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Midas M32 Review of 2021 – Find Your Perfect One Among The Best Trusted Digital Consoles

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
Midas M32 Review

Our Verdict


According to our judgment, the presented Midas M32 console wonderfully combines the classic English sound and modern digital technologies. Be sure, its impressive design and rich audio performance abilities will not leave you unfazed. This brand is successful and quite authoritative due to its rich experience in professional musical equipment production. Midas M32 suggests the best time-tested classic options. These are the following - individual monitor mixing, motorized type faders, stable audio networking.




  • Perfect functionality
  • Smooth, quick and accurate faders
  • Stylish, ergonomic design
  • Large and bright monitor





  • Pricy equipment
  • Low power mic
  • A limited number of distant connections through the M32-Cue application
  • May need additional settings



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What is Midas M32?


Midas is a popular professional musical equipment manufacturer, in particular digital consoles for music mixing. The brand was born in the beginning of 1970th. Later, the year 1987 was marked by the merger of two major music giants – Midas and Klark Teknik that undoubtedly influenced their potential and relevance positively. One of its well-known and worthy products is Midas M32 – a wonderfully powerful digital console mixer for professional and home sound studios.


Initially, this digital platform for sound mixing was created by Midas under an order from another Behringer company and was called X32. This product reflected all the company’s principles that were previously used to create the PRO product line (digital mixers). These are the following: special control interface, high-quality signal processing algorithms, general functionality. All these features, coupled with an attractive price tag, guaranteed the high popularity of this model. After many positive reviews and requests from Midas products fans, this platform with subsequent improvements has been applied directly to the Midas M32 console.


Midas Console


If you are interested in purchasing a mixing console, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for choosing it. Of course, the presented Midas brand is a trusted and reputable manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand in advance for what purposes are you planning to purchase such expensive equipment (Midas console) and which specific models should give preference to. First of all, brand authority is important. Secondly, it is the quality of the equipment. Thirdly, the presence of a guarantee from the manufacturer. For example, even such a reputable manufacturer as Midas has repeatedly recalled some batches of its products due to production defects.


Midas mixer is a multifunctional apparatus, ready to combine several separate audio signals, in other words, combine several audio sources into one or several audio outputs at once. Another important feature of the presented M32 Midas is the ability to route signals. According to the latest Midas M32 reviews, this item features best technical parameters for sound recording (either professional or home studio), сoncert sound reinforcement and standard audio mixing.


Midas Mixer


Responsible buyers must be familiar with each Midas M32 review to verify the correctness and validity of their decision to purchase such expensive equipment. We can assure you that the equipment in the face of Midas mixer M32 is one of the most reliable and high-quality, both in terms of the electronics level and the sound quality at the output.


What is an average Midas M32 price? This parameter forms under the influence of several factors (if it is a new or used one), package (all the items included in its set), guarantee presence, other technical features and nuances, its functional and appearance state (if we are speaking about the used item). So, as you see, the Midas M32 prices may differ from case to case and there are plenty of reasons for it.


Midas M32 technical specifications


What special should we note, regarding Midas M32 digital mixer technical features? The Midas M32 specs are the following:


  • High-quality live performance.
  • Built-in USB audio interface.
  • 40 input channels available.
  • 32 microphone preamplifiers.
  • 25 mix-buses.
  • 5-inch TFT-screen.
  • 32 bi-directional channels (for live recording or playback on SD/SDHC).
  • 32 channels PCM recording (up to 3 hours).
  • Large selection of buttons and controls.


Ready sound files are saved in WAV format (uncompressed one). Not only technical functionality and features of this sound equipment deserve attention, but also its design. Midas M32 mixer is distinguished by laconicism, thoughtfulness, and perfect ergonomics.


Due to multichannel property, you can use such equipment in a professional studio in order to get high-quality Midas M32 recording.



Estimating Midas M32 pricing factors take into account all the tasks that it must solve. What are the Midas M32 dimensions? The mixer equipment features the following size: 35 x 25 x 10 inches. Midas M32 live weighs 54 pounds. 


