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Vox AC15 Review of 2021 - Great Sounding Hand-Wired Vintage

Last Updated: February 10, 2021
Vox AC15 Review

Our Verdict


The Vox AC15 is a worthy tube combo amplifier, an epitome of true classics since The Beatles". It operates well with any kind of electric guitar, creates a powerful, overloaded sound.




  • Deep, mighty distortion
  • Strong durable case
  • Best decision for touring musicians



  • Takes time to figure out the settings

  • Pricy equipment



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We present to your attention the world-popular guitar amplifier - VOX AC15. It’s the creature of the huge VOX manufacturer. AC15 VOX guarantees perfect, loud, and clear sound. According to the reviews, VOX AC15 tube amp is one of the most popular vintage amps.


The world-famous English brand Vox was born in 1957 in England. Later, in 1992, the company merged with another large corporation represented by Korg. The main specialization of VOX is the production of amplifiers for electric guitars. Due to their high quality and universal recognition, such amplifiers have rightfully gained the status of classic ones. In addition to amplifiers, VOX produces a lot of different types of musical equipment - amplifiers of electric guitars, bass guitars, and organs (VOX Continental). By the way, the famous musical group “The Beatles” trusted this particular producer. Assessing the feedback of modern users (for instance, VOX AC15 review), we can say with confidence that it has retained its original quality and stylish appearance.


vox ac15


Speaking about the sound that VOX AC15 amp transmits, it is worth noting that it is the highest quality in its pure form. The loaded sound is slightly inferior in quality, but also not bad, especially if you use this equipment for home parties. The device is finished with a beautiful, high-quality assembly. Users note the superior design of the VOX AC15 amps - its appearance is really stylish and attractive. The only negative point is that there is no switching between channels, inconvenient switching of plugs. In general – it’s a great product at the best price tag. Briefly about the VOX AC15 specs:


  • Dimensions 28.1 x 15.2 x 21.9 inches.

  • Weight 56.1 pounds.

  • Power 15 Watts.

  • 2 Channels – Normal and Top-Boost (Speed and Depth tremolo, Volume, Bass, Treble, spring reverb,  bright and channel switch, tone, and volume).

  • Control regulators Tone Cut and Volume.

  • Footswitch (go on playing the guitar and turn on/off the effects of tremolo and reverb).

  • Build-in dynamic from Celestion.

  • The preamp features 3 lamps (12AX7).

  • 2 EL84 lamps.


The VOX AC15 amplifiers feature the ability to give any sound - from high ringing to deep overloaded (distortion). Would you like to learn more? Search for detail information about VOX AC15 on Wikipedia.


VOX brand is a popular and trusted one. Seeking for live VOX AC15 demo review, look through the following video: 



The presented combo amplifier model in the face of Vintage VOX AC15 is endowed with two channels. These are Normal and Top-Boost. Each of them has an individual volume control. The Top Boost channel has bass and treble controls. This amp offers an extensive set of options for clear sound creating. 


VOX AC15 custom can produce the most enjoyable live sound with the VOX Classic Tremolo effect. The depth and speed parameters are adjustable, allowing you to get the desired type of sound at the output.


See our VOX AC15c1 review 


Speaking about the technical features of this VOX AC15 c1, one can not underestimate the multiple reviews found on the network. VOX AC15c1 has two channels and the following functions - Rever, Tone Cut, Tremolo, Master Volume. The highest sound quality and purity are characteristic of the first channel. The overloaded one sounds less qualitatively. The Tone Cut control acts most noticeably on an overloaded sound (it is almost imperceptible on a clean one). Many users note that the best sound is obtained on the Normal channel and overloaded sound on Top Boost. The musicians note the high sound quality of the reverb (deeper and cleaner than that of competing firms). The dynamic with excellent operating parameters deserves special attention - it guarantees a low noise level, which is an indisputable advantage.


vox ac15c1 review


Almost every VOX AC15c1 review is positive, full of admiration and delight. Indeed, the relatively reasonable cost of the device, stylish appearance, and excellent sound create the perfect combination. How can you use the VOX AC15 c1 review? The information reflected in the real expectations of consumers will allow you to make sure that this device can meet all your needs and expectations.


