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The 10 Best Online Guitar Lessons of 2021 - Develop and Improve Your Guitar Skills

Last Updated: August 9, 2021
online guitar lessons

If you've been dreaming of learning to play the guitar for a great while, it's time to put aside your doubts and embarrassment. Modern online guitar lessons will be a real godsend for busy people who can't attend real classes regularly. Get the most out of guitar lessons online format because you'll be able to devote your time to learn at the most comfortable time. So fulfill your dream and start moving in that direction today, and forget the excuses. We've researched and analyzed current learning platforms so you can choose the best online guitar lessons for yourself or your children. Fascinating instructional lessons, master classes, songs with tabs and chords - all that and even more awaits you at official sites created by knowledgeable guitar instructors. On these learning project’s sites, you'll find guitar lessons for beginners and experienced musicians as well. In short, everyone will detect exactly what they're looking for here. We wish you success in learning to play the guitar!


1. Justin Guitar Lessons

The platform offers the vast majority of free online jazz guitar lessons, but donations are welcome. Visiting the web platform, you will find many masterclasses and blocks with lessons for players of different levels (for beginners, intermediate and professional musicians). The Justin guitar lessons project incorporates the best developments in simple but effective guitar learning. Gradually, acquiring and honing skills on the guitar, users can try to learn to play in different styles (country, jazz, rock, etc.). You will surely appreciate the convenient online format. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The site contains more than 1,800 fascinating lessons. Each of them will give you a certain amount of knowledge. Start with the basics and work your way up to playing guitar. The instructional format, high-quality video, and clear audio help make learning tactics for this musical instrument a breeze. The Lesson Map section is divided into two large blocks, offering lessons in such categories as Level and Skills. The project also provides a rich database of songs that you'll learn to play with an online instructor. Play each song with a parallel display of tabs and chords. A convenient search filter allows you to quickly and easily find the desired songs. The developer of the project has created a separate channel on YouTube with songs. All acoustic guitar lessons online are also present on YouTube. Before starting studying the classes, you can read the feedback section. By the way, there are reviews of both ordinary users and celebrities. This significantly adds level points to users’ trust towards this project.


Justin Guitar Lessons


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2. Jam Play Guitar Lessons

Use the functionality and lessons from the Jam Play anywhere, anytime. The engaging lessons will be available to you from any gadget (computer, smartphone, tablet). The first time you may get acquainted with free online guitar lessons and subsequently purchase a suitable tariff plan. The project is designed for beginners who have never held a guitar in their hands but have great ambition and desire to learn how to play. Also, it will fit experienced musicians. This is an excellent tool for those who have long been able to play but have lost skills, who dreams about improving them, and start self-developing in the musical field. Thanks to these remote lessons, you no longer have to look for guitar teachers near me. Choose a convenient class schedule and plan your own studies. By joining the project's membership (by subscribing), you get access to additional info blocks. Here you may choose the guitar teacher by getting acquainted with their direction in the game. For example, you may be looking for a tutor who teaches guitar blues or melodic rock. Listen to your soul's call and choose the right direction. Look at the teacher's brief portfolio to see if their teaching techniques appeal to you. Notably, the site has instructional video lessons from famous musicians. Special attention is given to the Toolkit department. It offers large instructional units categorized by Rock, Blues, Country, Singing, and Studio. The Beginner Practice Plan is the most worthy product for inexperienced newcomers. It includes the basics, without which you can't be successful with the guitar, much less improvise music.


Jam Play guitar lessons


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3. Artist Works Guitar Lessons

Level up your guitar playing skills with the help of an intelligent web assistant in the face of the Artists Works project. For your first introduction, the system will offer you a few free best online acoustic guitar lessons. They will allow you to understand the tactics of teaching, the nature, and the characteristics of the classes. By subscribing for free, you will be able to draw conclusions about whether this training format is suitable for you personally. To get free access, you need to subscribe, stating your name, email address, the type of musical instrument you are interested in. So, in addition to the guitar, there are lessons for many other musical instruments, including violin, flute, piano, mandolin, trumpet, etc.). Try several free guitar lessons online and decide on a paid subscription. Choose from classes on a variety of acoustic and electric guitars. The knowledgeable instructors are ready to teach you the guitar basics or help to improve your existing skills. Electric guitar lessons have never been so entertaining and rewarding! The system offers to watch a short but informative preview. The player should choose the concrete game genre (blues, bluegrass, jazz, country, rock). Each training course is responsible for a particular teacher (you can get acquainted with all the portfolios available before registering the paid rate). The advantage of such lessons is their convenient online format - study anywhere, according to your personal schedule, not adjusting to the teachers (as in real-time).

