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The 10 Best Piano Benches of 2021 - Choosing Adjustable Piano Stool

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
piano benches

In order to reach your full creative potential, it is important not only to possess a certain amount of knowledge but also to be able to use high-quality, functional equipment. In addition to musical instruments, furniture units that allow you to sit comfortably and enjoy quality playing on a drum set, piano, or other instruments also play an essential role. So, the piano bench's intelligent choice is quite meaningful for any piano holder. Searching for the best piano stool, don’t also forget about piano stands supporting the musical instrument.


1. Greenpro Adjustable X Style Padded Piano Keyboard Bench

Use the functionality and lessons from the Jam Play anywhere, anytime. The engaging lessons will be available to you from any gadget (computer, smartphone, tablet). The first time you may get acquainted with free online guitar lessons and subsequently purchase a suitable tariff plan. The project is designed for beginners who have never held a guitar in their hands but have great ambition and desire to learn how to play. Also, it will fit experienced musicians. This is an excellent tool for those who have long been able to play but have lost skills, who dreams about improving them and start self-developing in the musical field. Thanks to these remote lessons, you no longer have to look for guitar teachers near me. Choose a convenient class schedule and plan your own studies. By joining the project's membership (by subscribing), you get access to additional info blocks. Here you may choose the guitar teacher by getting acquainted with their direction in the game. For example, you may be looking for a tutor who teaches guitar blues or melodic rock. Listen to your soul's call and choose the right direction. Look at the teacher's brief portfolio to see if their teaching techniques appeal to you. Notably, the site has instructional video lessons from famous musicians. Special attention is given to the Toolkit department. It offers large instructional units categorized by Rock, Blues, Country, Singing, and Studio. The Beginner Practice Plan is the most worthy product for inexperienced newcomers. It includes the basics, without which you can't be successful with the guitar, much less improvise music.

Greenpro Adjustable X Style Cushion Padded Piano Keyboard Bench


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2. YAMAHA PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench

The YAMAHA PKBB1 keyboard chair is a convenient X-style bench that fits easily next to a standard piano. This chair offers quality performance for any music presentation or practice session with a robust alloy steel construction and black color. The ergonomic design provides adjustable reach to make it easy on the arms and hands when playing your piano or keyboard. Enjoy this adjustable piano chair functionality and luxurious appearance. The PKBB1 Padded Keyboard X-style Bench by Yamaha is an excellent addition to your keyboard setup. The chair can fit both standard and slim keyboards and is adjustable to fit all sizes. The discreet design allows the musician to relax while playing and can be stored conveniently in small spaces once not in use. Selecting perfect piano bench adjustable solutions should attract your attention first. The chair weighs 5 pounds only but provides a safe and stable position for the musician while playing. In addition, 4 rubber plugs on the chair's legs ensure its stable position on the floor, regardless of its type. Also, these plugs allow for silent operation of the chair even if you play emotionally, with outbursts of emotion. This X-style piano bench adjusts to any keyboard musical instrument, regardless of its height (convenient height adjustment option). The classic black design gives this bench a unique, unforgettable charm. At the same time, the black color is quite practical and makes the product genuinely universal (suitable for almost any color of musical instruments).

YAMAHA PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench


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3. Neewer Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Leather Cushion

This black bench is the epitome of austere design, classic and impeccable style. It features an upholstered polyurethane leather seat that provides impeccable comfort for the sitting musician. Notably, the seat reclines, giving you the option of using the extra space underneath as a storage area for piano books, magazines, and other small accessories. The represented piano bench with storage features a durable wooden frame covered with luxurious black lacquer paint. It looks charming! The soft leather seat also delights the eye with its chic, rich black hue. The seat of this chair is quite massive and allows two people to sit on it comfortably. However, the bench needs some assembly. Use the included wrench in order to assemble this solution in 5-10 minutes. The offered Neewer Round Wooden piano benches with storage feature a sturdy, solid wood frame that provides proven stability and can help you enjoy the music longer without getting tired. Its design makes it an ideal bench for practicing the piano. The represented bench is strong enough to provide a safe and comfortable seat place for 2 persons. The moderate softness of the cushion, upholstered in synthetic leather, provides a comfortable position and the opportunity to devote themselves to playing a musical instrument fully.

