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The 15 Best Sousaphones of 2021 - Top Rated & Reviewed

Last Updated: February 10, 2021

The world of musical instruments is rich and diverse. The Sousaphone is one of its brightest representatives. This one belongs to brass wind instruments and is used mainly in military brass bands and music schools. The first sousaphone instrument was made in far 1893 year. Why is this tool called sousaphone? What is the story of its name? The instrument is called in this way thanks to John Philip Sousa, - the person who initiated the active distribution of the sousaphone among American orchestras. It is known that saxophone sousaphone and sarrusophone are instruments of the same wind family but each has its certain features. For instance, tuba sousaphone differs from saxophone and sarrusophone mainly in size and the sound tonality. Initially, the sousaphone creator planned to make this musical instrument a concert one, with a rich, full sound. However, after a while, it began to be used as a march. A rich, full sound was obtained due to the expansion of the neck and socket of this instrument. The upwards directed bell plays an important role in the characteristic sound of the tool.


This instrument rightfully belongs to the tube family. The latter, in its turn, is considered the lowest register instrument (also brass wind). The sousaphone tuba is characterized by a massive sound tone. The melody extracted from it is quite severe and difficult to intonate. In connection with this feature, the presented type of tube is often used in military and symphony orchestras. Here, this 4 valve sousaphone plays the role of a bass (in the wind group). Somewhat less often, the mentioned marching sousaphone is used in jazz and pop ensembles. It is also extremely rare performed in the format of a solo instrument.


The sousaphone price, like any other instrument, is quite high. To purchase an affordable musical instrument at a low price, you can take advantage of our service – second-hand instruments are regularly placed here at reasonable, affordable prices. The best sousaphone cost may be found at our platform. Also, here one may meet a new sousaphone – in this case, its price tag will be fairly high. If you find any cheap sousaphone, do not immediately doubt the quality of this tool. However, too low a price is always a good reason to check the seller’s reliability. Any sousaphone player will confirm this fact.



In order to find and then buy sousaphone profitably, don’t hurry up and look through all the available variants. The average cost of sousaphone at today’s market starts from $8 000 and goes up to $10 000 (if we are speaking about the new one). One may notice, that sousaphone prices may depend on several factors, among which are:


•The manufacturer (musical instruments produced by popular world brands always cost more).

•Instrument’s state (the appearance and technical condition of the tool also affect its pricing).


Would you like to hear how the sousaphone sound? Look through the following video and enjoy the play! 



This musical instrument has a special design. It is put on the body of the playing person and is fixed mainly on his left shoulder. As a result, the musician can easily play the sousaphone, while simultaneously holding it deftly on his body. 


Such a musical instrument is distinguished by impressive dimensions and weight. Transportation of the sousaphone is carried out in a special case and always with the help of transport (it is impossible to do this manually). The average weight of the tool is 10 kg.


Among the best sousaphone manufacturers, we may distinguish Yamaha, Conn Selmer, Jupiter. These world-famous brands during years of existence, have rightfully earned the trust of many musicians.


Our Top 15 Sousaphone


The Jupiter brand exists since 1930. The company is famous for the well-established production of marching wind instruments primarily for music schools’ and other educational institutions' usage. The main advantages of Jupiter sousaphone is its reasonable cost and first-class quality performance. These musical instruments from Jupiter are ideal for both beginners and professionals. Each Jupiter sousaphone is an excellence of appearance, sound quality and maintenance. 


Tuning plays the most important role in these musical instruments' sounding. Each brass sousaphone must be carefully pre-configured manually. Valves made of stainless steel will help to do this. A high-quality assembly of the instrument allows you to use it for a long time and guarantees excellent characteristic sound. Thanks to the reliable stainless steel valves, a good response and a special intonation of the instrument are achieved (quick and smooth pressing).


Taking into account the opinion of famous musicians, teachers, and their students, the Jupiter instruments are distinguished by excellent sound, high-quality assembly, and long service life. Each sousaphone Jupiter serves as a vivid confirmation of this fact.


1. 1000 Series JSP1010S Sousaphone


 This is a brass wind instrument, produced by the popular Jupiter brand. The body is made primarily of fiberglass. The product features a characteristic silver coating. The high-quality assembly, low weight, and excellent sound are fiberglass sousaphone’s main advantages. 