The presented model of the Midas M32 digital console music mixer is definitely the best digital solution for music studios and concert halls usage. The Midas console M32  is designed and manufactured in the UK. Sound processing in Midas M32 digital mixing console is performed using a 40-bit algorithm. DAC/ADC converters are capable of supporting a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz.


One recording session allows making a three-hour sound recording (the file will be saved in WAV format), using all the 32 available channels. To save the ready recorded material, you can use one of the card inputs - SD or SDHC.


The Midas digital mixer M32 is capable of supporting AES50 connectivity, resulting in scaling up to 96 inputs and a similar number of outputs. Allows interaction with workstations via the Mackie Control / HUI protocols. Also, completely independent channel processing is available, produced through 8 effect processors. The console comes with a wireless remote control. Using the special Midas Apps application for Midas consoles M32, you can easily manage all the available device parameters.


The presented Midas M32 soundboard is the result of multiple studies and improvements. The Midas M 32, that we can use now has appeared thanks to a comprehensive revision of its ergonomics, appearance, and some functional features. Transformations made it possible to implement the best console Midas M-32 for desktop use directly in sound studios and equipment rooms of concert halls. In order to increase the reliability and accuracy of the equipment, Midas PRO Fader branded faders were used. The latter can boast a decent usage (up to 1 million cycles). In order to create the most complete transmission of the entire dynamic range of signals at the output, 16 analog outputs with two-channel DA converters (the range reaches 120 dB) are applied. So, the M 32 Midas became a ready sound-solution for professional sound recording.


Midas mixing consoles (M32 series) are ideal for entry-level and mid-range installations. At the same time, they combine high functionality, reliability, first-class sound quality, and reasonable price.


Midas M32 rack


Midas M32 Rack


Speaking about the Midas M32 rack, one may easily note its optimal dimensions and high operability. This equipment features the following specifications:



  • Ready to use studio and live digital console.
  • 40 input channels.
  • Guarantee from the manufacturer up to 3 years (standard 1 year and additional 2 years in case of registration presence).
  • Processing 32 input, 8 FX return, 8 aux channels.
  • 8/16 processing output channels.
  • 8 stereo and 16 mono effects engines built-in.


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Relatively small dimensions characterize Midas M32 compact. This makes it an excellent solution for the competent arrangement of a small studio. Due to the compact size and rich functionality, this musical equipment for mixing music is the best. 16 preamplifiers allow you to make the sound bright, realistic and surround.


In the process of developing the presented type of mixing console, the creators' goal was to combine high British quality and world-advanced technologies. This sound equipment is characterized by low noise and distortion. All this is due to the presence of analog input for a digital signal processor, called Cirrus Logic, multi-channel inputs (with a frequency of 192 kHz), a converter with a range of up to 114 dB.


Midas M32 R


Special attention should be paid to the Midas M32 r microphone preamplifier. It has been successfully used by several generations of sound engineers. The device is known all around the world, famous for its high-quality workmanship. The mixing console has a simple and clear operating algorithm. The user can adjust critical moments using tactile controls (buttons, knobs). One may note the simplicity of audio signals mixing. The bright TFT screen reflects all the user’s actions and demonstrates every step.


This equipment is an ideal instrument for recording clean, high-quality sound during any event. Ideal for use at recording studios, during broadcasts, concerts, etc. An intuitive interactive interface is one of the advantages of the equipment presented. The workflow of the Midas M32-r is as simple and straightforward as possible. Therefore any user, even a beginner in the field of sound recording, will be able to understand and get acquainted with its main functions easily. The open architecture of the mixer housing subsequently allows using converters, characterized by 96 and 192 kHz frequencies (better and cleaner sound guarantee).


Used Midas M32 for sale


Our resource will allow you to find or sell recording equipment quickly, in particular, used Midas M32. According to statistics, high-quality branded musical equipment (for example, sound recording consoles) is rather expensive. It’s not easy to acquire new sound recording equipment. That is why it is reasonable to use services that implement used devices. Our resource helps sellers and buyers to solve the problem. For some, this is the sale of musical equipment, and, for others, on the contrary, - the purchase of such equipment. The advantage of buying sound recording devices on our portal is that these devices cost less than new ones and, at the same time, are fully functional, efficient.


