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The 17 Best Wireless Guitar Systems of 2021 - Clear Sound Transmission Without Wires

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
wireless guitar system

Speaking about any modern wireless guitar system, we mean digital device allowing you not to be constantly attached to the amplifier. This is especially important and convenient for musicians who prefer to move freely and without hindrances on the stage during concerts or rehearsals. By choosing the best wireless guitar system, you get a perfect assistant with no microphone or instrument cable, though efficient and powerful. This equipment, along with the best bass distortion pedals, is indispensable for touring musicians who appreciate clear, clutter-free guitar sound, decent quality tone, and sound modeling. We have already talked about what best acoustic bass guitars are worth purchasing. Now it is high time to discuss additional equipment for these instruments.


1. Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System Rechargeable 2.4GHz

The represented Xvive u2 guitar wireless system features a compact instrumental solution, combining several options. It includes the receiver that one may connect to the guitar pedals, amplifiers, or other sound equipment. There is also a special transmitter that connects directly to the guitar output jack. The device is applicable for both electronic acoustic guitar and a bass device. The mentioned Xvive u2 wireless guitar system features a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The dynamic range of the device is more than 103 dB. Note that the Xvive wireless guitar system may also operate at the radio frequency range without any interferences. Use this modern digital radio system for extraordinarily clear, detailed professional sound. The device guarantees stable, trouble-free operation combined with setup and exploitation ease. The manufacturer reminds that an audio delay during transmission is acceptable (up to 6 ms). The device uses lithium-ion batteries, which allow up to 5 hours of non-stop operation. The durable case made of high-quality ABS plastic in black looks decent and is ready to serve for many years. Use this system both indoors and outdoors. You will definitely be attracted by the stylish ergonomic design of the device. Place it on any pedalboard and enjoy high-quality sound reproduction and the ability to move freely around the stage.

Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System Rechargeable 2.4GHz


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2. Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Enjoy 8 hours of perfect sound with the help of the presented Line 6 relay g10 digital wireless guitar system. The built-in energy-saving mode is ready to turn it off automatically immediately after detecting an interruption during playing. The device switches on after the first digital signal. Such Line 6 wireless guitar systems suggest an extremely easy tuning process (compared with competitors' instruments). The Line 6 brand has created a unique digital electric guitar system. You are only a couple of steps away from operating the device. First, set up the receiver on your amplifier and then connect the transmitter to your instrument. Further, the responsibility for high-quality and clear sound lies with the Line 6 wireless guitar system. If necessary, you can change the guitar in a matter of moments right during the performance (quick and easy switching). Enjoy the professional 24-bit sound with digital processing. The presence of a closed digital channel allows you to ensure high-quality performance throughout the concert or rehearsal. The device offers an audio jack (0.25") that allows you to connect the system to almost any guitar. Receiver (0.25”) and XLR connectors are also available. This solution works great when paired with a hands-free speaker or amplifier.


Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System


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3. BOSS Wireless System (WL-20)

Searching for the best device disposing of annoying wires, pay attention to the presented model. Besides compact size, stylish body, and easy customization, this system guarantees perfect clean sound without errors. Thanks to this solution, you can forget about the cables that previously prevented you from moving around the stage freely. The offered Boss wireless guitar system is suitable for common guitars and bass solutions. It can also be used in combination with other electronic musical instruments. A simple setup characterizes the device. Connect the receiver and transmitter to select the appropriate configuration. This will take no more than 10 seconds. The BOSS brand is ready to delight you with new, improved technology providing perfect sound quality, reliable performance, low latency (2.3 ms). The communication range when using this system is 15 m. The mentioned parameter depends directly on the operating conditions of the device (radio frequency). When the battery is fully loaded, the system can work stably for 12 hours (f transmitter) and up to 10 hours (receiver).