Jupiter BBb Fiberbrass Sousaphone Silver

Bell, JSP1010S


Jupiter BBb Fiberbrass Sousaphone Silver Bell, JSP1010S



Jupiter JSP1010S BBb FiberBrass Sousaphone (Silver Plated Bell and Center Section)


Jupiter JSP1010S BBb FiberBrass Sousaphone (Silver Plated Bell and Center Section)


Check Price Check Price




  • 0.68 inches mensuration

  • Bright, rich sound

  • Lightweight body, made of fiberglass

  • 26 inches brass bell guarantees more clear sound


  • The valve section is removable (provides access to the tool elements when repairs are needed)
  • Tool pistons act quickly and smoothly, are made of high-quality stainless steel


2. 1000 Series JSP1010 Sousaphone


Get acquainted with the another 1000 Series Sousaphone variation. Its main difference from the previous one is the body coloring. Stylish and rich-sounding wind instrument. Its white and gold attractive body is made of fiberglass; the bell is made of lacquered brass. In addition to the sousaphone, a robust ABS wheeled case is included. 




Jupiter BBb Fiberbrass Sousaphone Brass Bell, JSP1010


Jupiter BBb Fiberbrass Sousaphone Brass Bell, JSP1010

Jupiter JSP1010 Qualifier Series Fiberbrass BBb Sousaphone Lacquer



Jupiter JSP1010 Qualifier Series Fiberbrass BBb Sousaphone Lacquer
Check Price Check Price





  • BBb key

  • Removable valve section

  • Steel pistons provide instant response and clear instrument sound


  • Fiberglass body – perfect decision for lightweight and representative look combination


3. 1000 Series JSP1000S Sousaphone


This stylish white sousaphone (with silver elements) stands out from the rest. Pay attention to its luxurious appearance - this musical instrument was created in order to surprise with its rich sound and no less chic appearance.


Jupiter BBb Fiberglass Sousaphone With Case, JSP1000S

 Jupiter BBb Fiberglass Sousaphone With Case, JSP1000S


Check Price




  • The specific assembly features and high-quality components provide its great playability

  • 26-inch brass bell with silver cover is added with strong silver plate


  • Durable and smooth in operation pistons made of stainless steel

  • Valve sections can be easily dismantled if necessary (this feature provides easy device care and maintenance)


4. 1000 Series JSP1000 Sousaphone


The presented Jupiter 4 valve sousaphone marching tool is rightly considered to be a reliable, luxuriously sounding and impressive one. Its white-gold case is made of high-quality, reliable materials (fiberglass and brass), which guarantees the long-term operation of the device and a rare need for repair.


Jupiter BBb Fiberglass Sousaphone With Case, JSP1000

 Jupiter BBb Fiberglass Sousaphone With Case, JSP1000 

Check Price




  • 4-valve design

  • 687 inches bore and 26 inches bell

  • Lightweight thanks to the fiberglass body and brass bell combination


  • All parts are of high quality, reliably attached to each other (long-term usage guaranteed)

  • Economical in operation, maintenance, and care


5. 1100 Series JSP1110S Sousaphone 


Perfect concert silver sousaphone from the world-wide known Jupiter brand. The musical instrument is delivered with a strong wheeled case (guarantees reliable storage and safe transportation). Exquisite housing for rich, deep concert sound. The musical instrument is easily tuned, is characterized by low maintenance. 


Jupiter University Quad 4 Valve Silver BBb Sousaphone, JSP1110S


 Jupiter University Quad 4 Valve Silver BBb Sousaphone, JSP1110S


Check Price




  • Stylish whole silver-plated brass body

  • 4 smooth acting steel pistons are reliable in use

  • Valve section can be removed if needed (device maintenance)


  • 736 inches bore, 26 inches bell

  • Bass valve section may be removedd

  • Lightweight item

  • Key of BBb


6. 1100 Series JSP1110 Sousaphone


Look at this Jupiter fiberglass sousaphone, immediately attracting attention with its glance and splendid appearance. Lacquered gold brass body and deep, rich sound characterize this instrument as one of the best in the entire series.


