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The 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2021 - High Playability and Qualitative Sound

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
electric drum set

Rhythm is the fundamental music principle. It gave birth to the concept of music, and subsequently – to musical instruments invention. The first drums were hardly the same as those used by professional musicians today during concerts and in recording studios. Progress does not stand still. The best double bass pedal models allowed musicians to get the cleanest and high-quality sound from a single drum. Drum set evolution similarly took place. Since the 80s, electric drum set solutions have replaced classic equipment. They are distinguished by compactness, the ability to control the sound level, to connect headphones (practically silent rehearsals). Also, any modern electronic drum set features quick installation and doesn’t require additional microphone usage. We have tested the best electronic drum set devices in order you could select the perfect and most worthy technique. 


1. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

The offered Alesis electronic drum set features a rack made of durable metal and equipped with reliable fasteners. Musicians will definitely appreciate the presence of a bass drum pad with a solid metal pedal. The hi-hat pedal is also made of metal. The Alesis Nitro mesh electronic drum set possesses the perfect package, including dual-zone snare, crash, 3 toms, ride, bass drum, and hi-hat. Note that the presented Alesis Nitro mesh 8-piece electronic drum set features a cymbal with a muting option. Pay attention to the first-class quality of this musical equipment: for example, each pad features a solid rubber, which positively affects the clear, crisp, and impressive sound of the beats. The musician can individually set the desired sound for each cymbal or pad. To do this, just use the rich built-in library - select the sounds you want from the database and enjoy the perfect sound. The Alesis surge mesh-head electronic drum set will allow you to enjoy regular rehearsals fully. If all the prescribed assembly rules are followed, the equipment will not move during use. Each pad can be adjusted individually - all the parameters can be adjusted, including reverb, hitting power, sound level, etc. This setup is ideal for beginners who are just getting started with the percussion instruments world.

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit


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2. Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

If you are looking for a setup that can guarantee the most powerful and dynamic sound possible, look at the stated model. The represented Roland electric drum set will delight any user with stylish performance, quick response, subtle timbre changes, and an extended dynamic range. A striking advantage of the presented model can be considered the possibility of its wireless operation (Bluetooth connection). Transfer any audio data from a mobile phone, computer, or tablet to the TD-17 sound module. It is also possible to play audio directly from the SD card. The proposed Roland electronic drum set often becomes a beginners’ choice. It suggests a Couch option, promising to increase the efficiency of rehearsals or hitching before concerts, performances. All the Roland drum kits offer impeccable build quality, functionality, ease of customization. This model has built-in preset drum kits that allow you to play in any musical style. Also, if necessary and desired, each of these preset sets can be tweaked. The device allows for fine-tuning the output sound, simulates the acoustics in rooms of any size (both a small stage or a large concert hall). Use the two inputs to connect additional pedals or pads. The set features a USB port that allows you to connect to a computer and create high-quality music. The luxurious drum sound is achieved thanks to the Prismatic Sound Modeling Technology.

Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit


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3. Alesis Debut Kit – Kids Drum Set 

This equipment is an excellent solution for children who decide to learn how to play the drum kit. It features mesh membranes, a sturdy metal frame, 10-inch cymbals, hi-hat, and bass drum pedals, drum module. Also, the electronic drum set for kids includes sticks, headphones, and a comfortable drum chair. This kit is not a toy that simulates drums. This is a complete electronic equipment that allows your little one to learn the basics of professional drumming. It is a musical technique that adapts to your child, helping him or her to practice anytime, anywhere. Your rehearsals won't be a nuisance for your neighbors - you can always adjust the output sound level. Using headphones, you can even make rehearsals silent for others. This is the best electronic drum set for beginners. It has 4 drums (6 inches each) equipped with virtually silent mesh membranes. There are also 3 cymbals available (each has a 10'' playing surface). Foot pedals control the hi-hat and bass drum. If the pedals are not needed, the young musician can always disconnect and put them away. So, this is the best electronic drum set for the money, combining convenience, efficiency, ergonomic design, and functionality. Purchase the kids electronic drum set from the Alesis and be ready for unforgettable long rehearsals!