Artist Works Guitar Lessons


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4. Fender Play Guitar Lessons

This is one more instructional project to improve your guitar playing. If you subscribe, you get seven days of free access to informative lessons. The advantage of this service is that there is no need to provide credit card details (like in some other similar services). Fender guitar lessons are considered to be the most interesting, efficient, and exciting. Regardless of your level of knowledge and skill, you can learn something new and valuable for yourself. The lessons contain a maximum of useful and important knowledge, without which it is impossible to love the guitar and start playing it. Section with songs allows choosing your favorite old or new songs and learn to play them perfectly after a short time. This project provides an extensive database of lessons on classical acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele. Choose the needed type of musical instrument and plunge into a world of new knowledge. Electronic distance learning format pleases with the ability to build your own personal lesson schedule. Now there's no need to take time off from work or spend time traveling to the music school. Online learning format is a new reality that allows you to spend money wisely for a valuable and necessary education. Follow a simple algorithm - choose the type of musical instrument you are interested in, then decide on the musical genre, take the time to study, and the work will bear fruit after a while. You can use this learning tool from absolutely any gadget - it's convenient and fast.


Fender Play Guitar Lessons


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5. True Fire Guitar Lessons

According to numerous reviews, this project is one of the leaders in educational music platforms. Competent, professional tutors share their knowledge here. The project's database contains about 40,000 fascinating video lessons. You can enjoy the best free online guitar lessons and, after a while, decide on a paid subscription. The free trial period lasts precisely 14 days. You can access video lessons, track practicing sections, notation charts, and tabs during this period. During the two-week trial period, you may also use virtually all of the learning tools available on this web-based learning platform. The presented website has gathered the best guitar lessons online. Now you get a perfect chance to level up your guitar playing skills quickly and with great pleasure! Even the most complex material is skillfully and interestingly presented by competent teachers, which makes it easy to understand. Musicians of any training level will be able to gain plenty of benefits here. The educational program is available to all users, regardless of their operating system and used equipment (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC). Together with the best teachers, you can walk your way to learning the art of playing the guitar. Travel through the world of music, learn and discover new things, develop your talent and use your creativity to the maximum. The project offers all the opportunities to improve your skills.

True Fire Guitar Lessons


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6. Guitar Tricks Online Lessons

A delightful database of video tutorials of impeccable quality is waiting for students. You can try out this training product for free and then subscribe for a fee. The advantage of the service is the possibility of purchasing gift certificates for training. Consequently, such a certificate can be an excellent gift for a loved one, friend, or child. This project has existed since 1998 and guarantees the high efficiency of the lessons. The project claims to have managed to teach more than 3 million players. Also, it has many awards, which indicate a high quality of training. This learning platform offers the opportunity to learn how to play over 1000 popular music hits, improving your skills day by day. A series of step-by-step instructional videos will introduce you to the wonderful world of guitar playing. Gradually progressing from simple beginner lessons to more advanced ones, you'll gain new knowledge, practice and really enjoy your new skills. Sign in via Google or Facebook to register your own free account. If you're more comfortable watching video lessons and using learning tools from your cell phone, the platform will offer you user-friendly apps for Android and IOs. Determine your preferred genre of music you want to learn and choose the right guitar teacher. You can see their real photos and a short biography on the site. Learn how to play rock, acoustic, blues, funk, country songs and admire the listeners.