BOSS Wireless System (WL-20)


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4. Ammoon Transmitter Receiver Guitar Wireless System

This device is ideal for pairing with an electric bass guitar. The Amoon brand has prepared the best solution for musicians to move freely on stage and interact with other musicians. The represented Ammoon wireless guitar system can work up to 5 hours without recharging. The device comes with a USB cable for fast and convenient battery charging. The observing wireless system guarantees no signal loss during playing. The dynamic range is equal to 110dB. The frequency range is 10Hz-22kHz and provides the purest, most stable sound possible. The stylish case design is sure to grab your attention (wood imitation). The presented wireless device is compact enough (6.4 ounces only) but incredibly powerful and functional at the same time. The broadcasting is held at 4 channels simultaneously. The Ammon's presented wireless system suits almost all the known types of electric guitars (5.8 GHz). It is easily adjustable and exploited as well. To ensure the purest sound, use this system at a distance of at least 3 meters from other transmitters or routers. Enjoy the perfect sounding 24-bit broadcasting.


Ammoon Transmitter Receiver Guitar Wireless System


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5. Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System

This pair of receiver and transmitter for electric guitars pleases with its modest size, stylish black and white cases (qualitative and durable ABS type plastic). The device offers 2.4G uncompressed wireless signal, low noise level, the ability to work at a distance of up to 30 meters. The wireless system features a rotatable plug (1/4’’), so it is suitable for guitars with various input jack positions. The presented Getaria 2.4GHz wireless guitar system provides clear sound without interruptions and errors. The available dynamic range is equal to 105dB. The promised device’s latency is less than 12 ms. The device transmits an extremely powerful signal. The manufacturer claims that the system may transmit sound even through 13 meters thick walls. Now you may not depend on annoying and interfering wires on the stage. Using this system, you will definitely get more opportunities for self-expression. Easy tuning, stylish design, and proven performance will impress every guitarist. Any signals transmission has never been so easy, clear, and professional!


Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System


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6. Shure PGXD14 Digital Wireless System for Guitar/Bass

To get flawlessly high-quality and clear sound without errors or interruptions, use the presented Shure wireless guitar system. It is ready to cooperate with bass guitars. The basic package also includes instrument and USB cables, a convenient case for safe storing and carrying, a rechargeable battery (lithium-ion type), power supply. The offered Shure guitar wireless system transmits high-quality 24-bit audio signal perfectly. The adjustable gain is equal to 26 dB. Notice the convenient belt clip, making the device as functional and convenient as possible. The musician may use the ¼’’ cable for the guitar or amplifier connection. The system weighs 4.2 ounces, so it will be comfortable to carry it on your belt during the concert (place and fix it on the guitar belt). The guaranteed frequencies range is 20Hz - 20kHz. The needed frequency selection is held automatically. Use the rechargeable battery or 2 standard AA batteries for qualitative device operation (up to 10 hours of perfect sounding).


Shure PGXD14 Digital Wireless System for Guitar/Bass


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7. Samson Concert 99 Guitar Wireless System with GC32 Guitar Cable

The presented model is a true find for musicians who value freedom of movement around the stage and first-class level of the transmitted sound. This instrument-type radio system is supplemented with the option of a quick frequency change. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, easy setup, luxurious sound. The reviewing Samson wireless guitar system features 90 meters radius of action. The stylish body of the product is made of durable metal. The device is equipped with a convenient rack mount. To keep track of the device's charge level, just look at the modern backlit LCD display. Also, here you can always see the currently used channel data. This handy bodypack receiver comes with a GC32 cable. Enjoy the uninterrupted system operation (up to 8 hours) from two AA batteries. The developers offer the user the ability to synchronize the transmitter and receiver (via infrared) wirelessly. The device features the 1-Touch Scan option for rapid and precise setup. The system suggests the following outputs: XLR and ¼’’. The key tone option allows you to transmit the purest sound and protect the channel from interference.


Samson Concert 99 Guitar Wireless System with GC32 Guitar Cable


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8. JOYO JW-01 Rechargeable 2.4Ghz Audio Wireless Transmitter Receiver

Enjoy clear, high-quality, and fast digital signal transmission using the presented JOYO wireless guitar system. The popular JOYO brand produces many varieties of sound equipment and therefore serves as a decent quality guarantor. Now you can move freely around the stage, forgetting about the annoying wires. This is the best wireless guitar system under 200, featuring the 2.4G frequency, working radius 20-30 meters (indoors), 50-80 meters (in case of work in open space). The device offers several inputs - Mic (1.8'') and basic (1/4''). The package includes lithium batteries rechargeable via a 5V ВС or mini-USB cable. If the battery fails, it can be replaced with a new one. The Bluetooth connection significantly simplifies the device operation. Looking at the body of the device, you can see the On/Off switches and buttons responsible for pairing. The transmitter and receiver are capable of working up to 7 hours. Enjoy the ease of using a wireless system from the global JOYO manufacturer, leaving long tangled cables and cords in the past.