Alesis Debut Kit – Kids Drum Set With 4 Mesh Electric Drum Set Pads


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4. Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K)

The represented Yamaha electronic drum set embodies true classics in the branded musical equipment segment. The rich functionality of this equipment will allow you to reveal your creative potential fully. Take advantage of the advanced pad and hi-hat controllers. This model is equipped with an improved hi-hat controller with a half-open function. It also features a vertical kick drum pad for the most realistic, clean sound possible. The set includes a licensed bass drum pedal. It is permissible to use other types of pedals if necessary. The offered Yamaha electric drum set possesses 8 pads and cymbals. The musician has access to 287 essential voices and additional 128 key voices. The Voice Guidance, metronome (operating range 30-300 bpm), reverb, Tap Tempo are among the device’s main options. The durable black body of the drum set is made of metal. USB, AUX input for a player (CD or MP3), jacks for connecting pedals, a separate headphone jack are among the available connectors and connections. Equipment configuration includes bass drum, snare drum, high tom, floor tom, low tom, ride, crash, hi-hat. The musician has access to 10 drum kits, as well as 10 additional training modes.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K)


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5. BEHRINGER XD8USB, Black and Grey

Meet the modern electronic drum kit, which includes 8 pieces. A powerful sound module will allow you to extract the high-quality sound of any beats. The Behringer electronic drum set offers 10 basic factory presets and 5 additional presets that the user can program individually. The snare drum is equipped with a pad with two zones (1 and 8 inches). Musicians have access to 123 studio-grade sounding cymbals, drums, and percussion. Appreciate the presence of an audio input intended for playing in conjunction with an MP3 player, IPhone, iPad. Other technical parameters include the built-in sequencer HDS110USB sound module, bass drum pedal, hi-hat trigger pedal, drum sticks, cable, frame with stands. Also, musicians have access to a professional library with well-composed tracks (varied musical styles and directions). Every user will appreciate the USB interface, which allows you to connect any software and different virtual instruments. The natural rubber coating in the pads is responsible for the natural sound quality. This material provides a beautiful imitation of genuine leather, which, together with sturdy aluminum frames, creates a rich, powerful, and close to realistic sound. This is the best electronic drum set under 500, permitting to add available track library using an external MIDI sound module. If necessary, the installation allows you to program and subsequently save any melodies.

BEHRINGER XD8USB, Black and Grey


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6. Alesis Electronic Drum Kit

Check out this drum kit from Alesis. This is a full-fledged analog of an acoustic installation. This can be seen in the design and sound’s character. All the Alesis command mesh-head electronic drum set pads are two-zone. Musicians can play in any manner (both on the rim and the head), expecting a clean, correct sound. Note the mesh Kevlar heads mounted on the drums. Their tension can be adjusted with a key, as in classical acoustics. The package of this best electronic drum set under 1000 includes drumsticks branded by Alesis. The Alesis Crimson module pleases with the quality and stability of its functioning. Musicians have access to 600 sounds of percussion and drama. Other options include an input for an external USB drive, personal loading samples into WAV, and the ability to create new presets. Drum set tuning and its subsequent operation are simple, clear, and unambiguously pleasant. Even though the screen is compact, the interface is quite clear. The Alesis drum kits feature a strict laconic design, which is inherent in any professional studio music equipment.

Alesis Electronic Drum Kit


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 7. Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set 

This drum kit is ideal for teaching young musicians. It attracts with compact size, stylish design, thought out to the smallest detail, easy to set up and use. This portable electronic drum set allows you to record the beats being played to a computer using a cable. Special training software products are included in the package. Any musician will highly appreciate the space-saving design of this small electric drum set. The 4 drums feature 7.5-inch single-zone pads. There is no kick drum pad in this type of equipment. It is replaced by a pedal controller (it is similar to a hi-hat controller). Its obvious advantages are the following: space-saving design, reasonable price tag, quiet operation. But do not forget that the absence of a beater can affect the sound’s realism. However, we may ignore this nuance, considering that the mentioned equipment was created for teaching children. One-zone snare pad can be replaced with a two-zone snare pad if necessary (PDX-8). The childrens electric drum set’s music module is compact and simple. There are 15 preset drum kits available. Unfortunately, its impossible to change them. Also, the young musician gets access to a modest set of educational functions, a metronome, and 15 songs in various musical styles.

Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set


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 8. Donner DED-200 Electric Kit Electronic with Mesh Head 

This electronic drum kit will be a real godsend for professional musicians and beginners. The device features 225 timbres ready to meet user’s needs, regardless of musical style preferences. This drum set electronic solution features a durable and robust mesh drum platinum (8 inches). Thanks to solid and sturdy hoops, it was possible to eliminate the issue of mesh overhanging and deformation, despite being residually delicate to the touch. This is one of the best electric drum set devices allowing you to disclose all the creative potential. Learn your favorite songs and tracks by connecting this drum set to your personal computer or MP3 player. This setup is worth choosing because it allows you to rehearse almost silently. Use headphones and practice without bothering your family or neighbors. It is the ideal device for effective home rehearsals. The presented drum set is convenient to use both inside and outside. Are you dreaming of pure, as close to the natural sound as possible? Then give preference to this device. The drum set applies the innovative French DREAM technology based on the digital sound recording option. As a result, you can get the perfect sound similar to the acoustic drum sound, and you can also get rid of extraneous noise, repetitions, audio delays, etc.

Donner DED-200 Electric Kit Electronic with Mesh Head


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 9. LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The LyxJam brand offers a professional drum kit (electronic type) with 7 pieces included (4 pads and 3 plates). This device has absolutely everything that a competent, experienced musician might need. These are 3 mesh tom pads (8’’), mesh snare pad (8’’), ride cymbal (8’’), crash cymbal (8’’), sound module, kick pedal, hi-hat added with the controller, drum sticks. This is one of the best beginner electronic drum set solutions ready to amaze with a user-friendly interface, easy tuning, pleasant and easy exploitation. The drums’ pads are equipped with soft but at the same time strong mesh material. It is responsible for fast reaction and clear sound. Installation is suitable even for beginners - the kit includes a detailed user manual assisting you during the drum kit installing and tuning. There are 259 built-in sound effects (209 sounds, 50 songs), among which you will find the right ones suitable for different sound rehearsals. If you want to create your own sounds and drums, connect the drum set to your computer or laptop (via USB cable). This beginner electronic drum set possesses several dynamic parameters that are inherent in acoustic equipment. The presented drum kit will gladden you with high playability, realistic sound, a set of the most needed options. The device assembles and controls easily.


LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit


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10. Ddrum Digital Drums DD3X Electronic Drum Set

This drum kit consists of the following set of equipment: 4 two-zone pads, a bass drum with a pedal, a hi-hat with a pedal, an updated Ddrum module with cables, a convenient frame for assembling a stand. The Ddrum electric drum set is ready to offer you 218 sounds, 50 standard drum kits, and 30 user drum kits. The user can use MIDI output and output, USB, AUX-IN, separate headphone output, metronome. In addition to excellent technical qualities, the Ddrum electronic drum set pleasantly surprises with its bright, somewhat defiant design in black and red. This is an extraordinary, lively, and stylish design that encourages you to create and unleash all your creativity to the fullest. Apply the 5 pads and 3 cymbals for perfect, realistic drum sounding. Built-in DD3X is an enhanced version of the entry-level DD1. The offered cheap electric drum set provides the musician with a basic options kit.


Ddrum Digital Drums DD3X Electronic Drum Set


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How does an electronic drum set work?