Jupiter University Quad 4 Valve Brass BBb Sousaphone, JSP1110


Jupiter University Quad 4 Valve Brass BBb Sousaphone, JSP1110


 Check Price




  • Strong wheeled case added

  • Lightweight fiberglass design

  • 736 inches bore and 26 inches bell

  • 2 sets of tunable at different angles of bits (provides the most comfortable game)


  • The 4-pistols design guarantees the more precise intonation (can’t be even compared with 3-pistols solution)

  • More technical options for easy fingering


7. 1100 Series JSP1100S Sousaphone 


The stylish silver design of this Jupiter sousaphone model may easily attract your attention. The manufacturer added it with the reliable and lasting wheeled case, indispensable for the safe musical instrument transportation. The set includes the sousaphone, mouthpiece, ABS case. The presented model is a true classic among all famous sousaphones.


Jupiter Deluxe Silver BBb Sousaphone, JSP1100S

  Jupiter Deluxe Silver BBb Sousaphone, JSP1100S


 Check Price




  • Stylish silver design

  • Lasting silver plated full brass body 

  • Lightweight enough (28 lbs)


  • The front positioned valve is removable, made of qualitative stainless steel

  • Pistons are produced of stainless steel; provide smooth press and instant tool response


8. 1100 Series JSP1100 Sousaphone 


The presented model of the three-piston sousaphone from a well-known Jupiter brand is ready to please the user with high-quality sound. The musical instrument comes complete with a reliable and durable storage case (hard-shell type) with wheels. Now you can not worry about the musical tool during transportation.


Jupiter JSP1100 Quantum Series BBb Sousaphone Lacquer

 Jupiter JSP1100 Quantum Series BBb Sousaphone Lacquer 

 Check Price




  • 3-pistons system

  • The body is made of lacquered brass

  • Lightweight item (28 lbs only)


  • The valve section is removable (this advantage makes the instrument suitable for operation and maintenance)

  • 687 bore


You also may like the other sousaphones











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 13. Levante LV-MB4705 Bb Sousaphone with ABS Case


Levante LV-MB4705 Bb Sousaphone with ABS Case

14. OSWAL Bb Flat Silver Nickel Plated Sousaphone Tuba With Free Carry Case Mouthpiece


OSWAL Bb Flat Silver Nickel Plated Sousaphone Tuba With Free Carry Case Mouthpiece

Check Price


Check Price

15. Yamaha YSH 411WC Series Brass BBb Lacquer Sousaphone with Hard Case

 Yamaha YSH 411WC Series Brass BBb Lacquer Sousaphone with Hard Case 

 Check Price


Used sousaphone for sale 


Our resource provides extensive opportunities for owners of musical instruments and their potential buyers. If you own any type of sousaphone for sale in good condition (even used device), and you don’t know how to use them properly and profitably, take advantage of our digital platform for sale and purchase. Why should one choose us? We will help you to …


•Place an advertisement for the sale or purchase of the instrument you are interested in (in this case, the marching used sousaphone.

•Sell or buy the right model of the sousaphone as soon as possible at the most attractive price!



Get Started

  Buy and Sell Musical Instruments


If you are steel keeping old sousaphone at home, take advantage of it! Use the abilities of our project and place your used sousaphone for sale right now. Don’t even waste your time. Everyone knows that any professional tool costs decent money. If you have at your disposal a sousaphone in good condition, working and representative looking, you can make good money selling it. Day by day, users put here advertisements with various types of tuba sousaphone for sale. 


On the other hand, if you are a purchaser and are searching for fine, but not expensive sousaphone, you also may achieve your goal here. Find the needed type of cheap sousaphone for sale from reliable users. If you spent much time searching for the best Jupiter's (or another brand) sousaphone for sale cheap models are already available at our website.


Many musicians use our platform to sell and purchase high-quality professional musical equipment at reasonable prices. If you or your friend is seeking any fine sousaphone for sale used items of such a group are placed at our website. Also, here one may find out the sousaphone tuba for sale or any other professional musical tool. Here you will find (or be able to sell) both professional musical instruments and products for fans (for example, plastic sousaphone for sale). In addition to the musical tools, our site will allow you to purchase or sell any used sousaphone accessories.


SKB sousaphone case


skb sousaphone case


 Check Price


This SKB case is designed for the sousaphone secure storage and transportation. The robust and reliable housing is equipped with a pair of wheels for easy and comfortable moving. The presented sousaphone case is ideal for any sousaphone storage. Special TSA latches allow to protect the case from accidental disclosure. This product is indispensable for musicians who often use the instrument on trips (concerts, musical exams). SKB brand suggests users guarantee. Register the product in order to get appropriate help (service, repair).


