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The 10 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2021 - Quick Reaction and Powerful Sound

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
double bass pedal

The double bass pedal devices were invented for enriching the sound produced by the drum set. Applying this solution, musicians can create more powerful sounds that are difficult to achieve with a standard single pedal. This equipment allows you to produce amazingly powerful and melodic triplets and sixteenth notes. Such a bass drum pedal device allows getting a single, homogeneous sound. The double kick pedal gives a luxuriously mighty sound to various musical styles, including hard rock, heavy metal, punk, jazz. A double device weighs less than several separate solutions, so this is a smart decision for quick and easy transportation (ideal for frequently traveling musicians due to concerts and performances).


1. PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

This solution is made of solid steel, durable, and luxurious looking. The PDP double bass pedal features a modest price tag and decent functionality. Great sounding, easy setup, and control - what else do you need for a high-quality drum kit at a concert or during rehearsals? The presented PDP double bass drum pedal features two-way beaters, convenient adjusters on the sides, and the spring tension degree adjustment. Any musician can easily customize this dual setup, taking into account the characteristics and style of his playing. The PDP is a reputable manufacturer of musical equipment, operating in this segment already since the 1972 year. Experienced musicians familiar with budget bass pedal solutions from the PDP note that they can be safely put on a par with expensive equipment. Enjoy the decent quality of the mentioned assembly - built-in spurs, qualitative metal joints, easy and quick set up, powerful and clean sounding. At the output, the musician gets the most homogeneous, rich drum sound. 

PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal


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2. Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000 Series Double Bass Pedal

Meet smart, user-friendly, and easy-to-install DW double bass pedal. This manufacturer deservedly occupies a leading position, supplying musicians with modern, functional, and convenient equipment. Designed specifically for bass drumming, the presented bass pedal embodies the robustness of all-metal construction, sophisticated design, and impeccable sound. The base plate is made of durable steel. The DW 3000 double bass pedal features a patented cast design with single type rack. This way, players will be able to put the secondary bass pedal close to the Hi-Hat pedal. As a result, it will be easier and faster to move your feet between the pedals or use them simultaneously for the most lively and homogeneous sound. This solution is perfect for beginners and experienced players, regardless of playstyle. A double chain drive complements the device.


Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000 Series Double Bass Pedal


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3. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain  

The well-known Japanese Pearl Drums brand manufactured this installation. It has a single chain drive, a Demon-style footboard with a Powershifter option. Thanks to the latter, the user can easily and quickly change the pedal position (in general 3 positions are available). The Powershifter is responsible for chain tension, which affects sensitivity fluctuations. The Click-Lock Spring Tension adjusts the spring perfectly. Also, the reviewed Pearl double bass pedal has a beater equipped with two playing surfaces. The mentioned beater has an easily adjustable angle. The installation is quite functional and, at the same time, lightweight (this nuance simplifies its transportation greatly). Also, the presented Pearl P932 bass pedal has high quality and reliable spring mechanism, providing excellent pedal mobility. A modest price and extensive options range for flawless drumming (fine-tuning, compatibility with any musical style, individual tuning in accordance with the wishes and requirements of each musician) distinguish the device.

Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain


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4. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

We present to your attention another unsurpassed double bass pedal. It is distinguished by a direct drive, a beater with an adjustable impact (two positions are available for adjusting the sensitivity level - strong or weak). The package includes a convenient case for the device, made of dense and durable black fabric. It is very convenient to store equipment in it or transport it without worrying about the integrity and safety of the bass pedal. The Pearl kick pedal features a Z-link cardan shaft. It provides a qualitative connection with zero latency (the result is the most accurate and responsive pedal response). The direct drive ensures immediate impact and soft reverse. The observed Pearl Demon drive double bass pedal possesses Ninja bearing created by skateboard designers. It contains durable polished balls that provide a smooth glide. Such Demon Drive pedals feature double platforms. It is worth noting that this device is the very first convertible footboard. The pedal equipment is easily adjusted and, if necessary, transforms from short to long quickly.


Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal


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5. MAPEX P500TW Single Chain 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Look at the offered MAPEX double bass pedal model. It features single type chain, a three-position beater, and a fully adjustable spring. The solid steel platform, supplemented with spikes (located on the pedal frame), plays the role of stabilizer in this device. The presented MAPEX 500 double bass drum pedal has a fully customizable cardan. Fixation to the drum rim is done with a clamp. This is an excellent solution for those who have long been looking for equipment that allows to quickly and accurately control drum playing. Using this bass pedal, one may easily play either 16th or 32nd speed. Despite the fully customizable design, adjusting the cardan is fairly straightforward. Built-in beaters are provided with the required degree of rigidity. The device is placed on the floor and does not move during use (very convenient, does not interfere the player). The design is lightweight, which is especially important for frequent concert and rehearsal programs.



MAPEX P500TW Single Chain 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal 

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6. DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal w/Bag 

This bass drum pedal features a smart double design, incredible reaction speed, functionality. It also has such systems as Adjustable and Floating Rotor, which allow giving a professional sound to your bass drum playing. The improved DW 9000 double pedal features a Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp and rubberized base. The result is a secure and unshakable floor position and an excellent connection to the bass drum. The device also possesses the EZ Adjust Cam - this solution allows you to switch the pedal from one mode to another (from the Accelerator to the Turbo). Intermediate positions are also available. It is important that the switching occurs instantly, in few seconds. The manufacturer added the observed DW 9000 double bass pedal with a nylon strap that can be placed instead of the chain. Also, this pedal has a soft stroke - it follows the movements of the musician easily and smoothly. The bass pedal may boast softness due to the use of a larger number of bearings (than in previous models).


DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal w/Bag


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7. Gibraltar 6711DD-DB 6700 Series Direct Drive Double Pedal

Meet another double bass pedal from the Gibraltar brand. It has reliable double-sided weighted beaters (each weighs 90 grams), a cast-type frame (with stylish textured finish), footboard made in a new, improved G-design. The offered direct drive bass drum pedal from Gibraltar is ready to please musicians with speed reaction, ease of use, decent power. It should be noted that the equipment features perfectly balanced beaters. The spring tension can be adjusted according to the player's wishes - adjust it from hard to soft. The hoop clip is located as comfortably as possible so that you can effortlessly lock the pedal with a key. The direct drive double bass pedal base is equipped with a special anti-slip surface (the result is that the double bass pedal is securely fixed on the floor and does not move during use). The high-quality bearings presence ensures smooth operation of each pedal part, guarantees fine-tuning and instant response to user touch.


Gibraltar 6711DD-DB 6700 Series Direct Drive Double Pedal


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8. Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Foot Pedal

 High-quality sound simplified operation and perfectly fine-tuned customization - we are talking about the Yamaha double bass pedal. This solution is constructed specially for direct drive drums. The device provides the ability to adjust the desired footboard angle, monitor and correct the degree of chain tension and adjust the beaters. The presented Yamaha kick pedal also suggests a convenient adjustable clamp (reliable fixation to the drum hoop). Pay attention to the pedal feet. Each of them is supplemented with spikes that prevent it from accidentally sliding during the game. Every structural element is made of a unique steel alloy, which ensures long service life even in frequent product use conditions. The submitted double bass pedal features a convenient and simple mechanism for the beater adjusting. There is also a double chain drive and durable steel rods of the support frame. Use the screw clamps to customize the pedal functionality as you wish.


Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Foot Pedal


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9. TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal 

The presented Tama Iron Cobra double pedals attract buyers with a democratic price tag, good functionality, and stylish appearance. The manufacturer guarantees the Iron Cobra double bass pedal high performance along with durable service life. The Cobra Tama beater provides quick movement of the footrest. These pedals are a single chain type. There is a special spring that allows you to keep the device's power at the same level. It is worth noting that bolts are used to fix the spring, preventing its accidental tension or loosening during transportation. Adjust the angle of the beater individually. The angles of the beater and the footboard are linked. So any adjustments to the settings are made with the first and second components. The Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal includes a reliable plastic case. It is an excellent solution for secure transportation or safe storage of the instrument.


TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal


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10. Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal 

The reviewed Iron Cobra double pedal is an improved solution with the same principle of operation as in Iron Cobra but at a higher cost. The musician's footrest surface has a sleek new design. Now it offers more maneuverability and ease of pedal control while drumming. The Power Glide eccentric also deserves attention. Using it, you can push the pedals with your feet without straining. The Tama Speed Cobra double pedals have updated bearings for the smoothest ride possible. They are reliable and prevent backlash even if you have been using the unit for many hours. The observed Tama Speed Cobra 310 features Cobra Coil spring mechanism. This is a patented development of the Tama brand. The pedal can be adjusted according to your requirements. To do this, increase or decrease the degree of spring tension. This pedal has an additional spring mechanism that allows the pedals to return to their original position.


Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal


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What is a double bass pedal?


Such a pedal is one of the elements of a double bass drum set. The mentioned double bass drum equipment is a solution with two footrests. Connected to drums, this device allows you to quickly and accurately extract the desired strength sounds. Some musicians call this double bass drum pedal a cardan. The modern musical equipment market offers many of these double kick drum pedal variations, differing in appearance, materials from which they are made, functionality, and cost. But in general, they have a similar design - two pedals connected by a cardan. Beaters are placed on both sides, which at the right moment (at the command of the musician) strike the bass drum head. There are pedals with a dominant right or left footboard, depending on particular musician preferences. The double bass drum pedal exploitation is actual mostly for hard rock or heavy metal, though some musicians appreciate its usage for jazz and country styles as well.


How to set up a double bass pedal?


To make your kick pedal sound well, you need to provide its correct and thoughtful set up. Having purchased one of the double base drum kits, get acquainted with its user manual (if included). Following the manufacturer’s recommendation, attach the Master pedal to the kick drum, then place the second pedal Slave) to the right of the hi hat stand. Typically, the main pedal is attached to the drum as standard (using a special built-in mechanism). After connecting, it is important to check its functionality. Test how it works. If necessary, adjust the spring assembly. Next, place the snare drum, and the hi hat stand in a comfortable position. Now it's high time to place the Slave pedal to the right side from the hi hat pedal. This allows you to comfortably and quickly move your foot between the two pedals. Connect the Master and Slave pedals and then link them with a drive shaft. Now you need to adjust the settings of the Slave pedal and start exploiting the device for the first testing play.


Why are double bass pedals so expensive?


Not all the musical equipment presented on the modern market pedals are expensive. You may also meet cheap double bass pedal variants, but no less qualitative and efficient. Much depends primarily on the brand under whose name this or that equipment is produced. The double bass pedal price is influenced by the quality of materials used in production, the complexity of the design, its functionality. According to the double bass pedal reviews, this equipment may be expensive due to its high demand in the music arena. Modern musicians want to buy such equipment because the double design (even quite expensive) allows you to save on the purchase of one more drum and pedal (even a single type).


What is the best double bass pedal?


Searching for the best double bass pedal, any competent musician will advise you to test several products. Only after working with different pedals can you make an honest conclusion about what double pedal for a bass drum is really the best for you. Every musician seeks the best double bass pedal for the money which he is ready to spend. And in each case, the amount of the budget will be different. Each kick drum pedal is good in its own way. There is no single answer to the question posed in the title. When planning to acquire a reliable double pedal bass drum, get acquainted with the list of worthy products that were offered to you above. Maybe one of them will become the best double bass drum pedal for you.


Used double bass pedals for sale 


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