Any good electronic drum set functions in conjunction with a computer or laptop. The operation of such equipment is based on a sound module. With its help, it is possible to record sounds or samples of different strengths and techniques for each drum. Further, these sounds are stored in the device's memory, and the sound is reproduced at the moment when the stick strikes the sensor. The acoustic installation focuses mainly on the drums’ quality, and an electronic installation emphasizes the sound module quality and coherence.


The output sound quality largely depends on the sound card installed in the computer. Electronic drums simulate the sound of acoustic equipment and are appreciated primarily for the ability to conduct training and professional rehearsals, even at home. By connecting the headphones, you may organize an almost silent operation of the unit, which is important for conflict-free communication with neighbors.


What does an electronic drum set sound like?


The basic purpose of the electronic drums’ invention is to recreate a high-quality imitation of the sound of an acoustic installation. Also, any, even cheap electronic drum set can provide more comfortable conditions for rehearsals - in the presence of headphones, training on such a musical instrument becomes almost noiseless. Depending on the quality of the sound module operation, it is possible to get the sound as close as possible to real drums. Nevertheless, experienced musicians note that such a sound is in any case different from the original, and you just need to get used to it.


Is an electronic drum set good for beginners? 


It is worth noting that electronic drums do not allow you to experience the complete range of real drums sounding. However, any even primitive and inexpensive electronic drum set for beginners helps to comprehend the basics and get the initial skills to play such an instrument. Multiple electronic drum set reviews confirm that such a drum set may become an ideal solution for beginners due to its ability to adjust the sound. This compact equipment may be placed both at home or in the recording studio (depending on the assigned tasks). The first step before starting teaching children to play drums is an electronic kit acquisition. Today, there is special equipment designed for beginner musicians. Despite the small size kids electric drum set replicates precisely the configuration of equipment used by adults, competent musicians. Purchasing the electronic drum set kid solution gives your child the possibility to make the first steps in acquaintance with such an amazing musical instrument.

An electronic drum kit can be beneficial for beginners as it is easy to set up and use. This equipment delights with a simple adjustment of the sound level, the possibility of individual tuning, a simplified presentation of the first play lessons (there are training modes and built-in lessons in some drum set models). The electronic drums usage allows you to create unique sounds that cannot be formed via standard acoustics. For example, this is actual for techno or fusion music styles.

What is the best electronic drum set?


When choosing a decent technique, which can definitely be called the best, you should pay attention to the brand and price. Worthy, well-functioning, and high-quality sounding drum kit is usually offered by popular brands (Roland, Yamaha), and a priori cannot be cheap. One of the recommended ones can be considered Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K). This equipment is perfect both for professionals and beginners. It has a complete set (snare drum, bass drum, low and high toms, floor tom), 287 preset timbres, various connectors (USB, AUX, pedals, and headphones). Another solution - LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is considered the best budget electronic drum set. It combines a low price, worthy package (7 pieces), user-friendly interface.

To become the best equipment owner, it is worth considering the potential user (whether a child or an adult will exploit this installation). If you are searching for the perfect electric drum set for kids, pay attention to the complete set of the kit, the ability to adjust the stand, and the location of the pads and cymbals. The mass of electric drum set reviews confirm the fact of the decent sounding of children's drum kits - they are almost identical to the equipment intended for adult musicians. Perhaps, the main difference is in the size of the installation and the set of available options. 

Used Electronic Drum Set for sale 


A qualitative but used electronic drum set may save your family budget, providing the opportunity to use the supported professional equipment's functionality fully. View our advertisement desk and detect the most attractive solution - an electric drum set for sale. We enable professional musical equipment owners to sell it at affordable prices. Similarly, we solve the problem of musicians who are looking for reliable but inexpensive equipment. One may easily find here used electric drum set for sale and obtain the needed equipment as soon as possible. Any new professional equipment, especially from well-known brands with a worldwide reputation, is expensive. Our web-site will acquaint you with multiple attractive and beneficial proposals. Our platform presents well-functioning used electronic drum set for sale in a wide variety. So, if you are still searching for an appropriate electric drum set for sale cheap though worthy equipment is already waiting for new owners.



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