This AC15 combo amplifier was introduced to the music public for the first time in 1958. Since then, this device immediately became a favorite of the mass of guitarists, including world-famous ones. The brightest evolution of sound can be traced by the way this model has been improved from year to year.


This tube guitar combo features a connector for a footswitch. The manufacturer reminds, that this tool is not included in the standard package of AC15c1 VOX, but can be purchased separately. VOX AC15 c1 reviews disclose all its technical properties, advantages and disadvantages.


Nice price, rich functionality, stylish appearance are among the advantages. What is its main disadvantage? It is the impossibility of full-fledged professional operation of the instrument for heavy music. The VOX custom AC15c1 is more suitable for home, amateur playing. In any case, this is a great solution for clear sound fans. There is a vintage overload that produces a sound that can bring you back to the 60s. All the above mentioned VOX AC15c1 specs demonstrate the rich functionality of the device.


VOX AC15C2 review  


VOX AC15 C2 is another variation of a tube guitar amp. VOX  produced the first version of this amplifier, called the AC-15 Twin, in 1962. Later, in 2011, the device received improved dynamics and gained a new name - VOX AC15C2. This is a two-channel tube guitar amp combo that offers Normal and Top Boost channels. Each of them has its own volume knob. The Top Boost channel is additionally equipped with sensitive Bass and Treble controls.


vox ac15c2 review


VOX custom AC15C2 will pleasantly surprise you by the tremolo effect, which is used both in the first and in the second channel (you can adjust the depth and speed of sounding). No less interesting is the warm Spring Reverb, available on all the amplifiers from the Custom line. Besides, you can purchase a footswitch that allows enabling and disabling different sound effects. The inputs for the external and additional cabinet are localized on the rear panel of the device. The manufacturer reminds us that internal dynamics are muffled when an external speaker is connected.


Who wins in the VOX AC15C1 VS AC15C2 battle? The VOX AC15C2 is an improved and updated version of the C1, and therefore can rightfully be considered more preferable. That is why, if possible, give preference to the AC15C2 combo amplifier.


Almost every VOX AC15C2 review confirms its high-quality performance. Using this amplifier, you get first-class reverb, crystal clear sound and, of course, ease of use. This improved model from the world-famous VOX brand will definitely meet your expectations.


VOX AC15 head review  


vox ac15 head review

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The VOX AC15CH is a classic performed by the VOX manufacturer. This is a tube-type amplifier (built-in EL84 lamps) that produces 15 Watts of sound. The model has a new attenuator that can optimize the signal transmission from the amplifier to the cabinet. At the same time, the sound remains high-quality and clear, even at the highest level. The amplifier and dynamics function the same way, regardless of whether you play at home at low volume or perform on stage. The AC15CH has 4 connectors (2 inputs and 2 outputs) and a separate input specifically for connecting a footswitch. The amplifier weighs 33.7 pounds. According to the VOX AC15 head review, its built-in main effect is a reverb.

vox ac15ch

The VOX AC15CH is a classic performed by the VOX manufacturer. This is a tube-type amplifier (built-in EL84 lamps) that produces 15 Watts of sound. The model has a new attenuator that can optimize the signal transmission from the amplifier to the cabinet. At the same time, the sound remains high-quality and clear, even at the highest level. The amplifier and dynamics function the same way, regardless of whether you play at home at low volume or perform on stage. The AC15CH has 4 connectors (2 inputs and 2 outputs) and a separate input specifically for connecting a footswitch. The amplifier weighs 33.7 pounds. According to the VOX AC15 head review, its built-in main effect is a reverb.


VOX AC15HW review 


vox ac15hw review


VOX AC15 handwired is another tube guitar amp from the same VOX brand. Among its main technical parameters are the following: 


  • Series - Vox Hand-Wired.

  • Material – wood.

  • 2 channels.

  • Power 15 Watts.

  • Built-in speaker 1x12".

  • 2 amplifier’s EL84 lamps.

  • 3 preamps lamps - 12AX7, 1x EF86, 1x 12AU7.

  • Impedance 16 Ohms.
  • Hand-wired type.

  • The regulator features the following options –Vibrato (Speed, Volume), Tremolo (Intensity), Brilliance, Output, Normal Volume).