Guitar Tricks Online Lessons


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7. Free Online Guitar Lessons

If you think that you can learn to play the guitar only with the help of a real teacher, you are deeply mistaken. The modern world is actively adopting electronic technology, and the field of music is no exception. Take advantage of the Free Online Guitar Lessons platform's potential, learn the basics, and then hone your skills to perfection. The presented learning platform attracts users with a whole series of free online lessons. For example, looking for clear and accessible guitar lessons for kids, you can feel free to consult the resources of this project for help. Here you'll find lessons for all levels of training, from the most elementary to the professional. The separate blocks with lessons are devoted to techniques of guitar playing, theoretical questions, exercises. Depending on the type of topic and its richness, each block includes a different number of lessons. The most popular block can rightly be considered a free guitar course for beginners. There is absolutely everything a newcomer needs in the beginning in 12 video lessons. This is the basis on which you can later build your further training. For more advanced users, there are online courses for learning to play lead or blues guitar. Fascinating video lessons of excellent quality come to the email address you provide when you register.

Free Online Guitar Lessons


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8. SuperProf Webcam Guitar Lessons

This learning platform offers a slightly different lessons’ format. Over 7,000 knowledgeable guitar tutors are ready to provide you with engaging webcam lessons for all student experience levels. Here you will easily find the best online guitar lessons for beginners – believe, you'll love playing the guitar, and in just a couple of lessons, you'll be able to play simple tunes. In search of the best guitar teacher for beginners, turn to this learning platform for help. Classes are conducted online. All you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop with a webcam and a stable Internet connection. To start learning, you need to tell the system your current level. For example, you need to say the level of your guitar skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.), or your music academy grade (if you are a student). Once you inform the platform of your level, the system will search for a suitable teacher. You can look through the photos and read portfolios of each tutor, check the cost of classes and learn other training nuances. Usually, all tutors offer first guitar lessons free online. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with the teacher and learn his lesson's methods and tactics. Even one hour will help you understand how comfortable you will feel in the process of Skype or Zoom video classes. Another advantage of the service is safe, secure payments (the user and his personal data will be fully protected).


SuperProf Webcam Guitar Lessons


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9. Udemy Online Guitar Lessons

Discover the fascinating world of guitar music with the professionals who present an online learning project called Udemy. Here you will find engaging and easy-to-understand online guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and professional musicians. Here one may find both free and paid courses. Some video materials are available to visitors of the project for free; others must be purchased. This learning platform is ready to please you with various courses, for example, acoustic guitar lessons online. Teachers are also ready to offer you exciting training courses in video format to acquire skills on acoustic, rock, blues, and classical guitar. Service pleases with a friendly attitude to users. For example, even after you pay for this or that course, you have 30 days in stock, during which you can apply for a refund (for example, if you find that this course does not suit you for a number of reasons). What does the free course include? It suggests a strictly basic package of online classical guitar lessons. In turn, the paid course provides you with extensive opportunities. This is a certificate of training (at the end of the studying period) and the opportunity to consult with the teacher (ask exciting questions and get comprehensive answers). The entire course of training guitar in addition to practical guitar lessons includes learning guitar chords, the theory of the art of playing the guitar. The project will be helpful both to students and also to potential teachers. Do you play the guitar perfectly? Then you can count on a great job on this project.

Udemy Online Guitar Lessons


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10. Take Lessons Online Teaching Platform

This learning platform is ideal for both children and adults. Depending on the student's age, level of knowledge, and goals, you will have access to lessons of varying lengths (30, 45, or 60 minutes). Find the most worthy online guitar lessons for kids or teenagers on the offered website. Check your daily schedule, create a sample study plan, and start studying with knowledgeable teachers. Here you may find both individual and group guitar classes. Choose the most comfortable studying format and start getting musical knowledge. Also, the platform offers to view all the guitar teachers available in your area. This makes the searching process more private and efficient. The project helped to train a vast number of students since 2006. All teachers are carefully selected, so you can feel no doubt in the competence and professionalism of the person with whom you are going to work. Read a considerable number of honest reviews left by the students of this online music school. The modern cloud software lies at the base of this web platform, safe and reliable enough. This project is also regularly looking for new teachers. If you want and have the right level of knowledge, you can become part of the team. Everybody dreaming about guitar may purchase online bass guitar lessons or live classes with the best guitar tutors ever. Choose the online or in-person format and start learning the theory and practice of guitar playing. View the teachers’ portfolios and consider who will teach you.