Neewer Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Leather Cushion


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4. Jansen Standard Artist Padded Piano Bench

The Jansen Standard Artist Piano Bench combines the utmost in craftsmanship with the best ergonomics to create an outstanding piano bench worth purchasing. This is an expensive but impeccably luxurious bench from the famous Jansen brand. The incredibly soft, comfortable seat made of genuine luxury leather ensures the comfort of your lumbar and legs even if you play for hours on end. The Jansen piano benches are amazing with their stylish design, qualitative materials, and durability. These are truly the best benches from the category of luxury accessories, the purchase of which you will definitely not regret. The fine quality workmanship will last for years remaining intact while playing your musical instrument. It features an elegant ebony satin finish with black vinyl upholstery, which will complement other furniture in your room. Some additional benefits of this Jansen piano bench include the silent Micro-A-Just mechanism that automatically adjusts for proper pressure on the seat. Many imported pianos come with a bench included, but you may consider purchasing a new one. However, buying this bench will be the best solution, the best financial investment. The Jansen Standard Artist Piano Bench is the finest bench available. The Jansen Bench is perfect for home or professional use and looks elegant as a decorative piece, and provides a comfortable seat. Now you may fully enjoy music training and concerts!

Jansen Standard Artist Padded Piano Bench


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5. Genuine Leather Antique Adjustable Piano Bench Stool in Brown

This massive weighty bench will make a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates refined style and reliability. The represented antique piano stool features a massive wooden frame and attractive-looking leather cushion. This is a solution in rich brown coloring, with a beautiful and luxurious appearance. It weighs 26 pounds and provides the highest comfort level, no-slip, impeccable comfort for the musician. Luxury and chic come together in this product to give you the most stylish addition to your musical keyboard instrument. The observed brown vintage piano stool attracts purchasers with the impeccable quality of the materials. It is 100% genuine leather on the seat and beautiful natural wood in the frame. The bench's cushion is quilted - it has 10 buttons of the same color as the upholstery itself. Enjoy the built-in heavy-duty mechanism that ensures the long life of this product. The bench's height can be easily adjusted (from 19 to 21 inches). Adjust this bench to your individual needs (height of your keyboard instrument and your height). The luxurious walnut color of the seat harmonizes with the satin finish of the wooden frame. This product comes with a screwdriver in addition to the bench. You will need to assemble the product (note that the procedure is easy and fast). The brand name of the product is printed on its frame, confirming its originality. Stylish, ornate patterns on the frame create a vintage mood and make this bench unlike others.


Genuine Leather Antique Style Adjustable Piano Bench Stool in Brown 

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6. HOMCOM Traditional Country Birchwood Faux Leather Padded

The Traditional Country Faux Leather upholstered bench is a beautifully designed piece of furniture. This snow-white piano bench is explicitly designed to accommodate two people. It is spacious, comfortable, and incredibly spectacular. The snow-white color of the seat and frame makes this product stand out from the benches offered by other manufacturers. Just take a look at this fantastic white piano bench! It will be an exquisite addition to a white grand piano or another keyboard musical instrument. White color means grace, style, and appeal. Allow yourself to complement your classic or grand piano with this luxurious, unique bench. The cushion is made of faux leather. This is a practical, durable, and pleasant-to-the-touch material. Unlike natural leather faux solution is unpretentious in care and durable. The seat height is 19.75 inches. These wooden piano benches are simple and incredibly stylish at the same time. Their design is concise but insanely attractive. Take your performances to the next level on Homcom's two-person piano bench. This bench is made of durable and easy-to-clean materials. It features a padded faux leather cushion for support while you play the piano or other keyboard instruments. The Homcom’s traditional country bench is the perfect product to add a touch of class and luxurious comfort to your home. The solid birch wood frame construction makes this bench extremely durable, and the smooth faux leather cushioned top provides stylish comfort for you, your family, and guests. Whether you’re practicing and need a place to sit and play, or entertaining friends and family, this cheap piano stool will be a welcome addition to any room in your home.

HOMCOM Traditional Country Birchwood Faux Leather Padded


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7. Neewer Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Sheet Music Storage

This Music Storage Bench with Sheet Music Holder is a very stylish and functional school piano bench, manufactured from excellent quality solid beechwood, giving an elegant and refined look. This stylish piano stool is perfect for home performances. Create a unique interior and accomplish your musical instrument with the represented black piano bench. It features a sturdy and reliable wooden frame colored in black. The seat is made of qualitative black synthetic leather. The lacquer coating adds luxury and polish to the product. The sturdy wooden frame is incredibly durable - it can withstand weight loads up to 331 pounds. Users can easily and quickly adjust the stool's height. Consider the height of your musical instrument (for example, classical or grand piano) and adjust the solution to the correct size (from 17.7 inches to 21.65 inches). Use the special knob located on the side of the bench. Thanks to the height adjustment option, this bench is suitable both for adults and children. The bench features a soft, comfortable, quilted seat complemented by 6 buttons. They create a stylish, unique appearance. The Neewer wood piano benches’ design is safe and reliable. This qualitative wooden piano bench stool is designed to fit most upright pianos, especially those with roller pedals. It is perfect for any piano player looking to upgrade their old stool. This Piano Bench with Music Storage is an excellent addition to any home piano or even keyboard! It's convenient design lets you keep your sheet music and other accessories organized under the seat while providing a comfortable place to sit when playing.