  • Celestion Vintage 30 dynamic.

  • The item weighs 48.5 pounds.

  • The dimensions are 10.2x24x21.6 inches.


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Planning to buy this equipment, study each VOX AC15HW review, analyze its functionality. VOX AC15HW demo may help you to understand what this amplifier is, how does it sound and look like. 



Its main feature is the presence of a convenient handle. It makes the transportation of the VOX AC15HW as comfortable and easy as possible. VOX AC15 HW 1 is one of the best quality equipment designed for stage performances and amateur playing on any electric guitar.


VOX handwired AC15 attracts rock-and-roll lovers not only with its rich functionality and high-quality assembly. This amplifier has a very stylish appearance. Its body is made in cream and brown shades. 


vox ac15 handwired


In addition to the VOX AC15 HW, a case is included, as well as a VFS1 switch. In general, a series of this type of tube amplifiers, according to the latest VOX AC15 handwired reviews, is characterized by structural strength. It's no secret that they are assembled by hand and therefore demonstrate high build quality. VOX hand wired AC15 is characterized by a rich and easily changing timbre, and a powerful, deep sound. The amplifiers have a robust, sturdy design with manual wiring. Its cabinets are made of multilayer plywood and therefore are characterized by high strength and the ability to scatter high frequencies as naturally as possible. The design of the VOX AC15 hand wired is fully tubed.


When planning to purchase such a device, do not rely on one VOX AC15 handwired review. Read all possible comments and reviews of real users on the network and make a reasonable decision.


Used VOX AC15 for sale 


Professional musical equipment, including amplifiers for electric guitars, are always estimated as expensive products. New amplifiers cost too much, and this acquisition is not always justified. Our web-resource allows you to buy and sell used modifications of VOX amplifiers (for example, VOX AC15 used). Here you can easily sell your VOX AC15c1 used by posting an advertisement with relevant content. Similarly, any buyer will find here the necessary musical equipment. Our database is regularly updated with fresh advertisements for the amplifiers sale (and other professional musical equipment).



Get Started

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If you are still searching for a used VOX AC15, find it easily here! A huge number of people daily place ads with VOX AC15 for sale in our service, and therefore you can save time and money.


If the equipment has been in use for some time, this does not mean that it has tripled its appearance and functionality. The VOX brand is prestigious and expensive, therefore characterized by a first-class quality. So, even years of usage are sometimes not able to damage its technical potential and appearance.


VOX AC15 tubes 


vox ac15 tubes

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Any musical equipment is a device consisting of lots of small and large components. VOX amplifier, like any other device, features elements that sooner or later need to be replaced. For example, these are the VOX AC15 tubes or lamps.


The tubes of the output stage or the so-called amplification lamps, like any other spare part, have their own service life. The operation of the entire amplifier, the purity of its sound, depends on VOX AC15 tube’s quality and performance. When purchasing a used guitar amplifier, you should make sure that it works on high-quality tubes, and, preferably, new ones. Such items (VOX AC15c1 tubes) are relatively inexpensive, especially considering that you plan to buy quite expensive equipment.


It’s quite difficult to determine the life of specific tubes accurately. Ideally, as many experts advise, one should always have a couple of new tubes in reserve. By comparing the sound of the amplifier on a pair of old lamps and after on a pair of new ones, you may clearly understand whether they need replacing or no. Try to choose the best tubes for VOX AC15C1, and the amplifier will thank you with a luxurious, first-class sound. Note that VOX AC15 tube amplifier affects the sound quality of music, and therefore they should not be underestimated.


VOX AC15 cover


vox ac15 cover


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Any equipment, especially expensive musical one, needs careful use and correct storage. Take care of your amplifier and purchase an indispensable accessory for it. This is a convenient and practical VOX AC15 cover, that protects the amplifier from any external influences. It's no secret that any technique is afraid of humidity, sun and dust. That is why there is no doubt about the relevance of buying such a cover. What’s special about this product?


The VOX AC15 amp cover is made of durable and high-quality canvas material in dark colors. The material is moisture-resistant and therefore, can guarantee 100% protection to your amplifier. On the outside of the product, you can see the special and unique VOX logo. There is a convenient and firmly stitched handle on the top of the cover - now, you can transfer the amplifier from place to place conveniently and safely. The cover is tailored specifically for the AC15C1.


