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The 10 Best Keyboard Stands of 2022 - Reliability and Proven Functionality

Last Updated: February 11, 2022
keyboard stand

Regular use of any musical instrument, including keyboards, requires additional furniture and equipment. Thus, no musician who plays the piano or keyboard can cope without using keyboard stand. Such products should be selected individually, according to the height of the musician. The reliability of the stand, its ability to be stably fixed on the floor, and ease of storage (the ability to fold compactly when not in use) are among other important selection criteria. Let's consider the best keyboard and piano stand solutions available today.


1. Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand

Enjoy an increased comfort level at your keyboard with the Yamaha PKBS1 X-style stand. This X-style stand is made from high-quality steel and forms an "X" shape underneath your keyboard. It is extremely durable and stable without taking up a lot of space in your room. The circular locking mechanism is easy to use, so you can adjust the stand between 6 different heights until you find the right height for you. Whether you need to sit or stand while playing, Yamaha has the perfect idea for you. The offered Yamaha keyboard stand features a strict classic design, versatile in every sense. Its adjustable design allows you to compactly fold the product on the days when you are not using it. A correspondingly bright stand's plus point is the space-saving storage option. This one-size solution fits all types of keyboards and digital pianos. The product is sturdy and stable, allowing you to place and use your keyboard musical instruments safely. The stylish black coloring of the stand will harmoniously complement any keyboard and will fit into the interior of your studio or concert hall.

Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand


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2. Yamaha OEM PKBX2 Double-Braced Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand

The Yamaha keyboard can be an essential part of your musical identity. The represented PKBX2 double-braced X-style keyboard stand is designed to hold large-format keyboards and holds up well under heavy use. The PKBX2 stands up to your ideal playing height with a simple height adjustment. When the gig is over, take down the sturdy steel stand for the Yamaha keyboard in seconds, setting it to a flat position for easy storage or transportation. The Yamaha PKBX2 keyboard stand's sturdy steel construction and heavy-duty hinges make light work of supporting 61-, 76-, or 88-key keyboards. A dependable solid choice for vocal groups, piano accompaniment, synths, and other more prominent electronic keyboards, the PKBX2 is also portable enough to pop into a gig bag. This solution also features a lever-action lock for quick and easy setup. The mentioned Yamaha PKBX2 keyboard stand is a sturdy way to secure your large-format keyboards during your live performance, in the studio, or at home. This device may just be the perfect keyboard stand for you.

Yamaha OEM PKBX2 Double-Braced Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand


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3. Casio ARST Single-X Adjustable Keyboard Stand

 The represented Casio keyboard stand provides a solid foundation for your keyboard, with a design that gives you plenty of legroom. The sturdy, single X-style stand can be adjusted to six different heights for greater playing comfort and allows you to place your instrument at the proper height, seated or even standing. Easy to set up and adjust, it’s an attractive accessory for your keyboard. The offered stand for Casio keyboard meets the needs of any customer who prefer simplicity while playing his Casio instrument. The producer reminds us that some assembly is required before exploiting the stand. The ARST's sturdy construction ensures your keyboard will be supported firmly and safely, allowing you to play with confidence. Perfect for use with portable keyboards. Durable and attractive. As you know, only native equipment and accessories can guarantee the perfect comfort of use of any musical instrument. That is why if you are loyal to the Casio brand, give preference to this stand as well.


Casio ARST Single-X Adjustable Keyboard Stand


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4. Quiklok Keyboard Stand (Z/726)

If you are a working musician looking for a lightweight, double-braced keyboard stand that can get your keyboards off the floor and into action, try the Z-726 stand from the QuikLok brand. The Quicklok keyboard stands ideally suit for musicians who use two keyboards while performing. This Z-shaped, lightweight stand is constructed with heavy-gauge steel and computer-welded joints and can hold up to 55 lb per tier. Finding the correct playing position is simple with both height- and tilt-adjustable tiers. Customize your Quik lok keyboard stand with a slew of optional accessories to help save on setup time and floor space. The represented stand is a reliable performer for gigging musicians. Able to support all kinds of stage gear, this stand is lightweight and packs up quickly. Enjoy proven professional stability and long-lasting reliability when setting up the represented two tier keyboard stand. It is perfectly designed to withstand all the rigors of live performance. In addition, the convenience of easy and quick height adjustment of this stand allows using it together with other musicians from your company (individual adjustment for different heights).

