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Pioneer Elite VSX-90 Review of 2021 – Stable Channel Support and Crystal Sounding

Last Updated: February 10, 2021
Pioneer Elite VSX-90 Review

Our Verdict


We present to your attentionout freshest Pioneer Elite VSX-90 review. Just look at this improved model of the network audio receiver from the world-famous Pioneer brand! This is a 7.2-channel audio device that guarantees clear, powerful and spacious sound. The Pioneer VSX-90 7.2 channel has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is able to work with two subwoofers connected at the same time (as a result, a more precise sound of low frequencies is provided).




  • Ideal Dolby HD and DTS-HD reproduction

  •  Dynamic and realistic sounding

  • Stable and strong signal



  • Bluetooth connection may be interrupted



Key Specifications


  • Reproduces Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio files perfectly

  • 7 inputs and 2 outputs (HDMI)

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  • Radio access (via Internet)

  • Dolby Atmos channel support

  • Energy-saving option

  • Each channel up to 100W (at 8 Ohms)

  • Improved calibration

  • Perfect-quality audio decoding

  • Free mobile iControl AV5 application

  • Size parameters 14.3 x 17.1 x 6.6 inches

  • Weight 21.5 pounds

  • Menu with 7 languages available




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What is the Pioneer Elite VSX-90 7.2 Channel?


Look through our honest Pioneer Elite VSX-90 review and get a closer acquaintance with this audio device. The advanced receiver model allows you to organize multi-zone sound distribution in the house (for example, allows you to watch TV in one room and listen to music in another). The built-in MCACC system is capable of enhancing sound quality in every room (calibration option).

Pioneer VSX 90 reviewThe system automatically evaluates the connection of each speaker, takes into account its size and distance from the listening position. The device features easy and understandable navigation. According to our Pioneer VSX 90 review, one may find this technique multifunctional and smart. It is noteworthy that the device may offer you an energy-saving operating mode (Eco Mode). When this operating mode is activated, the power consumption is 0.1W only. The mentioned Eco Mode is able to analyze the energy consumption of each of the sources. Also, the user can manually tune the energy-saving parameters, adjusting the electricity consumption, and achieving reasonable resource savings.


Pioneer VSX 90 – Features


This VSX90 Pioneer often attracts buyers’ attention due to its vast potential. Note that it has an Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to these options, you can listen to radio waves (via the Internet), as well as stream any music from your mobile phone or tablet easily and without interruptions. If necessary, you can also use the DLNA option (in case there is a need to broadcast files from other DLNA-compatible devices). There is a USB port on the front panel of the receiver – apply it and play WAV and FLAC format files. To manage the receiver's options even more efficiently and cleverly, the developer suggests downloading the free iControl AV5 application (available for Android and iOS platforms). Having installed the application, you can control the receiver by lightly touching your tablet’s or mobile’s display.

Pioneer VSX90 review

Another characteristic feature of the Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-90 is the presence of 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs of the same HDMI format. Thus, you can always connect to the device video and audio devices (for example, streaming or Blu-ray devices). If the playing video is of poor quality, the device can improve it and bring closer to 4K (in case of suitable display presence).



Should I Buy Pioneer Elite VSX90?

Pioneer VSX-90 7.2 Channel 

Considering all the advantages of this technique reflected in our Pioneer VSX 90 review, you should definitely purchase this equipment. The Pioneer brand is already a proven and reliable brand in itself, trusted by the whole world. On the back of the device, you can see 2 antennas that guarantee strong and unbreakable signal. Many people prefer this particular receiver variation since it is capable of 2 bands simultaneously supporting. Therefore, you are provided with high bandwidth and stable Wi-Fi. This model has a built-in wireless Bluetooth, which allows you to broadcast various files from computer, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. To improve the sound quality via Bluetooth, the manufacturer has implemented the Sound Retriever AIR technology. The product is perfect for home cinema zone organization – it will surely delight all the members of your family. 


Used Pioneer Elite VSX-90 for Sale


VSX90 Pioneer


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Estimating the quality of the presented receiver, one may take a decision to purchase second-hand products. Our Pioneer VSX90 review confirms that there is no need for new equipment buying. Even used receivers (in case of careful usage) are able to fulfill their original functions adequately and give new owners a high-quality audio and video files broadcast. Purchase the used  VSX 90 Pioneer and disclose its rich potential without serious financial spending.

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