Neewer Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Sheet Music Storage


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8. AW Adjustable Padded Piano Bench with Music Storage

Meet another luxurious piano bench in elegant brown hues. It's a wonderfully beautiful yet sturdy bench that perfectly complements your musical instrument. The offered piano bench with a leather pad is sturdy and reliable. Its qualitative and simple wooden frame is capable of supporting up to 264 pounds. The solution is suitable for young and adult musicians alike. Use this bench freely at home, in concert halls, and in music schools. It is a wonderful addition to keyboard musical instruments, which makes it doubly enjoyable to play. Each leg of this bench has a rubber pad that protects the floor covering. The rubber pads also ensure the silent operation of the bench. The represented wood piano bench seat is finished with soft synthetic leather (polyurethane). Its surface is pleasant to the touch, easy to clean with a damp cloth, durable. A knob on the bench’s side allows you to adjust the desired product’s height. Thanks to this option, we can recommend this bench to both children and adults. There is a large storage space for music notes, accessories, books under the seat. The manufacturer reminds you that the bench comes unassembled. The wooden piano stool package includes a special wrench for assembly (uncomplicated, takes little time). The simple and reliable design makes this bench the best acquisition for beginners and experienced musicians alike.

AW Adjustable Padded Piano Bench with Music Storage


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9. On-Stage KB9503B Height Adjustable Piano Bench

Note another stylish and concise piano bench in luxurious black gloss color. This hydraulic piano bench features a simple but reliable design. The product comes unassembled (the assembly process is quick and easy). The maximum weight that this bench is designed for is 330 lbs. The hydraulic system for the product’s height adjusting allows it to change different heights of pianos, electric keyboards, etc. (from 17 to 22 inches). The seat is made of premium quality soft upholstery. The cushion height is 2.5 inches which provides comfort even during long lessons. The suggested upholstered piano bench looks representative and can be used for home music practice and serious concert events. The levers for adjusting the desired height of the bench are located on both sides of the product, which is very conveniently practical. The process of changing the size is smooth, precise, and safe. The On-Stage Xp-210 piano bench provides exceptional stability, comfort, and convenience. The black gloss finished base combines rock-solid functionality with a clean, professional look that is perfect for stage players. Transform the look, sound, and feel of any piano with this On-Stage piano bench. It easily attaches to your instrument in minutes, making it the perfect accessory for performances and rehearsals.

On-Stage KB9503B Height Adjustable Piano Bench


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10. Theodore Alexander Victorian Piano Stool

This is the most extraordinary, elegant bench for the piano or any other keyboard in a luxurious Victorian style. The 4 legs of this bench are made in the form of women's feet in high boots - a truly unusual and stylish bench. The legs are made of brass, the lacing on the improvised boots is made of original leather. The presented vintage piano bench has a convenient round cushion. Its brown upholstery is stylishly added with black buttons located in the form of a trim around the seat. The ability to adjust the height of the chair makes it as comfortable and reliable as possible. Add a touch of class to your piano with the Victorian Piano Stool. The unique, elegant design of this piano stool will be the focal point of any room. The dimensions of this victorian piano stool are the following: 22x22x21 inches. It is compact, lightweight, though stable enough during piano playing. The Victorian Piano Stool is uniquely designed for those who seek furnishing accents with great design and unusual fancy. The chair is nicely tailored and made of the best qualitative materials. It offers an excellent and multifunctional use both as a piano stool and as a cozy chair for your leisure evenings near your family fireplace. If you love rare, unique in its style and execution furniture ideas, then this bench is sure to impress you and forever fall in love with its extraordinary appearance.

Theodore Alexander Victorian Piano Stool


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Do you need a piano bench?