Take Lessons Online Teaching Platform


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What is the best website to learn guitar?


Learning to play an instrument is hard work, but it does not have to be boring. One of the more popular instruments that you may want to learn is the guitar. Whether you are just a beginner or intermediate player, you should consider the best online guitar lessons free. These lessons are useful and efficient - teachers can help you behind the camera playing with you. So, if you still search for guitar lessons near me, stop it and enjoy a convenient online study format.
To understand which training platform will be good for you, it is worth evaluating several features. The first question concerns payment for the instructional product. The vast majority of these music training platforms offer partially free access to the first online electric guitar lessons. This allows you to get acquainted with the nature of teaching methods. It also provides an understanding of the future lessons’ structure and specific of the studying information delivery. Some projects offer 1-2 online free guitar lessons; others may offer a completely free course (usually a basic course for a beginner).

The second important point is the competence of the online guitar teacher. Always familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the teachers who work in a particular music education center. Classical guitar teacher’s experience, personality, and sometimes even appearance have a lot to do with the success of your education.

Thirdly, to choose the best free guitar lessons online, read the reviews of students who have already been lucky enough to learn to play the guitar. Never pass up an opportunity to read all the reviews because you can get a lot of helpful information from them. Also, some sites have reviews of celebrities (real musicians, producers) - this is a sign of the high level of a music learning platform.

Fourth, find out in advance whether a particular training platform provides a certificate of training. It is recommended to give preference to those services ready to provide you with such an option. If you later want to link your career with music, a certificate can complement your portfolio and play the role of a kind of bonus. Guitar lessons online free are available for all users, both kids, teenagers, and adults.


Where can I find guitar and bass teachers online?


Various modern music platforms with a learning profile are ready to please users with several directions in learning. These include classical guitar, acoustic, electric guitar, fingerstyle guitar lessons online, and, of course, bass. The About Us section usually contains detailed information about the platform. It also lists all the available genres of playing that you can learn with the help of competent tutors.

Some tutors are able to teach several genres of guitar playing, while others, on the contrary, have knowledge strictly on a specific type of such musical instrument. Pursuing the goal to learn precisely how to play the bass guitar, carefully examine the website and teachers’ portfolios. You're sure to find a competent specialist in the field by visiting the sites listed in our review. Then, choose the studying program and start visiting bass guitar lessons online.


What are the best free guitar lessons online?


Many training platforms on the web promise beginners and more experienced musicians unprecedented success and productive learning. A great deal of information on such resources can be freely accessed. In short, anyone can gain some knowledge from free video tutorials. This is great, but don't get your hopes up for free education. It's worth understanding that the purpose of such free lessons is not knowledge, but the opportunity for each user to try teaching tactics for a taste, see the teacher and hear his voice. Trial free lessons help you see if this format of education is right for you. With their help, you make an informed decision about the subsequent purchase of a paid course, or on the contrary, about the need to continue searching for a better learning platform.


Are online guitar lessons worth it?


Choosing the ideal online guitar lesson platform can be difficult. There are so many options out there, and more popping up every day. Plus, you have to decide if you want to pay for your lessons or not. And if you do pay for classes, then there are even more questions to answer, such as: What company should I choose? Do I want 1-on-1 or group lessons? Does anyone accredit this company?

According to the numerous online guitar lessons reviews, we can conclude about the success of this training format. If you set a goal to learn this or that kind of guitar and play it, you are supported by motivation and a burning desire to succeed, then there are no obstacles in front of you. Online learning is an excellent opportunity to play the guitar or pull your knowledge and skills in this area without leaving home. This type of training is suitable for busy people who have too little free time at their disposal. Online learning allows you to build the training schedule without adjusting to the teachers. Watch video lessons wherever you like and with any modern gadget. Most educational music platforms have both a website and a mobile app. Therefore, you can choose the comfortable conditions for studying music lessons and use the suitable gadget.


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