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Klon Centaur clone guitar sound enhancing effect pedal

Aug 31, 2014 8:20:01 AM
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Klon Centaur clone guitar sound enhancing effect pedal
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For sale is the most wanted Klon Centaur clone guitar sound enhancing effect pedal.

This is custom made and enhanced by a guitarist using popular TL072, OPA2134, NE5532, 7660SPCA IC's and Germanium IN34A/IN4739A/IN4001 Diodes electric guitar component parts. End result is most wanted and pleasing guitar sound which are searched for.

Three knobs for your control and tune in of the Gain, Tone and Level sound aspects and a true bypass foot switch to route your guitar music through. Run by a 9V battery or connected to a 9V DC adapter to the 9V DC adapter socket (battery and 9V DC adapter are not included).

If you are looking for a this quality Electric Guitar Effect Pedal or listen to your friends, you will be amazed by its crispy clear and solid pleasing sound. You will be surprised how effective this can be enhancing the overall sound characteristic of your play chain.

With buyer feedback, this version is much improved in terms of sound quality, enclosure design, wiring connection, noise elimination and customization. This is just the one pedal you will need to upgrade and improve your play quality.

Some of the feedback: Clear Clean Crystal Guitar Effect Sound, Fast Shipment, Excellent, Well Packaged, Quite some gain, Effective Audio Control, Noiseless, As advertised, Good price high value item, Just Perfect, Must Have, Highly Recommended, A+++, Amazing Note, Outstanding, Killer Sound, A Winner.

Retail price of similar Effect Pedal is over $500.

Will ship worldwide airmail so that you get it fast.

Payment for order will be via PayPal, invoice will be sent on purchase.

Further details and specification queries regarding this particular pedal version are welcome.

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