JOYO JW-01 Rechargeable 2.4Ghz Audio Wireless Transmitter Receiver


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9. Nady 2W-1KU GT Dual True Diversity 1000-Channel UHF Wireless System

This set features two wireless packs (2 transmitters and 2 receivers). Apply the offered Nady wireless guitar system for professional stage guitar playing (perfect for concert activity). The available frequencies range fluctuates between 0.03 khz - 18 khz indicators. This is a qualitative rack mount wireless guitar system with durable metal construction (long service life guarantee). The connectivity type is XLR. The device requires 2 classic AA batteries for stable operation. The dynamic range available is 120dB. The LCD screens may demonstrate the current channel, the battery charge level, and dynamic range (dB). Use this best rackmount wireless guitar system and enjoy the usage and tuning simplicity. The device offers up to 1000 selectable UHF frequencies. Chose the needed and get a perfect digital sound transmission. The Nady wireless system is compact, stylish, functional, and lightweight (7.35 pounds only). It is ready to make your concerts and repetitions as perfect as possible!



Nady 2W-1KU GT Dual True Diversity 1000-Channel UHF Wireless System


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10. LEKATO 5.8 Wireless Electric Guitar Audio System

The mentioned Lekato wireless system promises ideally clean sound transmission. The 24-bit broadcasting (48KHz) may satisfy the needs of modern musicians for high-quality, professional sound. The device is equipped with a lithium battery (rechargeable type). Carry out the charging process using the included USB cable. When fully charged, the system is capable of 5 stable operating hours providing (continuous exploitation). Pair the receiver and transmitter in some seconds and enjoy clear sounding. If the connection doesn't happen, see the procedure of the ID pairing (turn to the user manual). The operation of this device bases on modern UHF technology. It is responsible for protection against accidental signal loss, latency equal to 6 ms, the ability to work within a radius of up to 100 meters. The device is capable of simultaneously supporting broadcasting on 4 channels. Plug design gladdens with proven convenience. It may rotate 220 degrees. The offered wireless idea is perfect for bass guitars, electric guitars, or other musical solutions with a pickup.

LEKATO 5.8 Wireless Electric Guitar Audio System


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11. Shure GLXD14 Digital Guitar Wireless System

Among the striking advantages of the presented wireless idea are the following: stable operation without interruptions, channel scanning in a convenient automatic mode, the ability to work in an open radio frequency range, noise protection, clear sound. The proposed Shure GLX d guitar wireless system is an indispensable solution for touring musicians. It combines stylish design, high performance, ease of setup, and subsequent use. The available frequency spectrum of the system is 2400 MHz. A musician using this equipment will be able to combine several channels into separate groups. The range of the equipment is 60 meters. But in any case, this value is variable, and therefore depends a lot on the concrete area specifics, the reflection factors of the sound wave, and other nuances. The presented system possesses 2 integrated antennas. By using micro-USB, the user can easily update the current software version. This receiver has an LCD display that allows you to deftly manage settings and monitor the equipment's current operating state. The kit includes a receiver, a bodypack transmitter, 2 cables (micro-USB and ¼ ’’ TRS), a power supply, 1 battery, a case.


Shure GLXD14 Digital Guitar Wireless System


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12. Audio-Technica System 9 ATW-901/G Wireless Guitar System

The basic package of the declared wireless system includes a receiver, a transmitter, and a microphone with a headband. This is a powerful 4-channel wireless system for natural and clear sound. The device is distinguished by a democratic price tag, good functionality, and reliability. The Audio Technica wireless guitar system offers a belt-mounted transmitter of compact size, powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. The time of non-stop operation of the device is 10 hours. The input jack is suitable for microphones and cables manufactured by Audio-Technica. The system receiver is able to offer musicians 4 user-compatible channels. Dipole antennas are also available for extended range. A wide range of audio transmissions are available thanks to XLR and ¼ connectors. The device pleases both with good functionality and attractive appearance (classic design, low weight, flexible holder, headphone).