Black SKB sousaphone case is a useful accessory for any musician. This item is stylish and practical at the same time – the case combines strict appearance, guaranteed reliability and reasonable price. The case material is durable and strong. The dimensions of the case are the following: 41x20x32 inches. The item weighs 20 pounds. There are roomy compartments for placing and storing additional musical accessories inside the case. This small nuance makes the product as convenient and practical as possible. Any musician will be able to appreciate it. Place all the parts of your musical instrument properly (bits, neck, and mouthpiece). The case will save your tool in ideal conditions for many years.


Sousaphone gig bag


sousaphone gig bag


 Check Price


This accessory will be indispensable for any sousaphone owner, regardless of its brand and model. The sousaphone gig bag serves as reliable protection for the musical device and allows to ensure its safety both during transportation and storage. The soft plush interior lining protects the elements of the sousaphone from accidental hits and damages.


The outside of the bag and strap are powder coated. Such a material allows to make the operation of the product as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Stylish black color will be highly appreciated by any musician. The outside of the bag is covered with strong nylon material that is resistant to moisture and abrasion. The exterior side of the product is added with a spacious pocket for small accessories storage. The presented bag is perfect for any model of sousaphones, serving as their reliable protection. This may help you to store your instrument during the periods of downtime or in the process of transporting. The product can be used as a standard bag or as a backpack with two soft and strong straps. The bag is lightweight (12 pounds only). Its size is as follows: 7x28x23 inches.


Sousaphone shoulder pad


sousaphone shoulder pad


 Check Price


The sousaphone pad is indispensable for musicians playing the sousaphone often. It attaches to the shoulder conveniently and protects the body from discomfort, delivered by the weight and rigidity of the musical instrument. Another advantage of the accessory is its non-slip surface. The result is the following - the instrument rests securely on your shoulder and does not move out. So, you can completely immerse yourself in the playing, enjoying the music. The sousaphone shoulder pads are sewn from durable black material, and therefore are reliable and soil-resistant.


The sousaphone shoulder pad fixes the musical instrument on the shoulder of the musician easily and quickly, prevents its accidental slipping. Perfect for almost all sousaphones models. The accessory has a removable liner, which, after some time of use, can be easily removed and washed. Also, if necessary, you can change this liner to a new one. Long-term operation of the sousaphone is almost impossible without the use of such an accessory. The sousaphone pad is really useful and necessary for every professional musician (ideal for use during concerts, performances).


Sousaphone stand


sousaphone stand


 Check Price


We present your attention a convenient sousaphone stand. Place the instrument on a stand to ensure its secure fixation and safety. The product is highly durable and reliable, and therefore ideal even for the heaviest models of the sousaphones. The height of the product is 43.7 inches, weight - 10.3 lbs. When folded, this sousaphone stand has the following size: 33.8x9.4 inches.


The product has a convenient folding design (when folded, it takes up little space and does not cause trouble during transportation or storage). The accessory is made of durable plastic, equipped with strong locking pins. All these nuances provide its proven high reliability and practicality. Perhaps this stand can rightfully be called an indispensable accessory for any musician playing the sousaphone. The design of the stand allows you to fix the tool carefully and simultaneously firmly to prevent it from falling and damaging. Features tripod legs, guaranteeing strong sustainability. Such a stand decision is an indispensable attribute of a musician during any performance and concert events (either inside or outside). The stable construction helps to protect the tool even in windy outdoor conditions.


Sousaphone lyre


sousaphone lyre


 Check Price


Great additional accessory for musicians, appreciating comfort while playing the sousaphone. This music holder is a perfect assistant suitable for various concerts and performance usage. The presented sousaphone lyre has 5 inches in length. It is quite enough either for professional marching activity or for the beginners.


In order for free sousaphone playing, not disturbed by extraneous processes, use a special note holder. It helps to fix notes reliably and not be distracted by extraneous tasks. Now your notes will always be on sight and you will be able to devote yourself to playing a musical instrument. This accessory is purchased separately and can be used not only paired with a sousaphone but also with other musical instruments. The product is made of high-quality materials – this fact ensures its strength and durability. This accessory is simply indispensable during long concert events. It will free your hands and allow you to feel comfortable.


