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Dod Gunslinger Review of 2021 – Brutal and Pure Distortion

Last Updated: February 10, 2021
Dod Gunslinger Review

Our Verdict


The presented Dod Gunslinger distortion pedal is an important MOS transistors accessory. Using it, you can easily control and tune the sound parameters as needed (saturation, amplification, frequency distribution). Aluminum body and sleek design make this product strong, stylish, and durable. We suggest you getting acquainted with our latest Dod Gunslinger review - useful and truthful description.




  • Wide sound range (from soft to aggressive)
  • True qualitative Bypass  
  • Strong metal body (durable item)



  • Adapter 9 -18 В is not included



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What is the Digitech Dod-Gunslinger?


The Digitech company is one of the pioneers, concentrated on digital technology usage for processing guitar sounds. The company produces pedals with effects, as well as different models of multiprocessors for conventional and bass guitars. One of its brainchild is the Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion. The cast metal body makes this pedal strong enough. 

Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion 

According to our Dod Gunslinger review, one may note, that this instrument is the important component used to extract the purest guitar sound. Often applied during concerts, at recording studios. It allows you to create separate controls for low and high tones (HIGH and LOW buttons respectively). However, the device has a wide range of amplification, which effect the sound positively.


When used in a MOS transistor, the Digitech Dod-Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion pedal can offer similar to a tube guitar preamp effects. It is enough to play in a soft manner to reduce distortion. Conversely, you should play more hard to give the sound brutality and rigidity.

Digitech Dod-Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion pedal 

Use this item directly on stage or while tracks recording in the studio. The sturdy metal pedal casing encloses an extensive tones range from classic to brutal distortion. Professional musicians and amateurs appreciate the device. High-quality components of the floor pedal ensure its long and stable operational life.



Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion – Features


The main Digitech Dod-Gunslinger’s feature can be considered a real cold bypass option. Utilizing it, one may keep the tone unchanged even with the pedal on. Among its other characteristics - a circuit on MOS transistors, the presence of a LED type status indicator. Power is possible from a 9B battery, or a special 9 -18 В adapter (not included in the basic package, you need to purchase additionally). The device provides a stable tempo during reloads. Low, High, Gain and Level options are among the main available. 

Digitech Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion guitar effects pedal review 

This floor pedal can be used with any electric guitar in various systems (both lowered and standard). With this device, you can easily get amazing outrageous distortion! First-class sound is provided by built-in transistor and tube amplifiers. With the help of the control knobs, any musician can create an individual, truly unique sound. The LED indicator displays the current battery state and also cancels the particular effect activity. Classic high-tech design is the indisputable advantage of the model. Welcome a harsh classic that will never go out of style. The floor type pedal from Digitech (USA) perfectly shows its effects in a dynamic game, features a luxurious look and sound. The device combines compact size and massive bass sound amazingly.


Should I Buy Dod Gunslinger Pedal?


used Dod Gunslinger for sale 

If you have longly been looking for a reliable floor pedal with effects that successfully consume any guitar sound, then you should definitely buy this device from the famous American Digitech manufacturer. This analog distortion pedal is designed specifically for powerful and dynamic distortion. Who is recommended to buy such a piece of equipment? First of all, those who dream of a truly powerful, solid and rich sound. Buyers will certainly appreciate the output sound, especially the powerful overload, very similar in quality to the analog lamp pedals. Taking into account every second Digitech Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion review, one may notice, that the device can manifest itself especially brightly in guitar riffs and solo parts.


Used Dod Gunslinger for Sale


 Dod Gunslinger


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Estimating our Digitech Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion guitar effects pedal review, It’s obvious that the device fully justifies the funds spent on it. However, you may not need to purchase new equipment, but rather prefer a used one. Despite the fact of the secondary ownership, the Digitech pedals that you will find on our pages have retained their functionality and a prestigious appearance. There is no doubt about their quality and performance, but the favorable price will surely exceed your best expectations. Our market platform may offer you used Dod Gunslinger for sale at a profitable price. You may become an owner of such additional musical equipment in the short run, having spent a minimum of time and money.

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