Audio-Technica System 9 ATW-901/G Wireless Guitar System


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13. Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System

The presented Line 6 relay g30 digital wireless guitar system will be an excellent purchase for any novice bass player. Reliable, sturdy body, first-class sound transmission, excellent dynamics, ease of setup, and operation are its primary advantages. Many people appreciate this device for its clear sound transmission, without a hint of errors and extraneous noise. With the help of the presented Line 6 relay g30 wireless guitar system, one may easily enjoy the correct sound of high frequencies (some long cables are known to distort such frequencies). Use a switch named Cable Tone to emulate the high-frequency cut. This nuance will simplify the procedure for switching from a standard cable to a radio system. This equipment is easy to use. The musician only needs to turn on the transmitter and receiver, select the same channel on each of them, and then start playing. The device supports up to 6 channels; therefore, even large music groups can use this solution. The sound transmission performs at a 2.4 GHz frequency. The working radius of the device is 30 meters. The dynamic range is 118 dB. 

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System


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14. NUX B-5RC Wireless Guitar System

Use the presented wireless system for any guitar type, including acoustic, bass, and even ukulele. This equipment reflects the latest technologies and developments, and therefore you will receive a clean, undistorted sound transmission. The device features an automatic matching system. With its help, all the necessary processes are configuring automatically, and you will not need to waste time and nerves on tuning the device. This system can work with active sensors, eliminating extraneous noise and hum. Enjoy pure guitar tone (24-bit / 44.1 kHz, 5ms latency). The wireless solution comes with a charger. If the battery is fully charged, the device can withstand up to 15 hours of continuous play. Don't forget about the 3 essential details of the device - mute, auto shutdown, and tone options. These are the small things that simplify the work with the equipment during concert performances and rehearsals. If the system does not detect any signs of an input signal within 10 minutes, it shuts down immediately. This is very convenient and saves battery power. The operating frequency of the device is 2.4 GHz. 

NUX B-5RC Wireless Guitar System


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15. BOSS WL‑50 Guitar Wireless System

If you are tired of long cords that get your legs tangled and dream of moving on stage freely, choose this wireless product. Welcome to a new innovative proposal from the BOSS brand. It guarantees clear, high-quality sound, easy connection, no less clear setup. Via the mentioned BOSS WL-50 guitar wireless system scene exploiting, you will save yourself from many problems that are usual when working with conventional wireless systems. The device features a port for charging the transmitter and can configure the wireless system automatically. The presence of a constant voltage input is another advantage. Using it, you can send power to multiple pedalboards at the same time. The built-in rechargeable battery guarantees up to 12 hours of uninterrupted operation. The device powers via the PSA-S adapter. Alternatively, use 2 AA batteries. The communication range is 20 m. The device promises low latency (2.3 ms) and amazingly clear sound without errors. 

BOSS WL‑50 Guitar Wireless System


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16. Westshell Upgrade Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver

The device is easy to turn on and use, features a stylish, attractive design and clear sound transmission. This is how one can characterize the presented system from the S SWIFF brand. To activate the device, just turn on the transmitter. Then the receiver will switch to the frequency corresponding to the transmitter automatically. This is very convenient and saves the musician's time when preparing for a stage performance. The frequency range used is 24bit / 48KHz. The dynamic range is 105 dB. Enjoy a stable, powerful signal without interruptions. The innovative UHF technology is responsible for clean and high-quality signal transmission. About 100 channels are available to musicians. Sound broadcasts up to 150 feet. The reaction speed of the device is invaluable, especially when playing on stage in front of an audience. The devices are paired automatically, guaranteeing a well-coordinated and stable operation. There is a built-in battery (lithium type) in this wireless system. Its charge is enough for 6 hours of continuous work. 

