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Combining Analog and Digital Music Instruments

Last Updated: April 16, 2020
combining analog and digital instruments


When it comes to making music, there are some old school purists out there who believe analog and digital should remain separate. But we did some research and found a surprising amount of support for combining analog and digital instruments.


Analog and Digital: Korg MS-20 Mini with Kaossilator Pro+ and KP3+

From using an iPad app with a moog, to connecting the analog Korg MS-20 Mini with any looper or effects pads, these techniques can really shape and transform the sound of your project that you may not have otherwise have created using solely analog instruments or digital electronic instruments.


Animoog on a Voyage


And combining these two formats isn’t just exclusive to synthesizers. With some imagination, you can combine any instruments imaginable including guitars and dulcimers. For example, musician Jerry Rockwell combines the calm mountain dulcimer with electronics to result in what he calls "wild filter-synched electronica".


Jerry Rockwell on SoundCloud


Granular Guitar - The Moog Guitar meets csGrain


Do you combine electronic and analog instruments in your recordings? We’d like to know! Let us know your process in the comments below!


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