produces sharp distortion, effects applicable for solo parts. The Boss DS 2 has a build-in remote type jack – it allows to wire footswitch (for instance, FS-5L). Apply the Boss bass distortion device in order to get classic distortion tones and additional Turbo effects. This BOSS bass distortion pedal’s control panel has 4 knob-relays – Level (from min to max), Tone (from low to high), Distortion (from min to max), and Turbo switcher (1 and 2 mode). The Boss bass distortion pedal is made of strong, durable materials – its case is designed in stylish black and orange color combination.











 boss ds 2 distortion pedal


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5. MXR M85 Bass Distortion Pedal

This stylish bass pedal in astonishingly attractive vinous design, will surprise you with bright, full, and rich sound distortion. The control panel of the mentioned MXR M85 bass distortion has 4 knob-relays – Tone, Distortion, Dry, Wet, 1 input, and 1 output. Frank MXR bass distortion review says that the device may suggest selecting one of the preferable clipping diodes –LED (open, clean sound) or Silicon (aggressive, sharp sound) are available. Note the following nuance: the MXR bass distortion M85 model has separated Dry and Wet modes. The MXR bass distortion pedal was constructed mainly for bass guitar complement; however, it may be used for a regular guitar playing. The MXR M85 bass distortion pedal has a light indicator – so you will always know if the device is operating right now (in the darkness of a concert hall or your room).










 mxr m85 bass distortion pedal


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6. Bass Fuzz Pedal

This inexpensive and perfectly sounding bass fuzz pedal from Koogo has a knob type control panel. One may tune the following options: Tone, Volume, Sustain. Each of the knobs permits to adjust various sound parameters and adjust multiple effects. According to the user’s reviews, this product is the best bass fuzz pedal. It operates through the 9 volts adapter (is not included in the basic package, should be bought separately). The best bass fuzz allows to customize the bass guitar phonation according to your wishes - change the sound from soft to aggressive distortion. The best fuzz pedal for bass from Koogo has strong, durable construction and is really easy to cope with. This cheap bass distortion pedal suggests astonishingly wide sound tuning options at a beneficial price.


















 bass fuzz pedal


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7. Soundblox Multiwave Bass Distortion

This bass guitars solution belongs to the higher price tag category and features advanced functionality. The represented Soundblox multiwave bass distortion blue dual control panel suggests you try all its tunes and knobs. The first essential part of the control panel consists of 6 relays, allowing to adjust such parameters like EQ amount, Drive, Clean mix, Distortion mix, etc. The second control panel part also has 3 adjustable relays. In general, the Soundblox Pro multiwave bass distortion offers up to 23 distortion algorithms, creating unique sound effects. The Source Audio multiwave bass distortion allows combining different sound variations in order to get deep, aggressive, or clean but powerful distortion. The Soundblox Pro bass envelope filter functions on the base of the SA601 processor and 24-bit converters. The product is valued as one of the best distortion pedal for bass. 

 soundblox multiwave bass distortion


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 8. Biyang FZ-7 Fuzz Distortion Pedal

The device may present you truly aggressive distortion sound, in the mood of 60-70th. The output sound features slight vintage plaque and powerful sustain. The Biyang FZ-7 fuzz distortion pedal offers you 3 sound modes – Muff (the classic one), Bright (powerful and clean fuzz-sounding), and warm (truly fat sound). The signal may be limited, which allows to apply the device either with bass or with an ordinary guitar. The control panel offers 3 knobs in the face of Fuzz (tunes the sensitivity level), Tone (shows the timbre type) and Level (helps to adjust output signal power). The distortion pedal for bass features a convenient foot switch allowing to toggle to the Effect mode. Using the switcher, one may easily change the effects and create wonderful sounds.










 bass distortion pedals


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9. Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

The Dark Matter distortion pedal is constructed from durable, qualitative materials, features a convenient and compact body. It operates from the battery (easy access) or an adapter. May create a powerful sound that will satisfy even experienced bass guitarists. Both blues notes and deep tones with overtones for a solo can be produced from this device. The product will be highly evaluated by players preferring “dirty” sounding. Though the product fits any music type – it saves the original sound and adds a perfect distortion effect. The TC electronic Dark Matter distortion pedal guarantees no sound losses, gives access to all the distortion sounds, managing features the voices switcher, has a small size (takes up little space on the pedalboard).











 dark matter distortion pedal


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10. Metal Zone Distortion Pedal

The presented pedal is one of the BOSS brand products. It features a double strengthening chain that allows receiving clean Distortion effect (long, harsh sound). This effect may be reinforced (up to the extreme) with the built-in equalizer. The Metal Zone distortion pedal is powered from the 9V DC adapter or battery. Its main purpose is sound effects creation (bass guitar). The good bass distortion pedal features a buffered bypass. The device has an adjustable equalizer – the classic one. The basic package includes one 9 voltage battery and a users guide. The control panel offers to tune the following parameters: Level, High (for high frequencies adjusting), Low (for low frequencies), Middle (for middle frequencies), Mid Freq (determines the frequency adjusting by the Middle knob), Dist (the distortion value).










 metal zone distortion pedal


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 11. Mugig Electric Effects Pedal