To figure out if you need a piano chair, it is worth evaluating the condition of the available bench. Some classical or grand pianos or other keyboard musical instruments are sold with a bench included. But this is not always the case. Sometimes musicians look for a bench of the right size, shade, and functionality to fit their musical instrument. The piano benches offered at today’s market surprise with various models, colors, textures, and delightful décor ideas. If your old bench has fallen into disrepair, or you simply want to update this piece of furniture, doubts go away - you definitely need a new keyboard bench. All that's left to do is figure out the best piano bench for you. Today you can find many recommended articles and videos on the subject of choosing the right piano stool on the Internet. Do not be lazy and study the information offered. It often helps even incompetent people in this matter to make the right choice and buy a truly high-quality, stylish, and durable bench.


How high should the piano bench be?


Planning to purchase this or that piano seating, every customer thinks about its preferable parameters. Height is one of the most important. How high should this bench be so that you feel comfortable on it and it fits the musical instrument you use at home, school, and during concerts? When choosing the height of such a bench, you should consider the height of the keyboard musical instrument and your own height. This is very important because the success of the musician's playing and the ability to demonstrate the full potential of his talent depends on the musician's comfort.

Today, every second pianist seat has a height adjustment function. This is very convenient and allows you to make the product versatile, easily adaptable to different types of classical pianos (including grand, classical, and even electronic keyboard instruments). The average piano bench ideas available in music stores are 19-20 inches high, but of course, there may be exceptions to the rule. In any case, it is recommended to buy growing variants (adjustable ones), especially if you acquire such a bench for a child. But adjustable height is not less important for an adult, experienced musician. Subsequently, such a bench can be comfortably used with different musical instruments at different heights.

Some people mistakenly believe that you should strictly adjust the bench's height for a particular musical instrument. But sometimes, this is not enough. It is also important to consider the height of the musicians, especially if they are very short or too tall. The success of a pianist's playing depends largely on the comfort of his position. Keep this small but important feature in mind when setting up a bench like this.


How to adjust the piano bench?


The vast majority of modern piano seats are equipped with a mechanism for quickly and easily adjusting the height of the product. If you desire to purchase the best piano bench, search for an adjustable solution. The adjustment is usually made by scrolling the knob situated from one or sometimes from both sides of the bench. Even a child can cope with this procedure; the main thing is to understand the principle of adjustment and select the optimal height of the chair according to the size of a particular keyboard musical instrument. If you have already purchased a piano seat but did not consider this critical parameter, you can use additional pads in the form of cushions. But such a recommendation is suitable only for home use of the musical instrument. If we are talking about stage performances, of course, it is worth buying special furniture, with the option of its size adjusting.

Usually, every bench for a piano is sold with brief instruction both for assembly procedure and adjusting recommendations. So, always carefully study the information that the manufacturer wanted to convey to you. Sometimes you can find precious and valuable tips in it. Even though adjusting the height of a piano bench is not a complicated process, it is still worth listening to the manufacturer before using the product for the first time.


What is the best piano bench?


Which keyboard bench can rightfully be called the best one? It's all individual. If natural quality materials are essential to you, you should choose an original wooden piano bench with a leather cushion. For other musicians, the best bench would be a functional artist piano bench with the option of height adjustment and extra storage space for music books under the seat. Finally, for some creative people, the best keyboard stool would be considered a unique bench, unlike any other. A striking example of this is the last position in our rating - an extraordinary piano bench with legs made as an imitation of women's feet in lace-up shoes. No matter what kind of chair you choose, always evaluate piano bench height, its functional features, manufacturer rating.

The concept of the best is individual for each buyer. It is formed on the basis of those criteria and parameters that are considered essential and significant for you. By adding up all the most relevant indicators, you can create first in your imagination and then, in reality, the image of the ideal bench for a piano, in your opinion. Then, when you find a bench that meets all your needs, you can fully enjoy another little dream come true.


Used Piano Benches For Sale 


Used musical equipment and furniture to make studio’s or home’s interior as comfortable as possible are in consistently high demand. Our resource aims to help beginners and professional musicians search for the right kinds of instruments and furniture. Here you may find a qualitative piano bench for sale at a reasonable price. You may also sell your used piano bench if there is already no need for this piece of furniture. Our website allows you to find out and purchase used piano benches that have retained their functionality and representative appearance. Even an old piano stool can adequately perform the function entrusted to it. Review all possible piano stool for sale variants and select the desired furniture. Choose the preferred piano stool adjustable solutions and add your keyboard with a charming piece of furniture. Used musical equipment, as well as furniture for it, retains its functionality and appearance. Save your family budget for more important things by buying a bench for a piano at a reasonable price. Similarly, you have the right to sell your musical instrument furniture paraphernalia through our web adv platform, providing other people with the items they need.


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