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DueSn is a marketplace where people around the world share, collect, buy and sell musical Instruments, software, gear and services. We help establish a direct connection between the buyer and seller.
Our team
Vadim Sokolov
CEO and Cofounder
Emma Karanevich
CPO and Cofounder
Mirah Lucas
SMM Manager
Anna Druzhinina
Web Designer
Jakub Zoczek
Security Pentester
We strive to build a professional community that helps improve the quality of music education, products and music in general. This is made easier with the help of our open system of communication between buyers, musicians, artists, producers and manufacturers.
Our main objective is simplifying the path between buyer and seller in trading music-related products and services.
Why You Need DueSn
Manage your page independently anytime, anywhere.
Gain additional PR for your product or service.
Increase the interest shown by clients towards your service.
Increase your customer base in an effective way and expand brand awareness.
Communicate with others in our vibrant community in an interactive way.
How Does it Work?
On DueSn, you can discover, collect and post products for sale. Follow awesome stores and people. Connect with them. The DueSn website is extremely user friendly and convenient.
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