The device in the face of the Mugig electric effects pedal has 3 main knobs – Volume, Tone, Gain. It may produce clear British distortion – powerful and deep enough. The pedal operates via AC adaptor. Users may apply one of 2 available modes – Bright or Normal. The device’s case is made of durable aluminum alloy. There is a LED indicator demonstrating the pedal’s state (on/off). The original package includes the pedal and user’s manual. Guitar players say that the pedal is universal but is able to create the most perfect sounds with rock or punk rock compositions. The device may operate qualitatively being included in the bass setup. It is playing high bass incredibly clean.














 mugig electric effects pedal


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12. Ibanez Bass Distortion Pedal

This is a pedal with multiple bass effects from the popular Ibanez brand. The company is famous for the best bass pedals for metal production. The device belongs to the TUBESCREAMER series. Its acoustic range is variable and allows you to choose from maximum overdrive or vintage distortion. The Ibanez bass distortion pedal is peculiar with its warm tube overdrive. Use each of 5 knobs (Level, Gain, Mix Controls, Tremble, Bass) in order to create individual sound effects combination. Input impedance is equal to 500K ohms, output - 10K ohms. Maximum gain reaches +30 dB. The device is powered from the 9V DC adapter. Note that the adapter is not included in the original package (needs to be bought additionally).











 ibanez bass distortion pedal


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13. Coolmusic C-DI01 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

The device guarantees clear and powerful bass distortion. The basic package includes the pedal and user’s guidance. The Coolmusic C-DI01 distortion guitar effects pedal has 5 main knobs – Level, Gain, Tone, Low and Fat Boost. It also features a single block effect and a distortion timer. Its silver-colored body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which guarantees its long service life. There is an indicator on the control panel that lights up during its operation and dims when it is turned off. The device operates from a power adapter (9 V). Perfect sound is guaranteed in combination with a tube amplifier. The manufacturer promises accurate reproduction of each of the available effects - clean and uncompromising.











 coolmusic c-di01 distortion guitar effects pedal


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14. Pro co RAT2 Distortion Pedal

Using this device, you are provided with a powerful overload and incredibly high quality, fat distortion. The model is mainly applicable in combination with bass guitars. The Pro co RAT2 distortion pedal is an improved model. It delivers perfect sound with the most natural compression possible. The overdrive level can be adjusted smoothly so you can enjoy the harmonious sound. Compared to its predecessor – the RAT model, this RAT2 is capable of more distortion reproducing (ideal for hard rock songs). The bass guitar distortion device features a true bypass. The pedal consumes 3 мА. The control panel offers 3 main knobs – Distortion, Filter, Volume. Tune these parameters and achieve the unique, powerful, and deep sound.




 pro co rat2 distortion pedal


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15. JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

The presented pedal model provides rich, deep, and aggressive distortion. The device with a rugged aluminum housing delivers the fierce sound of a tube amp. The JOYO JF-02 Ultimate drive guitar effects pedal features true bypass. Thanks to the latter, the loss of tones is practically excluded. Input resistance is 1 m Q; output resistance is 1K Q. Current consumption is 6 mA. Such bass pedals for metal are powered by an adapter (9 V), which must be purchased individually (not included in the original package). The control panel has several knobs and regulators: Gain (allows to adjust the overload level), Tone (helps to correct the frequencies), Hi and Low (regulates low and high frequencies), Level (general effect volume). Experienced users suppose this cheap bass distortion pedal best product at the today’s market.









 joyo jf-02 ultimate drive guitar effects pedal


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What is the best bass distortion pedal?


Choosing your best bass distortion pedals, one should take into account several meaningful parameters. Players often wonder, what is the best pedal for bass guitar? First, take into consideration your requirements for this device. Secondly, consider your music experience (inexpensive pedals are suitable for the beginners, while more experienced players will definitely want to give preference to more functional, clean-sounding, and expensive devices). And, of course, when choosing the best top bass pedals in your opinion, you should consider the type of music that you plan to play (rock, punk rock, hard rock, etc.). So, having determined all these points, you will be ready to call the concrete product - best bass guitar distortion pedal.


Can I use a guitar distortion pedal for bass?

Of course, you may apply a distortion bass pedal in combination with bass. Choosing the top bass distortion pedals, one should note that such a device may sound perfectly, but at the same time may weaken and smoothen low frequencies. Guitar players often use the bass amp with distortion, but modern pedal may imitate their sounds perfectly. Expert’s bass pedal reviews confirm, that theoretically, you can use guitar distortion pedals for bass. Still, there may be some issues with the bass sound purity (especially when it comes to sounds mixing).

Why does my distortion pedal sounds bad?

Your bass distortion pedal metal may sound bad in several cases. The first and more frequent one is its outdated mechanics. Maybe you just need to purchase a new model (for example, from the best bass distortion pedals ranking above). Another reason may lie in the imperfection of the applying model. No less relevant is the reason of incorrect device settings or a combination of unsuitable sound settings. In this situation, you will need expert advice (especially if you are a beginner). Sometimes correct, competent setup and the proper sound effects selection (and their combination) allow you to create an incredibly rich distortion (even applying cheap bass distortion pedals). 


Is a distortion pedal necessary?

This distortion pedal bass is optional, especially if you are a beginner bass guitarist. It is a device that allows you to diversify your guitar playing, fill the sound with more power, strength, aggression, growl. Distortion effects are the basis of most rock genres, so if you are planning to play professionally (in recording studios or even on stage), this device will make your playing more bright, lively, and rich. Such distortion bass pedals can color your music with original sound effects, unique and unrepeatable in their combinations. So, it is not necessary, but of course, needed and desired device.

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