Westshell Upgrade Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver


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17. Ammoon Wireless Guitar System 2.4G Rechargeable 6 Channels

The final model in our review is the wireless 2.4G ISM system from the Ammon brand. It provides uncompressed signal transmission, anti-interference, clear, lifelike sound. It offers musicians a passive pickup, up to 100 feet of sound transmission (for outdoor use), a 24-bit / 48kHz sample set, low audio latency (12ms), and low noise. The plug rotates 280 degrees, so it is flexible enough to fit most well-known basses and electric guitars, including musical instruments equipped with a vibrato system. The offered wireless product is ready to support 6 device sets operating at the same time. If the battery is fully charged, the equipment can work up to 5 hours continuously. Use the supplied USB cable to charge the battery. The dynamic range is 105 dB. The package includes a detailed user manual.


Ammoon Wireless Guitar System 2.4G Rechargeable 6 Channels


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Are wireless guitar systems worth it?


Multiple wireless guitar system reviews confirm that the purchase of this equipment type is a fully justified measure. Owning the wireless bass and guitar system, you get absolute action freedom (no binding to wires), sufficiently high-quality sound transmission, long-term operation of rechargeable batteries (from 5 to 10 hours of operation, depending on the specific guitar wireless system model). It doesn't matter if you categorize yourself as a beginner or a professional. The modern market lets you find the best guitar wireless system, suitable for almost all the guitar types, including acoustics, bass. Having read our review, you will easily choose the best cheap wireless guitar system basing on its technical parameters, price level, functionality, tuning convenience. Tried the wireless system for bass guitar once you will refuse to apply wires anymore. Read the whole article and decide if the wireless guitar systems worth it.


Do wireless electric guitars exist?


There has not yet been invented an electronic guitar that can transmit its sound remotely to additional digital equipment. Even if you equip such a musical instrument with Bluetooth or other transmitters, there will be a problem with the transmitted sound delay. Its quality will suffer in the same way. In any case, the modern music world has found a solution to this problem. Use the digital wireless guitar system and feel complete freedom without cords and wires. Of course, wires provide the purest possible sound without losing the scale of sound and noise, but at the same time, they make it difficult to move around the stage. So, you should decide if wireless or wired system is better for you.


What wireless guitar system do the pros use?


Professional musicians dictate high demands to any equipment type. And digital wireless solutions are no exception. They are usually skeptical about cheap wireless guitar systems considering them to be not powerful enough and not able to transmit clear sound for a long time. However, many best budget wireless guitar system models demonstrate good endurance performance and transmitted sound clarity. Professionals love equipment that can withstand extended hours of operation, so these guitar wireless systems are usually equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries. Some best wireless bass and guitar system variants able to work up to 12 hours.


How do wireless guitars work?


In this case, we are talking about the wireless acoustic guitar system work applicable to a particular model of electronic guitar (acoustic or bass). What is the working principle of this equipment? These wireless bass guitar systems traditionally consist of two main components - a receiver and a transmitter. The latter is attached to a guitar belt or a musician's clothing and then connected with a short cable to a musical instrument. Some wireless guitar systems require a transmitter to be plugged into the guitar output (no cable). The earliest were systems operated at 30MHz-300MHz radio frequencies, but today they are already perceived as outdated. Nowadays, the reviewed earlier best wireless guitar systems function at ultra-high frequencies (300MHz-3GHz). Modern solutions work in a broader range; therefore, they can guarantee a higher work quality (no failures). Searching for the best guitar and bass wireless system, pay attention to digital solutions. They function without interference, guaranteeing pure tone and sound simulation. Our rating will allow you to choose the best wireless system for guitar. But it is meaningful to understand that even the most powerful and professional system will not work correctly without appropriate configurations. It is worth considering the individual tuning needs, limitations, and technical parameters (both guitars and wireless system for guitar).


Used wireless guitar systems for sale 


Estimating every second wireless guitar system review, one may conclude that quality options are not cheap. How to save money without sacrificing product quality? The professional musical equipment purchase is a costly idea. To minimize costs and at the same time get decent equipment for use, apply our ad base. Here one may purchase a used wireless guitar system for any musical instrument (bass, acoustic, ukulele). Our site allows not only to buy but also to sell musical equipment. Place here your wireless guitar system for sale and wait for purchasers. Nowadays, musicians are highly interested in used equipment, so any cheap wireless guitar system may be sold out quickly.


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