Get Started

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You can always place an advertisement for the sale of certain types of musical equipment and set your price on our portal. For instance, if you are planning to put your Midas M32 for sale, use our web-instrument in order to find the purchaser as fast as possible.


You may have been looking for old but working sound recording equipment for a long time. Scroll through our advertisements and find the right product at a suitable price. Our advertisements database is regularly updated, so you can easily find the necessary equipment.


Midas M32 case

midas m32 road case

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The case is an important accessory for any musical equipment, in particular for Midas M32. Its purpose is to protect equipment during its transportation and ensure careful storage during non-use. Our web-site suggests the purchase of the Midas M32 case at a profitable price tag. Primarily we are selling used cases. That’s why their price is the most reasonable (not comparable to new cases).

midas m32 case with doghouse

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The case is made of quality plywood sheets (7 mm) and aluminum profiles. Its inner walls are finished with impact-resistant foam, which protects the device in case of accidental fall or hit. The case box is equipped with 4 butterfly locks and 6 handles. The outer steel corners of the case are rounded. The dimensions of the Midas M32 road case are the following: 26,3 х 33,8 х 14,17 inches. The weight of the empty case is 35 pounds; weight with the equipment is 83.7 pounds.


midas m32 case

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Find your Midas M32 case with doghouse and protect the device from accidental damage. An indispensable accessory for transporting equipment. It allows you to save recording techniques (protection not only from falls but also from dust, humidity, sunlight). The presented product is made of high-quality, strong, and durable materials.


Midas M32 stage box

midas m32 stage box

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This device in the face of the Midas M32 stage box produced by the famous Midas brand is of high quality, clear sound, ease of installation. It has 32 inputs and 16 outputs. 32 Midas PRO microphone preamps are available. Also, the equipment features:


  • 2 digital optical ADAT output with 16 channels.
  • MIDI in- and output.
  • Digital connection ports (AES-3).
  • Connect to ULTRANET networks with the cable no longer than 100 meters.
  • AES50 ports for several DL32 cascade connection.
  • 2 digital optical inputs.
  • AES-3 ports for qualitative digital connection.


This stage box is conveniently connected to Turbosound equipment via digital channels, as well as to Midas M32 monitor mixing consoles. In fact, this is its main purpose. The device has a USB port, which is used to connect equipment to a computer or laptop for subsequent system updates downloading. The rear part of the panel includes the point for MIDI controllers connection with the Midas M32 console.


Presented Midas M32 stagebox is easy to manage. It can be controlled using ULTRANET technology. It allows you to use a standard cable and etherCon connector in order to transfer signals between individual devices (supporting this technology). At the same time, ULTRANET is able to successfully eliminate interference. It simplifies and speeds up the installation and subsequent configuration of the equipment significantly. A shielded cable with a length of not more than 100 meters provides the remote control.


Where to buy Midas M32?


Today the Midas M32 digital platforms can be found anywhere in the world. This equipment is famous for its first-class recording quality, reliability, and pleasant price tag. Where can one get such recording equipment nowadays? These are not ordinary specialized stores only (online and real) with musical and sound recording equipment, but also digital advertising boards. Our site will help you to find used mixing consoles in excellent condition (both visually and technically).


Who makes the Midas mixers?


Midas experienced engineers are responsible for this recording equipment production. Midas demonstrates true British quality. And you cannot argue with this fact. In the early years of its origin, the brand developed and manufactured equipment for recording studios. The company’s credo is a high-quality sound processing. The application scopes of such equipment are concerts and festivals, recording studios, various collective events with musical accompaniment (weddings, banquets, birthdays, etc.). Mixing consoles and platforms are the business card of the company. It took a couple of years only for this brand to gain credibility with the music community and to become an admitted leader in this field.


How do you use Midas M32?


This equipment is indispensable for recording high-quality sound. This can be recording songs in the studio, recording concerts, and various musical events. Without such recording equipment presence, it is difficult to guarantee the clear sound of recording information. Practice shows that today there is no need to purchase new recording equipment. It is much easier and more profitable to find used devices at reasonable prices. Our site can help you with this task. Similarly, you can sell such equipment here if you own it.

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