Sousaphone mouthpiece


sousaphone mouthpiece


 Check Price


Another small, but such an important accessory for comfortable and harmonious playing the tube or sousaphone is a mouthpiece. This item is made of silver-plated metal. It is characterized by the following parameters: the bowl is round, its width is 31.25 mm. It’s really tiny – the item’s weight is 3.2 ounces only. The dimensions are the following 4x4x4 inches.


The presented type of sousaphone mouthpiece is a high-quality item. It positively affects the color and completeness of the sound of any wind instrument, including the sousaphone. The well-known Vincent brand produces reliable, proven mouthpieces. Millions of positive reviews from satisfied musicians confirm this fact. Choosing the right, high-quality mouthpiece, even a novice, inexperienced musician will be able to put his lips properly and instruct the muscles to work correctly during the game.


Sousaphone neck and bits


sousaphone bits


 Check Price


 Any musical instrument may need to purchase additional accessories from time to time. And sousaphone is no exception in this case. For instance, one may need sousaphone bits or king sousaphone neck. Planning to purchase these accessories, visit the suggested page, and select the necessary products of decent quality and at attractive prices.


Every musician knows that appropriate sousaphone parts are too important for qualified instruments sounding. Sometimes even the smallest elements can significantly affect the quality of playing a musical instrument. Where should one look for these products? Today’s network suggests lots of products of this category at affordable prices. For instance, you may need king sousaphone neck and bits or some other elements, indispensable for correct sousaphone playing.


The sousaphone tuning bits with silver covering are in great need among modern musicians. Today you may find the right types of spare parts for any sousaphones models on the Internet. Any conscious musician must take care in advance of his spare parts (for instance, sousaphone neck and bits). Stock up on necessary accessories in advance so you don’t rush to find suitable products in a hurry. For example, right now, you can buy conn sousaphone bits, sousaphone neck, and conn sousaphone neck at affordable price tags online.




When was a sousaphone invented?


What is a sousaphone? This is a brass wind instrument with the characteristic-rich bass sound. This is one of the helicon species (the sousaphone is larger and more massive). Which instrument was the predecessor of the sousaphone? Of course, this was a helicon – a medium-sized wind instrument from the tuba family. And who invented the sousaphone? It was John Philip Sousa. He did not like the sound quality of the old helicons, and this pushed him to create a new advanced tool.


When was the sousaphone invented, and what's a sousaphone birth history? The first sousaphone was invented in 1893. Firstly it was constructed as a concert instrument, but not a marching one. The first sousaphone was different from the tools that can be found today. Previously, its bell was straightened straight up, but during street playing, raindrops fell inside the instrument, disrupting its functionality. That is why it was later decided to tilt the bell slightly to the side.


What is the difference between a tuba and a sousaphone? They have a similar sound range and fingering. The only difference is the size (the classic tube is smaller). 


What is a sousaphone look like?


What is a sousaphone instrument’s appearance? The sousaphone is a wind instrument with pistons, made of copper or brass sheet. It usually has a yellow or silver color, also may be covered with silver, gold, or lacquer. Modern sousaphone models are produced from fiberglass. This material allows to reduce the device’s cost, extend its service life and slightly reduce weight.


The appearance of any musical instrument is extremely important. The way it sounds is its credo, but much also depends on its look. So, what does a sousaphone look like? Visually sousaphone is very similar to the helicon. The only difference is that the bell of the sousaphone is much wider in diameter. Accordingly, its sound differs from helicons’ and is deeper and bass.


Weight parameter also differs the sousaphone from other wind instruments. How much does a sousaphone weigh? An average sousaphone weight is 22 pounds (10 kg). Now you are aware of how heavy is a sousaphone!


How much does a sousaphone cost?


Marching sousaphone is an expensive tool. The process of its manufacturing involves modern equipment, high-quality materials, various components usage. So, how much does a sousaphone cost? The price depends on the year of the product’s manufacturing, brand, popularity, model specificity. If you are planning to purchase such a musical instrument and would like to clarify in advance, how much is a sousaphone, be aware that the price tag of such a product can go up to $ 8 000-10,000. The price of the sousaphone is also affected by the condition of the instrument (new or used one).

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