The cover looks stylish and, therefore, can complement your musical image. The material is pleasant to touch. The product has reliable fasteners, durable seams. As always, perfect and unrepeatable quality from VOX! Use the product to store the amplifier, or to transport the equipment safely.


VOX AC15 case 


vox ac15 case


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If you value reliability and safety, then you should definitely buy this sturdy VOX AC15 case for your guitar tube amp from the famous VOX brand. What are the bright advantages of this accessory? In addition to a stylish appearance, this case has strong latches and handles. Consequently, your amplifier will be reliably protected even in the event of an accidental case fall. The product is designed specifically for the Vox AC15 Amp Model. VOX AC15 road case weighs 60 pounds. It has the following dimensions: 29 x 19 x 24.5 inches.


vox ac15 road case


This is an ideal solution for those who travel and take their amplifier with them (concerts, performances). The safe storage of the amplifier is the key to its long and high-quality service. Every music owner knows this. The case is supplemented with small metal wheels, simplifying the amplifier’s movement from place to place. The product is characterized by high-quality assembly, first-class materials, stylish appearance. An indispensable solution for frequent transportation of the amplifier. It provides the integrity of the device, reliably protects against mechanical damage. The presented model of the case is characterized by almost unlimited service life.


VOX AC15C1 Mod 


vox ac15c1 mod


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The presented Mod kit is created especially for the VOX AC15C1 guitar amplifier. If you are trying to reach the high-quality sound, the VOX ac15c1 mod may be bought in addition to your amp. It will surely guarantee you the boutique tone and pure sound. The mentioned set features high-quality components only. The set has a low price. Complete the sound quality of your guitar amp with its help!


Multiple admiring customer reviews indicate the high quality of the VOX ac15c1 mods, the relevance of its use. The kit allows your guitar to sound louder and brighter. The following options are available — Reverb, Tone Stack, Hum, and Noise. This VOX ac15 kit is ideal for the VOX AC15C1. To warn the buyer, the manufacturer recalls that the solution will not interact with the VOX AC15CC1.




vox vfs2a


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The solution VOX VFS2A is another additional tool for your VOX tube guitar amp. The device allows you to turn on and off the Reverb and Tremolo. Assessing consumer reviews, you can understand that this VOX AC15 footswitch works perfectly in tandem with an amplifier model AC15CC1. Users also note first-class build quality (the product is completely made of metal). Therefore, its strength and long service life can be no doubt. The VOX VFS2A footswitch includes a fairly long power cable.


The VOX AC15 foot switch allows you to shift between different effects quickly and easily (Reverb, Tremolo). Strong, reliable case, stylish appearance, laconic design, nothing unnecessary. Though the VOX AC15C1 footswitch is a little bit pricy, the unit operates perfectly. Features two LED indicators on the case (special backlight). The product’s dimensions are the following - 6.7x4.3x2.4 inches. The item weighs 1.6 pounds.




Which VOX AC is the best?


The answer to this question is individual, as each of the users of this tube guitar amp is. The parameters of individual models depend on the goals pursued and the dictated requirements. For some musicians, it will be sufficient to use the basic model WOX AC15; others will prefer the more functional and advanced AC15C1 and AC15C2. In a word, you should analyze the requirements for the functionality of the device and decide for yourself which kind of VOX AC will be ideal specifically for you.


How to use VOC AC15?


Using this tube amplifier is quite easy. Any beginner guitarist can easily figure out its functionality. The controls are simple and intuitive. The device plugs into your electric guitar and the outlet. It features 2 channels. The amp allows you to switch between sound effects easily (Tremolo, Reverb). Master Section includes Volume and Tone Cut options. The Internet allows you to find a lot of video and text instructions that clearly demonstrate this device in operation.


How loud is a VOX AC15?


This type of guitar amp is quite loud. However, if you are planning to play in a band, advise you to choose the VOX AC30 model (a louder one). The noise of 15 Watts may sound like a distorted, or pure one (depending on your needs and specific music compositions requirements). Most users admit that this equipment is pretty good for small gigs. The device works quite loudly, especially considering its modest size and low power consumption.

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