Quiklok Keyboard Stand (Z/726)


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5. On-Stage Keyboard Stand (KS7903)

This heavy-duty stand features a black A-frame design and premium finish. Ideal for smaller keyboards or controllers, this 3 tiered keyboard stand holds three instruments comfortably in a narrow footprint that takes up minimal floor space. A large stabilizing base has non-slip rubber feet to keep the stand planted to the floor. The height and angle of the support beams are adjustable to personalize your playing comfort whether you’re sitting or standing. The represented 3 tier keyboard stand folds into a compact configuration and locks securely with a thumbscrew. When not in use, this keyboard stand folds flat for easy transport. Enjoy the double-lock option for stable and secure keyboard fixation. Now your musical instrument will be securely protected from accidental falling or slipping. Enjoy the three tier keyboard stand for professional, stable, and top-notch play! Black finish and strict design make it as versatile as possible, perfectly fitting any interior (room, studio, concert hall, etc.). Adjust the proper angle and height and start playing!


On-Stage Keyboard Stand (KS7903)


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6. Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro Plus Two-tier Portable Column Keyboard Stand

The APEX Series represents over two decades of research and development and is used by professional musicians worldwide. Sleek, new design with professional tri-bar arms, heavy-gauge tubing, and Ultimate Support's brand new quick clutch system. Apex Ultimate Support keyboard stands quality features include new, exclusive Bridged Tri-Bar support arm system, which assures maximum keyboard stability with unequaled ease of use, making one-handed setup simple. The represented Ultimate keyboard stand also features heavy gauge tubing. Musicians may enjoy patented quick-release clutch providing unparalleled adjustment capabilities and second-to-none strength. Fixation stability is guaranteed due to the on-marring rubber end caps. The keyboard stand is added with a convenient carrying handle, so its moving from place to place is easy and pleasurable. The high price tag is entirely justified - the musician gets an impeccable quality construction, an incredibly stylish accessory, and a reliable assistant for fixing the musical instrument during rehearsals or performances.





Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro Plus Two-tier Portable Column Keyboard Stand


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7. Pyle Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard Stand

Thanks to the Z-Frame design, the offered device will stand straight as a tree. It’s specially engineered for proper alignment and stability, so it can support any type of keyboard. This adapter has foam-padded edges that securely hold any kind of keyboard or piano. These heavy-duty keyboard stands are made with steel tubing and can support up to 250 lbs! So each of them will fit virtually any keyboard or digital piano, whether light or heavy. It is a perfect choice for home or studio use. Apply this keyboard stand in the studio, band, or living room. This adjustable stand can be set to six different levels of height so you can find the proper customization for you! It includes an additional tier that can be added as an option. This adjustable keyboard stand design is perfect for both keyboard players looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price. The represented heavy-duty keyboard stand is handy. Whether you’re performing on stage or jamming in your home studio, it's portable and easy to assemble. It allows you to feel secure when extended and shows you that safety is the priority for your musical equipment, especially expensive ones.

Pyle Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard Stand


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8. Pyle PKST2TZ Heavy-Duty Multi-Functional Music Stand

Appreciate the convenience, practicality, and classic austere appearance of this 2 tier keyboard stand. It represents unshakable reliability and stability, so your musical instrument is not in danger of falling from one meter high. Make your keyboard play truly professional with this accessory. The product allows you to adjust the height as well as the angle of inclination deftly and quickly. Easy to adjust individually to the needs and desires of each musician. The observed double keyboard stand is equipped with a second tier of removable type, making it noticeably more functional and practical compared to other models. This solution accommodates two keyboards at once, making it a truly professional device. When you need it, you can always fold the stand compactly (in this case, it takes much less space than any other stand). The Pyle brand has always been known for its high quality and durability, so this product is an exception. Its load platform holds keyboards up to 110 lbs. And, of course, one can't help but include in the advantages of this model the laconic, strict and stylish design in black color.


Pyle PKST2TZ Heavy-Duty Multi-Functional Music Stand


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9. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand

This type of stand is extremely important for any keyboard. Take care of the stable positioning of your musical instrument with this X-framed solution from the Amazon Basics. The presented design is perfect for a variety of playing styles, including standing or sitting. This stand will open up uncharted horizons for you to express yourself creatively and play professionally. Use this Amazon keyboard stand for all keyboards and electronic piano models. The X-shaped design provides the reliability and stability that is important to any musical instrument's safety and sound quality. The construction is based on sturdy steel and PVC for virtually indefinite life. The luxurious velvety black color of the case creates a stylish mood and makes this stand universal. Thanks to the classic look, it perfectly harmonizes with any other music and studio equipment. The manufacturer offers customers a 1-year warranty.






Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Adjustable Keyboard and Piano Stand


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10. ShowMaven Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand and Bench

Use this duo for an even more efficient and comfortable rehearsal or performance. The offered double solution may be used in studios, at home, on stage, and at the DJ desk. This piano stand and bench from the ShowMaven brand Is made of durable steel, ready for regular serious loads. X-framed design gives the design stability and reliability. Use this stand for any electronic key models. Both fixtures are adjustable. The stand offers 6 various positions and is easily adjustable. The bench proposes 3 positions, convenient for persons with different heights. The bench is highly comfortable and gives you a good feeling of convenience even after many hours of sitting on it. It is added with a soft polyurethane cushion. The ShowMaven piano stands and benches appear to be highly stylish and durable at the same time. Fixing straps and rubber tips on the legs of the bench and the stand ensure their stability and anti-slip effect. It is impossible not to mention the convenience and practicality of the folding designs of both solutions. Being compactly folded, these products save space in the pantry or closet.

ShowMaven Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand and Bench


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Do keyboards need a stand?


Electronic keyboards or pianos necessarily require the musician to use additional accessories in the form of comfortable stands. This is the main rule to stick to in order to ensure that the musical instrument is placed safely and that you can comfortably enjoy your creativity. What are the basic keyboard stands and benches purposes? This equipment guarantees a stable position of the musical instrument and keeps it safe. So you can sit comfortably next to your keyboard, immerse yourself in your work, and not worry about the instrument accidentally falling or slipping. In addition, the positioning of the keyboards on a properly selected stand ensures their clear and high-quality sound. That’s why the majority of professional musicians apply proper keyboard stands and bench models. Often, preference is given to the original keyboard stands related to the musical instrument’s brand.


What is a keyboard stand?


Piano stands feature a unique design for positioning and fixing any kind of keyboard musical instrument (classic keyboard or piano). Most often, you can find A- or X-framed solutions on sale. Developers use this type of frame specifically to increase the level of reliability and stability. As a result, users can be confident in the safety of musical instruments. If you buy expensive musical equipment, you would hardly want to see it fall from a height of 1 meter or more. Durable and strong steel is most often used as the primary material for piano keyboard stand production. It is also recommended to prefer collapsible solutions that can be folded in seconds if necessary.


How to use the keyboard stand?


All modern piano or keyboard stands are ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to use. Most have a folding frame that allows the product to be cleverly assembled and unfolded. Applying the adjustable keyboard stand is not only easy but also comfortable. Simply unfold the A- or X-shaped design to prepare the device for mounting and securing your musical instrument. Some stands have straps available that can be used to secure the keyboard further and make sure it doesn't slip during your rehearsal or performance. A brief instruction on using the product is usually always included with each digital piano stand.


Which keyboard stand is best?


If your plans include choosing and buying the best keyboard stand, it is unnecessary to chase after popular brands and expensive products. Of course, if finances allow, experts recommend purchasing music equipment and accessories from the same line, i.e. from the same manufacturer. Nevertheless, there is no problem in buying a midi keyboard stand from a different musical instrument brand. The important thing is choosing a frame based on your height. Give preference to folding and adjustable constructions. It is optimal that the stand allows you to change the angle and height of the structure. Sometimes, it is convenient to buy a stand and bench set for more convenient and efficient performances. The best stand is the one on which you will be comfortable to play and the one which will ensure the safe operation of the musical instrument. By the way, you do not have to buy new equipment. You can find a lot of spectacular and worthy solutions at a low price among the used keyboard stands.


Used Keyboard Stands For Sale 


Buying additional furniture and accessories for comfortable musical instruments is an obligatory expenditure column. Exploiting expensive piano or keyboards, you definitely want to extend their service life and maintain a presentable appearance for a long time. Thus, it is worth buying reliable, sturdy, stable keyboard stands and piano benches. Our platform offers mass of keyboard stands for sale at beneficial price tags. Now you don't have to spend money to buy new accessories. Instead, allow yourself to use these finances to purchase other valuable attributes. Any used piano stand is no different from a new one: it looks attractive, has a sturdy construction, and delights with decent functionality. So, choose used keyboard stands, making the keyboard playing more professional.


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